Research Committee Chair

Johannes KRALL


Hannes Krall

a.o. Univ.-Prof.MMag. Dr.

Address: University of Klagenfurt
Institute of Educational Sciences and Research
Universitaetsstr. 56-67
9020 Klagenfurt, Austria


Tel.: + 43 463 2700 1244


I started my study of Psychology at the University of Graz. Later on, I moved to the University of Klagenfurt where I graduated in Educational Sciences and Psychology.
In 1992 I began to work in educational sciences at the University of Klagenfurt. I participated in a course on Action Research at the University of Norwich, and I was for three month a visiting scholar at Stanford University. My dissertation was focusing on a social psychological project on right wing populism in Austria. Later on for my habilitation as a university professor, I was working on violence and trauma of children and young people.
During my study of education and psychology at the University of Klagenfurt I got to know psychodrama in 1988-89. Psychodrama and a social psychoanalytical approach became important for my ethnographic studies on youth cultures and on political right wing movements.
In 1991 I started my psychodrama training in Austria (ÖAGG).

As a psychotherapist I worked for several years in an institute for family counselling and psychotherapy and in a child protection centre. I am also trained in organisational counselling and supervision, and I am providing training courses for supervisors and coaches. Now I am working as psychotherapist, counsellor and supervisor in a private practice.

Since 2007 I am trainer for psychodrama at the University of Innsbruck. I am also trainer for supervision, coaching and organizational counselling in the Austrian Society of Groupdynamics and Grouptherapy (ÖAGG). From 2001 to 2015 I was trainer for psychodrama in the Austrian Society for Group therapy and Group dynamics (ÖAGG).

Participation in FEPTO: In 2007 I attended the Annual FEPTO Meeting in Alaçati/Turkey. One year later in Glasgow I joined the Research Committee as a member. From 2011 to 2015 I was chair of FEPTO Research Committee. In 2015 I got the role as a president of FEPTO for two years. During this time, I was co-chairing the Research Committee.

With a collaborative effort we have organized two FEPTO RC Meetings per year in different European countries. Our main aim is to strengthen research capacity in our community and to foster a psychodrama research culture. In the past years I worked on projects like:

– Practitioner research in psychodrama
– Psychodrama effectiveness research
– TRAIN: Towards Research Applied in International Networks of Trainees
– Psychodrama with children
– Supervision in psychodrama training: study on outcome and helpful aspects

I am also very interested in research methodology, train the trainers and in transcultural work. Therefore, since 2011 I am participating in Transcultural Intervision in Psychodrama (TIP network group of FEPTO). Additionally, I am in a team of international trainers who have founded in 2010 the “International Spring Academy: Psychodramatic studies in group work and social interaction” which takes place once a year.
In my role as Chair of the Research Committee I will do my best to serve our FEPTO community and to support further growth of quality in psychodrama training, practice and research.


Main publications:

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