Development & Network Committee

Transcultural Intervision Psychodrama (TIP)


Albini, Horatiu Nil (Romania),
Chaniotis, Georgios (Greece),
Dragoteanu, Dana (Romania),
Dudler, Agnes (Germany),
Fahlström Borg, Eva (Sweden),
Fürst, Jutta (Austria),
Gasseau, Maurizio (Italy),
Karp, Marcia (UK),
Krall, Hannes (Austria),
Maciel, Manuela (Portugal),
Moura, Luciano (Portugal),
Perrotta, Leandra (Italy),
Pintér, Gábor (Hungary),
Shemesh, Rosa (Israel),
Teszáry, Judith (Sweden), jteszary@gmail,com


Kayir, Arsaluys (Turkey),


1. Neve Shalom, 31st March 2011

After a long email dialogue, coordinating by the kind help of Arsa and a quantitative and qualitative change of the membership, the new network group of FEPTO was born.
It was 14:00, in a large, cozy room of Neve Shalom kibbutz, few miles far from Tel Aviv, where the first meeting of the FEPTO network II group took place.
The first 90 minutes a free floating dialogue turned up focusing on the reasons of coming in this new group.
After the break a new member arrived, which it was announced that he will be delayed. Then it was decided that this new group has closed in membership.

The second part was up after a brainstorm psychodramatic exercise of Marcia. Two chairs on stage….. Roberto, Hannes, Rosa, Arsa, Stylianos brought transcultural themes on stage.

After the lunch brake the group was heavy. There was a 90 minutes verbal dialogue and sharing. By the end of the day Gabor directed a house sculpture exercise which it was so helpful, to focus on the here and now of the new group.

The meeting took place in another room, at the spiritual centre of the kibbutz. We started the meeting at 09:00, where Manuela offered us a meditation warming up exercise. A very creative one. Long sharing and a protagonist out of that.

Coming back we brought up the subject “when shall we meet again”. Hannes as mediator, in sociometric way helped us a lot to decide that, the group will meet again in Porto – Portugal, between 10-12 September 2011 and after that in Oslo – Norway in June 2012.

Then, there was “the name of the group” and Agnes as mediator, sociometrically helped us to give birth – in a difficult and full of ambivalence process – to the new name: NOS OTRAS. We said that we ll discuss it in Porto again.

Then Dana as mediator, open the scene, where after a long sharing of the “house sculpture exercise”, we express by individual sculpture the here and now of the group. During the exercise the “magic shop” turned up bringing joy to the group. We completed the group by singing songs by all the spoken languages of the group and finding a common group melody. A new creative born network group, …. What a nice feeling!

Stylianos Lagarakis

2. Voices in the House of TIP

Network Committee Chair, Yaacov Naor, encouraged us to form a new network group following “Matrix Group”.  I did the coordination via FEPTO Newsletter and in 2011 we started our first network group in Jerusalem with 19 members.  To see the members sitting in the circle was very comforting for me. We were there and we started building our psychodrama house.

Who lives in this psychodrama house? Roberto de Inocencio, Jutta Furst, Georgios Chaniotis, Agnes Dudler, Arsaluys Kayir, Dana Dragoteanu, Eva Fahlström Borg, Hannes Krall Horatiu Nil Albini, Rosa Shemesh, Judith Teszary, Kostas Letsios, Marcia Karp, Manuela Maciel, Maurizio Gasseau, Gabor Pinter, Rosa Shemesh, Luciano Moura, Leandra Perrotta and Stylianos Lagarakis.

Then we moved to Oporto to our host Luciano Moura’s office for our second meeting. Psychodrama leaders are group members in a leaderless intervision group. Not so easy! Who is absent, why, where do we go next, when, doodle will do it. We take care of each other. Dancing, singing, a marvellous closure at the shore of Porto. Love is everywhere.

Third meeting was recently done in Istanbul where Arsaluys -me and Stylianos were hosting the group. The group worked at “Psychodrama and Group Therapies Association Center”. So much to do in the group. I feel motivated like the first years of my psychodrama training. Learning and feeling. I love to be in this group. A nice, childish satisfaction with my grown-up playmates at my home parties. We are creating, I feel free enjoying, feel togetherness. We open our doors for our friends.

Now looking forward for Athens in October 2012.

Arsaluys Kayir
Group coordinator

3. We miss each other, we meet, we share
and we don‘t want to miss any TIP meeting

This group was born in 2011 in Neve Shalom in Israel after a common wish of members of that annual meeting to work together. Under the framework of the Network Committee, the ―TIP Group was born – Transcultural Intervision Group. With 19 members of 12 different countries are meeting twice per year.

Almost everybody is present during our two days meetings. There is a high commitment to the group.

During the meeting we try to learn different approaches of the psychodramatic techniques that are used by all of us, depending on our country-culture and on our different psychodramatic approach (classic, group analytic, Jungian, Clayton, etc.). Members often bring institutional themes which we intervise, with a fruitful result. Being a member of TIP group is a very interesting experience and a great lesson professionally.

We recently met in Innsbruck hosted by Jutta Fürst and Udo her husband. Jutta started working in details months before our meeting and everything ran in a perfect way. This was our 6th meeting. Going backwards: Innsbruck, Santander, Athens, Istanbul, Porto and the first in Israel. Here are some of the feelings of the group members after our last encounter.

It was such a pleasure for me and Udo to have had you here at my place and to share with you a bit of my life. When I walk now through my town I feel you are with me. How marvelous to have you still here.

We had our “family” together again and it was a wonderful meeting. We are all thankful for Jutta’s and Udo’s generosity and hospitality. It was a very fruitful meeting and it has warmed me up to new things in myself. I have enjoyed the meeting as I have enjoyed them all. Always a learning experience. A lot of nice pics are still on my mind from Innsbruck. I feel that our works were a step for better cooperation and creativity. Thank you for the experience. I love you and have each of you in my heart.

It was a fruitful TIP in a good and warm atmosphere. Our TIP house is growing and it feels like a home with lots of colors in a very warm atmosphere. …and to look at the very special moments we had. Thank you for everything I had received. It was a wonderful feeling to get so much warmth and I felt very lucky. With all the beautiful images of Innsbruck.

To remind you who we are: Agnes, Arsa, Dana, Eva, Gabor, Georgios, Hannes, Horatiu, Jutta, Judith, Kostas, Leandra, Luciano, Manuela, Marcia, Maurizio, Roberto, Rosa, Stylianos.

I was the coordinator of this group at the beginning and my wish was to see these names sitting in the circle and nothing more. Now it flows and the person who hosts the next meeting becomes the coordinator. Manuela will host us in Lisbon in March 2014 and Leandra will host us in Torino in autumn 2014. Though we are a closed group, our heart is open to all of our colleagues.

Arsaluys Kayir
Group coordinator

4. We are celebrating our 10 years anniversary

The network was created ten years ago, which has 14 permanent members. We meet twice a year. Once in conjunction with the FEPTO Annual meetings for 2 days and once in between for 3 days in different countries.

The purpose of the network group is a professional exchange through the sharing of methodological issues by focusing on different topics.

List of topics:

  • Intervision
  • Sexuality
  • Psychosomatics
  • Trauma
  • Co-counseling
  • Sociodrama
  • Online group psychotherapy methods
  • Dreaming
  • Leading multi-professional team
  • Death

This intervision group is also a safe place giving an opportunity to work with personal/private issues and also has a supervisory function in case of difficulties we meet in our roles as trainers, leaders, or have conflicts with colleagues in our professional network.

In between the intense learning sessions the joyful recreation time bonding us together. Cooking together, making excursions to take part in the culture of the cities gives a special flavor of our shared experiences.

Cities we had our meetings: Turin, Porto, Budapest, Innsbruck, Tel-Aviv, Sibiu, Istanbul, Uppsala, Lisbon, Venice.

We will have an online celebration and a real one in Ohrid at the FEPTO Annual meeting

Judith Teszáry







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