Membership Committee

Membership Committee


Dragoteanu, Dana (Romania),
Figush, Zoli (United Kingdom),
Ilieva, Katerina (Bulgaria),
Kauppila, Reijo (Finland),
Symeonidou, Sofia (Greece),
Takis, Nikolaos (Greece),
Teszáry, Judith (Sweden),


Mirjana (Mimi) Stojanovska (North Macedonia),
Katerina Ilieva (Bulgaria)

1. Membership Committee report for FN 22.2

One institute applies for membership: InterPlay International Institute for Humanistic Psychotherapy for Children. The Membership Committee reviewed the documents of the applying Institute and met with the trainers. The institute was recommended to the Council to be voted on as a FEPTO member at the GA.

Three institutes are guests at this AM:

1. Psychodramatic Workshop Bulgaria

2. Center for Psychodrama Croatia

3. Contemporary Psychodrama Workshop (Moscow)

The trainers of these Institutes were contacted personally and discussed the functioning of their training organization and the motivation to become members of FEPTO. Аfter receiving the documents and their review, these institutes were recommended to the Council to be guests at the AM in Ohrid and to present their institutes to the members.  The guests were involved in the work of the small group of the Membership Committee and were introduced to the basic principles of FEPTO work.

Membership Committee for the proposed changes in the Constitution

Especially now, during this period of isolation and great turmoil in Europe and across the world, taking care of FEPTO members in addition to the functioning of the Federation are primary goals for all of us.
FEPTO has been in existence for 30 years and during this time it has gone through many political, economic and social changes that have left a mark on its functioning. It is up to us to fight for psychodrama to take the place it deserves in this modern society. One of the ways to secure the place we deserve is if we adapt to change.

One of the most important changes is the amending of the Constitution which must reflect the current situation in the Federation. Many institutes have ceased to function in recent years for a variety of reasons. This endangers the functioning of FEPTO according to the Constitution, i.e. the validity of the voting. In order to provide conditions for functioning according to the Constitution, several important proposed changes have been adopted

application of institutes every 5 years and individual membership

1. Reapplication will be led by the Membership Committee, Council
will confirm them, Reapplication will be simple by filling out a checklist.
2. All senior trainers who were part of training organizations members of FEPTO, which was a member of FEPTO for at least 10 years
, who are not currently active will have the opportunity to remain members of FEPTO as individual members.
Application will be received by the membership committee, the Council will review them and the GA will confirm them

If you have
any comments or questions, contact us we will be happy to answer!
Mirjana Stojanovska
Chair of the Membership Committee


2. FEPTO Institutes: Present situation and new possibility

The Training Committee in co-operation with the Membership Committee is organizing an online workshop let by The Workshop will be led by Georgios Chaniotis (Chair of Training Committee)
and Mirjana Jovanovska Stojanovska (Chair of Membership and AM Committee).

The purpose of the workshop is:
– to meet the institutes and to get to know each other better,
– to improve the care of our FEPTO members,
– to get more information from the training institutes in order to get a rough picture of the functioning of the institutes and their needs
– to build a strategy how we can help each other,
– to build a strategy on how to improve the cooperation of the council and the institutes and institutes among themselves.

In times when isolation leads to alienation, the need to get closer to survive is obvious. Online connection is possible without traveling and additional costs of time and material resources and we should use it to get closer to each other.
FEPTO is all of us together. And for FEPTO to exist we need to be together and maintain that community by caring for all members.

When training institutes share ideas, plans and problems with other training institutes, they will come to a new awareness of their own functioning. It will help TI in their further growth and development. And that will lead to the growth and development of FEPTO.

The topic of the meeting will be:

The Psychodramatist training and it’s different branches

Time: Mar 12, 2022 11:00 AM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 880 5578 3716
Passcode: 846959

More > Invitation

Mirjana Stojanovska
Chair of the Membership Committee

3. Report OF the Membership Committee / December 2020

The membership committee believes that the care of the members is of great importance for the functioning of FEPTO and the achievement of the goals of our organization. That is why in cooperation with the Training Committee we organized an online workshop FEPTO Institutes – Present Situation and New Responsibilities.

FEPTO is an organization that includes training and accreditation organizations. So the members are invited to the workshop with their representatives. The workshop will first aim to meet the members, to share the experience they were facing this past period, what they have learned and gained from this crisis and what problems they have. Together we will look for tools to solve the difficulties.

The Membership Committee will maintain a connection with the institutes that were supposed to be guests of the AM and will establish contacts with other institutes to help them reach the minimum training standards and join us at FEPTO.

Mirjana Jovanovska Stojanovska

4. Membership and Annual meeting Committee report in December 2019

Three institutes are interested in joining the FEPTO Community.

The representative of PIB-Psychotherapeutisches Institut Bergerhausen – leader of the institute Prof. Dr Jochen Becher-Ebel, was a guest at FEPTO AM in Pravets, Bulgaria. He could not provide all the documents needed to apply for FEPTO membership for the moment.

The other two Psychodrama Institutes are:

  • Günışığı Psychotherapy Center and Psychodrama Institute represented by Yeşim Türköz, PhD
  • Centеr for Psychodrama, Zagreb, represented by Ivana Juric

FEPTO’s Council has approved the Membership Committee’s proposal to invite these training organizations as guests at the next AM in Ohrid 2020. This will give them the opportunity to introduce themselves and  get to know our organization and how it works and establish contacts.

The work priority of the Membership Committee is taking care of our members . After processing the voices from Tallinn we came to the following conclusions :

  1. We need to create a much more organized procedure for collecting feedback from members
  2. We have to know our members needs
  3. We need to become more interested in the problems that Training Organizations face: internal problems related to education and functioning of their organization
  4. We need to become more interested in the problems related to the laws of the country in which the Training organization
  5. For these purposes, we will include a few questionnaires that will serve to gather the necessary information. Apart from answering the questionnaires еach of the FEPTO members is invited to contact the Membership Committee

The recommendation of the Membership Committee:

  1. Possible change of Constitution – to have the option of individual membership
  2. To the Training Committee: to introduce renewal of the membership of training organization every 5-7

The next AM will be in Ohrid organized by the AMIGDALA School of Psychodrama Psychotherapy. The organization of the next AM is coming along great. Most of AM’s events have already been agreed. Key Speaker will be Dr. Antonio Novotny, psychiatrist at the State Clinical Centre for Psychiatry.

Mirjana Jovanovska Stojanovska

5. First meeting of the new Membership Committee. Tallinn, May 2019

New members of the FEPTO Council have been voted and appointed at the AM in Tallinn. For the next two years Mirjana J. Stojanovska will be chair of the Membership and Annual Meeting Committee. At the AM in Tallinn, there was one institute that applied for membership in FEPTO, Serbian Psychodrama Association (SPA) from Belgrade, Serbia. During the AM, the Institute had the opportunity to present its work and the trainers at their institute to answer various questions. Then was a voting, and the Serbian Psychodrama Association from Belgrade, Serbia is a new member of FEPTO. Our community is enriched with an institute whose experienced trainers maintain high quality Psychodrama training.

AM in Tallinn passed into a working and warm atmosphere. The LOC greatly organized AM. The location, the space, the technical support and the organization have ensured that the goals of the AM are met. An important element of the AM’s success is cooperation of the LOC and the Council with all the other members who were present at the AM. Everyone, along with their activities, contributed to the success of the AM. I processed the “Voices” and analysed in detail the results, which you can see in the report.

Mirjana J. Stojanovska
Chair of the Membership Committee


 6. Report December 2018

The preparation of the next AM in Tallinn is mainly done through communication with the LOC and
the LOC ́s representative board member Reijo Kauppila . As a chair, I have emphasized from the small
group work done in Pravets, that the LOC should be more responsible in the leadership of the AM in
cooperation with the board.
As a chair of the membership committee I have read and evaluated one applicant, SPA institute from
Belgrade, Serbia, and found their application fulfills FEPTO membership requirements . The institute
was a guest at the AM in Pravets.
In cooperation with Secretary Ana Cruz we prepared a written invitation for the Newsletter for proposing small group topics. In cooperation with vice-president Krzysztof Cieplinski we are preparing poster sessions in the conference and Annual meeting.
Kerstin Jurdell,
Chair of AM and Membership Committee 


7. Report for the Council meeting in Dave, October 2016

We have two application this year:

RAIP from Serbia. This application is now ready for newsletter having been read by two members of the Committee Zoli Figush and Eva Varro as well as myself. Any questions we had were small and quickly answered by the committee.

There is a slight difficulty due to the political situation in Serbia. It was not possible to obtain a recommendation letter from a Serbian. However they provided two good recommendations from Peter Haworth and Monica Westberg. In addition they provided one from Valerie Monty Holland a Sociodramatist  accredited by BPA who has provided Sociodrama training for RAIP. Finally they obtained a reference from Zoran Ilic, a Serbian, who is well known to FEPTO.

The second institute who are, ICPP from Russia were a little late in their application but I now have all required documents. I am awaiting response from the first reader Sofia Symeonidou.  The second reader has not yet received the documents due to my inefficiency, which I hope to rectify within the next few days. I have no concerns about the application.

Celia Scanlan

8. Letter from Celia Scanlan, new chair of the Membership Committee

Dear Colleagues I am please to introduce myself as the new Chair of FEPTO Membership. Already I have been busy with two applications from Institutes and a third in process. In addition we have an application for Organisational Membership. Please remember to watch for the publication of all applicants in the winter issue of FN.

I also want to tell that in acquainting myself with the Role I found some of the information on the website too complicated. Even for myself as an English speaker and well acquainted with the process of membership application I found this frustrating. So I shall be working on simplifying this process, hopefully to make it more, user, friendly but please be patient as the adage says “Rome was not built in a Day”

One last thing, I desperately need people to read applications. It seems to fall to a small band of people who have been doing this for years. While experience is wonderful succession in my opinion is Vital!
Do give this some thought. In UK certainly, hours spent doing this work can count as CPD, especially for Trainers. It is not complex work and I am trying my best to make even that easier.

And it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Looking forward to keeping in touch with many of you from my new Role

Celia Scanlan


9. Advances in the Practice of the Membership Procedures: The challenges of FEPTO in the XXI century

The FEPTO Council is focused on the challenges that the Federation and each Member Organization have to face in this new era of psychodrama: The XXI Century Challenges. Across Europe and the Middle East, new scientific, economic and political changes are emerging and the Psychodrama Community must face them “eye to eye, face to face”. These changes not only affect the dynamic evolution of psychodrama, as psychotherapy, but also its place among other psychotherapeutic models.

At the Annual Meeting of Óbidos in 2014, the needs of our Community became clear with the results shown by the Delegates of each Member Organization, with the findings of the subgroups targeted by the theme of “Psychodrama Trainer’s Core Competencies”. The needs of the Delegates are the needs of the Organizations they represent. We cannot forget that competencies such as Research and Promotion, on top of the needs, followed by Self-care and Assessment, are FEPTO targets and duties to its Members. As an umbrella Organization, FEPTO has to create the necessary synergies to promote networking in order to fulfill these needs.

In this framework it is important to refer that the Membership Committee is not only the gateway to the reception of new applications for future Members,but also an environment of reflection and networking with the other chairs of the Council, in order to find new procedures and new strategies to successfully cope with the new challenges ahead. This work does not intend to obstruct the access of belonging to FEPTO, or to exclude members, but rather to enable this Federation to increase its influence and became a stronger landmark, both for its Members and for Society. This is the main goal of the Council to respond more promptly and accurately to the demands of the Members. With a stronger FEPTO we will have a stronger voice in the world.

FEPTO has throughout its life incremented an increasing gradation of requirements and responsibility of its members. Our credibility and influence depends on that, so we must all join our strengths in the common desire to improve our efficiency and effectiveness. After all, FEPTO is nothing more than its Members. Concerning this aim the Membership Committee reformulated all the requirements and elaborated with the other chair-persons new definitions. We have to know where we stand.

More > Full report in FEPTO Newsletter 14.2

10. New Institutes to be voted in Lisbon, Portugal

Dear Founding Members, Accrediting Organizations and Training Organizations,
The Membership Committee has the pleasure of sending you the Application of the Organization which will be voted in the General Assembly of Lisbon 2014. The name of the Organization is “Trondheim Psykodrama Instiutt As”, from Norway.

In the Form in attachment you can know more about this Organization. In case you have any doubts, please contact the Membership Committee


11. Santander Membership Committee report, April 2013

As the new chair of Membership Committee, I thank Eduardo Verdu for handling over a well prepared and organised chair and for explaining to all the Committee Members the aims and the guidelines of this Committee.

The main topics that were discussed in this meeting were:
– To promote a reflection about the criteria for becoming a member of FEPTO and analyse if they need to be changed or adjusted;
– To think what should be the content of the letter of recommendation, in order to estimate the expectations of the new applicants;
– To clarify what should be a “recommendation” and who is able to written it;
– To be aware of the deadlines of the acceptance of applications (till the end of September) and of the announcement in the Newsletter of the ones that have been approved for voting, by the Council (at least 6 weeks before the Annual Meeting);
– To consider proposing to the Council qualitative and quantitative procedures that could be implemented by the Membership Committee, in order to evaluate if the FEPTO Members continue to fulfill the criteria’s;
– To suggest that the Guests in the Annual Meetings could have a figure of a “Godfather” that should take care of their participation in the works and procedures of FEPTO;
– To build form that might help to collect information in order to built a database about the new and old Members of FEPTO (Zoran Djuric may already have some of this information).

José Luís Mesquita

12. Membership Committee report in December 2012

FEPTO is growing and we are growing fast. 7 institutes where voted for in Oslo and for Santander we have 7 more institutes applying.

Applying institutes to be voted for in Santander 2013 are:
1. Athens Psychodrama Institute – Greece
2. Endohora – Greece
3. HAGAP – Greece
4. Moreno Institut Stuttgart – Germany
5. NBES – Netherlands
6. SIPS – Sweden
7. SPPG – Portugal

All institutes will be presented in the 13.1/March Newsletter supplement. We remind the members of the revised voting procedures.:When an institute is considering applying for membership the first step is to come to the Annual Meeting once as guest.
In the year that they choose to apply there is a timeline. The application should be sent as early as possible but not later than, the end of September. During the month of October the application files will be prepared by the Membership Committee ready for the Council meeting, the first weekend in November. The Committee will engage in a dialogue with the applicant if necessary and may ask for further clarification.
When the Council accepts this application it is then sent as PDF file to all members. The membership is invited to submit any relevant question to the Chair of the Membership Committee 6 weeks prior to the GA. This leaves 4 weeks for any issues raised to be resolved. After this period no more questions may be raised. The applicant may withdraw their application at any moment. If a resolution cannot be agreed then ratification of membership will not be asked at the General Assembly in that year.In such a case the applicant will be given advice what they need to do in order to re-apply.All applying institutes will present themselves in our Agora meeting before the GA. This was first tried in Oslo in 2012 and was a good experience, so we will continue to do this for Santander as well. The council changed the name from “marketplace” to “Agora”.The guidelines will be updated for Santander. In the next FN (13.1) the criteria for recommendations will be clarified a little more. Suggestions together with new ideas and reflections of the this committees task for the future will also be presented. If you have any please let me know.Guests in Santander: so far no guests have been reported.The members of this committee are: Dana Dragoteanu and Inara Erdmanis
Eduardo Verdú, Chair of the Membership Committee


13. Report of the Membership Committee in May 2012

Since our last meeting in Jerusalem, we have received 8 applications for membership. CEPSI from France did not meet the criteria and will therefore not be presented for voting at the GA in Oslo. Cyprus Mental Health Institute decided to postpone their application until Santander in 2013. The 6 other applicants are ready for voting and you will find a presentation of them in this newsletter. In addition, the institute Amigdala from Macedonia, who applied last year, will be voted for in Oslo.
The seven institutes are:
• Amigdala – Macedonia. Recommended by: Vladimir Milosevic and Oded Nave
• Institute for Psychodrama Practices “Chiron” – Bulgaria. Recommended by: Evgeni Genchev and Dimo Stanchev
• Instituut voor psychodrama – The Netherlands. Recommended by: Hilde Gött and Yaacov Naor
• Latvian Psychodrama Institute – Latvia. Recommended by: Eva-Karin Strøm and Eduardo Verdú
• Lithuanian Psychodrama Association – Lithuania. Recommended by: Hilde Gött and Horatiu Nil Albini
• The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate – Bulgaria. Recommended by: Malen Malenov, Göran Högberg and Georgi Antonov
• Tallinn Psychodrama Institute – Estonia. Recommended by: Yaacov Naor and Eduardo Verdú
We have over the last few years seen an increased need to change the voting procedure. We are a fast growing organisation. The council made a decision to change the procedure of application at their council meeting in Dave, Belgium on November 4th. 2011, and at the executive meeting in Dave on April 13th. 2012. The revised procedure of application is as follows:

When an institute is considering applying for membership the first step is to come to the Annual Meeting once as guest. In the year that they choose to apply there is a timeline. The application should be sent as early as possible but not later than, the end of September.
During the month of October the application files will be prepared by the Membership Committee ready for the Council meeting, the first weekend in November. The Committee will engage in a dialogue with the applicant if necessary and may ask for further clarification.
When the Council accepts this application it is then sent as PDF file to all members. The membership is invited to submit any relevant question to the Chair of the Membership Committee 6 weeks prior to the GA.
This leaves 4 weeks for any issues raised to be resolved. After this period no more questions may be raised. The applicant may withdraw their application at any moment.
If a resolution cannot be agreed then ratification of membership will not be asked at the General Assembly in that year.
In such a case the applicant will be given advice what they need to do in order to re-apply. This will be presented in the FN and webpage updated
This proposal will be put to the GA for voting and cannot be instigated until this happens. Therefore this year we will hold to the old system.
I heard many voices in Jerusalem with opinions on both voting procedures and membership criteria. Some members have sent their thoughts. Any thoughts and suggestions for these procedures will be very much appreciated. I look forward to meeting you all in Oslo.
Eduardo Verdú
Chair of the Membership Committee


14. New Chair of the Membership Committee, September 2011

As the new chair of membership, I thank Dana Dragoteanu for handling over a well prepared and organised chair. It is a great pleasure to take over this chair and I know I will benefit a lot from what this committee has accomplished throughout the years.This committee looks totally different from when I first entered it for short period, many years ago. During the last few years the amount of membership applications has increased heavily and the amount of work has of course grown steadily with the numbers of applications. The demand for more structure, guidelines and clarity in the process of becoming a member is a result of our organisation growing quite fast. The increased numbers of membership applications have also been very visible in the General Assembly, where every year more and more time is designated to new applicants and voting.
From the member’s feedback from Neve Shalom this year, I want this Chair to focus on some topics and tasks in the 2-year period, until next election:
– To collect ideas from the members and listen to their experiences in applying membership.
– To go through the criteria for becoming a member of FEPTO and see if they need to be changed or adjusted a growing   organisation in modern times.
– To create more specific guidelines for handling applications.
– To create easy information channel between the Chair and FEPTO members in order to prepare the members well in advance before a General Assembly by passing on information to them about new applicants.
– To look through the voting procedure at the General Assembly and see how this can be done smoother.
– To have a look at dormant memberships.
At our last meeting in Neve Shalom, I spoke with many participants at the General Assembly who had ideas and thoughts for the voting procedures. Now is the time to speak out and I would highly appreciate it if you who have some ideas and thoughts can send them to me before October 31st.
I will go trough them and bring them to the council meeting in November and hopefully we can have some results for you at our next meeting in Oslo in June 2012.I hope to create a dynamic committee that some of you will be involved in during the year, and hope that I will be able to assist new applicants in their application procedure as a good ambassador for FEPTO
Eduardo Verdú
Chair of the Membership Committee


15. Membership Committee Report, Dave November 2010

The work done by the Membership Committee between April and November 2010 was:
1. Filling the documents of the new applying institutes ( you can find the information in the report attachments):
– ISI Institute Fur Soziale Interaktion Hamburg, Germany
– Oxford School of Psychodrama and Integrative Psychotherapy (OSPIP), UK
– Centro International De Formacion “Jakob L. Y Zerka T. Moreno”-Centro
Moreno (CM), Granada, Spain
– Association for Psychodrama Experience and Training “J.L.Moreno” Skopje,   Macedonia.1. Another two Institutes announced their intention to apply:
– Escuela de Psicodrama Simbolico, represented by Irene Henche Zabala, Spain
– FYROM, Mirjana Stojanovska, Macedonia
2. In March 2011 at the Annual Meeting of Jerusalem, the Institutes which couldn’t be present because of the exceptional conditions will present themselves and will be voted by the GA. Those Institutes are:
– Helsinki Psychodrama Institute
– Ecole Francaise de Psychodrame, French School of Psychodrama
3. Svenska Psykodramaskolan, Swedish School of Psychodrama
This Institute should present itself next year, but, for now the person who recommended it withdraw her recommendation and I didn’t receive a new one (although I reminded this Institute about this fact) until now.
Proposals of the Membership Committee:1. The extension of the deadline for application until December:
– For the two Institutes which made their intention to apply
– For ISI Institute fur Soziale Interaction Hamburg, Oxford School, Swedish School in order to complete their documentation with the necessary recommendation.Because of the precedent created to withdraw a recommendation letter without any explanation, I consider that we should think of a rule that can regulate this kind of situations. I think that a person who recommends an Institute must be responsible for this fact and the withdrawal must be justified, otherwise it can affect FEPTO. It must be reminded to FEPTO members that they recommend the Institute and not the person. This kind of situations can do harm to the image of that Institute in FEPTO and can create ethic suspicions.

16. Membership Committee report – March 2010

A. Decisions taken in the Ghent Council meeting:1. Some institutes applied 4 or 5 years ago but did not meet requirements at that time. It was agreed that these institutes will have an announcement in FN and will need only to present a poster or a power point at the AM. If this requirement is not met then they cannot be voted on.
2. An institute cannot attend as a guest until they have graduates. An application can be made in anticipation of graduates but will not be invited as a guest until all requirements have been met. The institute can only be represented as a guest once. The year following as a guest they can present and be voted. To meet requirements means at this point in time not for the future. Interested institutes can attend the conference at any time.
3. The application fee must be paid as part of the application regardless of outcome. €200 for Western Europe and €100 for countries in Eastern Europe who are named in the reduced category.
4. The Institutes shall know that any essential change in their structures or training program must be announced, in order to update each situation.
B. For the Annual Meeting, Belgrade, 18th -22nd of April 2010, the following Institutes will participate as Guests:
1. Psychodrama Association of Macedonia – Skopje, Macedonia
Svetlana Karbevska,
2. ISI – Institute fur Soziale Interaktion – Hamburg, Germany
Dr. Jochen Steurer,
3. Bulgarian Institute Chiron – Bulgaria
Katerina Ilieva,
4. Psychodrama Section of HAGAP – Athens, Greece
Chaniotis Georgios,
5. The Red House Center for Culture and Debate – Sofia, Bulgaria
Tzvetelina Iossifova,
6. Macedonian Psychodrama Association “J. L. Moreno” – Skopje, Macedonia
Filip Babamov,
7. Tallinn Psychodrama Association – Tallinn, Estonia
Pille Isat,
8. Institute of Psychodrama and Expressive Therapy – Vilnius, Lithuania,
Elena Gauda Karmazė,
New Institutes for Presentation and Voting this year:
1. Polish Institute of Psychodrama Association, Poland
2. Psychodramaforum Berlin, GermanyInstitutes that have already presented themselves and are ready for voting now:1. Helsinki Psychodrama Institute (Sirkku made the presentation last year, in Ghent).
2. Swedish Psychodrama School (they will have a short power point and poster presentation as they already introduced themselves in Helsinki).
3. Ecole Française de Psychodrame – Paris, France (they will have a power point and poster presentation as they already introduced themselves through Anne Ancelin Schützenberger a few years ago).

17. Report of the Membership Committee – November 2009

Until now, two new organisations, that were guest in Ghent, have applied for FEPTO membership: Polish Institute of Psychodrama Association and Psychodrama Forum Berlin, Germany. Also, a new one that presented and is to be voted in 2010, Belgrade, is the Helsinki Psychodrama Institute.
We have also received a letter from Swedish School of Psychodrama, signed by Kerstin Jurdell, that presented their Institute in Helsinki, in 2004, asking to be voted next year in Belgrade. Their main trainers are Kerstin Jurdell and Per Henriksson and they have 14 students and three certified persons.
Up to this moment, there are some guests that announced their participation in the Belgrade FEPTO Annual Meeting: The Macedonian Psychodrama Association “J.L. Moreno”, Skopje, delegate Filip Babamov, president, and The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate,Sofia, Bulgaria, delegate Tzvetelina Iossifova, Director of the Centre.
As a representative of this committee I have the following proposals for the Council, and if agreed, to be voted by the GA:
1. If in a Committee, there are no members, the Council members shall automatically become members or the old chair of the respective committee, shall maintain their position for another year.
2. The Institutes shall know that any essential change in their structures or training programs must be announced, in order to update each situation.
3. The FEPTO Members should be recommended, that when they write recommendation letters, they should also know the program of that Institute (some of them usually recommend the persons from the Institute and not the training program.



Chair: İnci Doğaner (Turkey)
Members: Monica Westberg (Sweden), Oded Navé (Israel)

Chair: Dragoteanu Dana (Romania)
Members: Nicotra Maria Gabriella (Italy), Westberg Monica (Sweden)

Chair: Eduardo Verdu (Norway)
Members: Dragoteanu Dana (Romania), Erdmanis, Inara (Sweden/Latvia)

Chair: José Luís Mesquita (Portugal)
Members: Albini, Horatiu Nil (Romania), Dragoteanu, Dana (Romania),
Gruia, Irina (Romania),  Karp, Marcia (UK), Lagarakis, Stylianos (Greece),
Takis, Nikolaos (Greece), Teixeira de Sousa, João (Portugal)

Chair: Celia Scanlan (Scotland)
Members: Albini, Horatiu Nil (Romania), Dragoteanu, Dana (Romania),
Lagarakis, Stylianos (Greece), Takis, Nikolaos (Greece)

Chair: Kerstin Jurdell (Sweden)
Members: Dragoteanu, Dana (Romania), Figush, Zoli (United Kingdom), Ilieva, Katerina (Bulgaria),
Kauppila, Reijo (Finland), Symeonidou, Sofia (Greece), Takis, Nikolaos (Greece), Teszáry, Judith (Sweden)

Chair: Mirjana (Mimi) Stojanovska (North Macedonia)
Members: Dragoteanu, Dana (Romania), Figush, Zoli (United Kingdom), Ilieva, Katerina (Bulgaria),
Kauppila, Reijo (Finland), Symeonidou, Sofia (Greece), Takis, Nikolaos (Greece), Teszáry, Judith (Sweden)



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