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Supervision in Psychodrama Training

We want to invite trainers and supervisors of psychodrama to contribute to a book about “supervision in psychodrama training” (individual and group supervision). The main purpose of the book is to share our ways of doing supervision in training in different training institutions and countries. We think that this book project can stimulate fruitful discussions and further developments on good quality in supervision.

In this book we plan to have chapters about: Preface, Introduction…

– A: Theory/ philosophy/ ethics of important aspects of supervision: theoretical, conceptual, philosophical, ethical issues, which are important to consider (What is the basis/ background or
frame of our Supervision? Roles and relationship between supervisors and supervisees? Etc.)
– B: Method, settings, techniques, interventions, tools of supervision: methodological aspects which are important or stimulating for our work (How are we doing it? What are the goals/
the measures/ the focuses/ guidelines of supervision / special aspects like work on the relationship between supervisors and supervisees, etc?)
– C: Content and processes of supervision: interesting experiences, themes, cases, sessions, developments, conflicts, examples of good practice, “magic moments” and pitfalls, practical
approaches of doing supervision, helpful aspects of relationship between supervisor and supervisee etc.
– D: Research and evaluation of supervision: research, action research of supervisors/ supervision or intervision for supervisors/quality assurance, evaluation (how do we know what we know about goods? How do we improve supervision? How to do evaluation? The impact of the relationship between supervisor and supervisee etc.)
– E: Training of supervisors: How is the training done? Are there any assessment procedures? Years of practice, self-reflection and supervision, Publications; Co-supervision with a senior supervisor, intervision for supervisors.

Every article will be part of one of these chapters; therefore the main focus shall be clear. Of course there can be and there should be overlapping parts. Theories can/ shall refer to practical parts in the article, methods can/shall be exemplified by cases or interesting
processes and contents can/shall be reflected by referring or developing theoretical aspects.

Contributions can be
– (1) Independent articles:
– the article shall have 6-15 pages (à 2200 characters/page)
– pictures (black/white), drawings, graphics, charts etc. can be included
– (2) “Little pieces of work”/ parts of a bigger puzzle/ contribution to a  “workshop”-chapter: Interesting pieces of work (1/2 page and more, relating to the chapters A-D, others) which describes practices, methods/techniques/ elements of concepts/ theories or rises questions which are important to think about etc.
The editors will create a space in the book which is a kind of “workshop – area” for interesting ideas. If it is possible the editors will try to bring these “little pieces of work” (with the name of the authors) together in a bigger picture like pieces of a puzzle.

1. Trainers and supervisors of psychodrama, trainers of supervisors We would like to know more about your own style, your way of thinking, your theories and your experiences.
2. Trainees or practising ex-trainees. If you have interested trainees who want to contribute their experiences by bringing a feedback from their point of view, the voice from the other side: their expectation and needs, feelings like fears and joys, relationship with supervisor and with group, experience of peer-intervision, their professional and personal growing and stumbling. We will integrate some contributions of trainees.

In psychodrama we work with different perspectives. The perspective of the trainee can be
– part of the article
– can be a co-authored article or
– can be written in an independent article or little piece.

Articles/ papers/ “pieces for a supervision-puzzle” or the “workshop-area” in the book:
Until end of January 2010 we would like to know, who wants to contribute to this book-project.
(preliminary) title:
(intended) focus (A-D, others?):
how many pages do you intend to write?
abstract (at least 6-10 lines):

In February and March 2010 the editors will respond.
Until end of June 2010 the article/ paper/ “piece of work” should be written and sent to the

Pierre Fontaine
Jutta Fürst 
Hannes Krall


Supervision in Psychodrama

Supervision in Psychodrama. Experiential Learning
in Psychotherapy and Training

Supervision plays an essential role in the process of learning and professional development in psychotherapy and training. High quality in supervision is a crucial part of the training to support and to guide trainees and to be a reliable point of reference in terms of practice and theory, technical and methodological standards, ethical issues, research and evaluation. Therefore, the main purpose of this book is to share ways of doing supervision in psychodrama among supervisors and trainers in different countries and to stimulate further discussion and development.

Springer Ed. 2012


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