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Finding the courage through psychodrama, by Vassilis Vassiliadis


Finding the courage through psychodrama: From Socrates to Moreno, to a Psychodramatic Experiment Group in HAGAP

The paper examines in which ways psychodrama can help people find and/or reveal the courage they have inside them so as to face the conscious or unconscious emotional difficulties, aiming to move forward in their lives.
I chose this subject as I saw it happening inside the psychodrama group I was conducting and I felt I had to write about it. Perhaps, it is the only way to express my gratitude to my teachers, my classmates, the co-conductor and the members of the group for the unique chance they have given me to find in my turn the courage I need to become a psychodramatist.
I remember quite vividly the agitation I was feeling those days, asking myself “Can you make it?” Spontaneously, being of such character, my answer would be “yes”. The question that followed was “What do you need to make it?” and then the answer would be “Courage”.

Keywords: psychodrama, courage, personal development, interpersonal change

About the author: Vassilis Vassiliadis, born in Hereaklion Crete, Greece in 1972, professional trainer and coach, psychodrama training in Athens, Greece under the direction of Horatiu Nil Albini and Giorgos Chaniotis at the Hellenic Association of Group Analysis & Psychotherapy (HAGAP), Greece.

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