Republic of North Macedonia

Republic of North Macedonia, Area: 25,713 km2 (9,928 sq mi) Inhabitants: about 2 million Capital: Skopje, President: Stevo Pendarovski, Currency: Macedonian denar

Language: Macedonian  (80%) It is the official language of North Macedonia and a recognized minority language in parts of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, and Serbia., Religion: 80% Orthodox, Muslim, Catholic, and others. From 2019 Albanian is official language too.

History: 1913 – Ottoman rule in Europe ends after five centuries. Historic Macedonia is partitioned between Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece. What is now North Macedonia is incorporated into Serbia. 1945 – Establishment of Yugoslav socialist federation, comprising six republics, including Republic of Macedonia (the future North Macedonia). 1991 – Majority of voters support independence in referendum. International recognition slowed by Greek objections to the name Macedonia, which the same as its neighboring province.1993 – Gains UN membership under the name Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. 2019 February – Name change to North Macedonia comes into force after ratification by Greek and Macedonian parliaments, North Macedonia signs NATO accession agreement.

Government: Politics in North Macedonia occur within the framework of a parliamentary representative democratic republic, whereby the Prime Minister is the head of government, and of a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is vested in both the government and parliament.

Psychodrama development

The story of Psychodrama in North Macedonia begins in the early 90’s of the twentieth century, when a young ambitious neuropsychiatric specialist, Dr. Zvonko Gjokich, brought the psychodrama into North Macedonia. He organizes groups of neuropsychiatrists and clinical psychologists, who work intensively on Psychodrama.  Raised in the conservative environment of the Balkans, meeting Psychodrama represents to many of them love at first sight. Аll this was under the supervision of the Oxford School of Psychodrama, Peter Hayworth and Suzy Taylor. In 1994 the Macedonian Psychodrama Association was formed, and a year later, in 1995 the first Balkan Conference of Psychodrama was organized (a lot of data needed to be added).

From this large group of psychiatrists and clinical psychologists at the beginning of the twenty-first century, only psychiatrist Marcekic Aleksandar remained. He is the founder of Jacob Levy Moreno Institute of Psychodrama.

Mirjana Jovanovska Stojanovska, completed her training in the Marcekic groups. In 2004 she formed therapeutic psychodrama groups. She is the founder of Amigdala School for Psychodrama.

In 2011 Jacob Levy Moreno Institute of Psychodrama became a member of FEPTO.

In 2012 Amigdala School for Psychodrama become a member of FEPTO.

Psychodrama today

Amigdala is at the moment the only organisation in North Macedonia that offers psychodrama training for application in different fields. There are 37 trainees in three educational groups. Most of them are psychologist.

At this moment

In 2018 Psychodrama was set as a subject in the Postgraduate studies for Clinical Psychology at Faculty of Psychology, MIT University Skopje.  This is the first time in North Macedonia that a psychotherapy course is to be studied as a class, in the formal education.

Thanks to AMIGDALA, the number of Psychodramatist in Macedonia is increasing. New generations of Psychodramatist work in schools, in health care, at universities, in working organizations and spread Psychodrama. They actively participate in all social life in our country.

Some of them work as psychotherapists. Research is highly supported in the work of psychodrama psychotherapists: Vesna Balzevska, Margarita Nikolovska, Ilija Dojcinovski.


Amigdala conducts training on the use of Psychodrama in psycho-oncology. And there are psycho-social support groups for patients with malignant diseases.


AMIGDALA School for Psychodrama


FEPTO Conference

17th FEPTO Conference:
From External Violence to Internal Shadow: When Psychodrama Helps To
Confront Reality

5th to 7th of May, 2023
Liege, Belgium

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Annual Meeting

29th FEPTO AM:
Spontaneity and Creativity in the Transforming World
30 years of FEPTO and beyond

7th to 11th of May, 2023
Liege, Belgium

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