How to become a member



  1. To become a member of FEPTO, a representative of the interested Organization must first attend one FEPTO Annual Meeting (yearly held usually in spring), as a Guest, prior to the application in order to encounter FEPTO existing members, and start the application process.
  2. The Mentor of the Guest Organization has to send an e-mail to the Chair of the Membership Committee giving knowledge of the name of the Organization and their representatives at the annual meeting.
  3. The representatives of the Organization should meet with the Chair of the Membership Committee at the Annual Meeting to get all the information about the procedures required to the applicant. The Chair should provide all the documents to the organization, even though they are available on the FEPTO website.
  4. The Committee will engage in a dialogue with the applicant and, if necessary, may ask for further clarification.
  5. The new applicants should give a presentation of their Organization in English using:
    5.1. The Newsletter Form that will be presented in the FEPTO Newsletter in the issue prior the Annual Meeting, in the year of the voting;
    5.2. At the Annual Meeting Agora, in the year of the voting. The guidelines for presentation are:

Formal Presentation

Duration: Formal presentation time is a maximum of 30 minutes including questions and answers. You will be informed about your presentation time slot 2 weeks prior to the Meeting.

Format: You are expected to make a poster or power point presentation. You may in addition wish to use action methods. The poster format is 80 cm x 120 cm maximum.

Content: You may use information you would like to give about your Organization and the presentation should include information about:

For Training Organizations:

  • History of the Organization (When, how was the Organization founded?)
  • Formal structure of the Organization (Society, foundation, partnership agreement etc.)
  • Training staff (Leader/s of the Organization, Senior Main Trainers, co-Trainers, guest trainers, etc.)
  • Training program (admission, levels, hours, content, comparison with FEPTO Minimal Training Standards, reference literature, recommended readings, publications, number of main trainers, number of graduates, number of training groups, Code of Ethics)  

For Accrediting Organizations:

  • History of the organization
  • Formal structure and leader/s, or chair person, committees, etc.
  • Application requirements for new members
  • List of individual and organizational members
  • If existing, the name of the Code of Ethics followed

After the presentations the representative answers the questions raised by the members of FEPTO. Then the voting procedure takes place during the General Assembly.



1. Application Forms

The formal Application Forms along with other formal requirements should be sent to the Chair of the Membership Committee within the year prior to the voting, via e-mail, before the end of July (or at least 8 months prior to the voting).

You should fill in:
– Form I and the Newsletter Form for a “Training Organization”. More > Form I and Newsletter Form. To fill in Form I please read first the FEPTO Minimal Training Standards (MTS). More > Minimal Training Standards
– Form II for an “Accrediting Organization”. An Accrediting Organization is an organization usually accrediting the members of more then one Training Organizations in the country. More > Form II and Newsletter Form

The Forms should be completed in English and sent to the Chair of the Membership Committee of FEPTO along with all other the documents and information required from your Organization.

If the official address for your Organization is different from your candidate FEPTO representative’s postal address, please provide this additional information.

Your application will be inquired by Membership Committee members and may further be discussed within the Council of FEPTO. You’ll be contacted by the Chair of the Membership Committee several times through the process.

2. Copies of Psychodrama Certificates

Training Organizations

Scanned copies of the certificates of at least 2 Main Senior Trainers, other Trainers and Invited Trainers, graduated by a FEPTO Training Organizations and of the 5 accredited Graduates from the applying Training Organization, should be sent to the Chair of the Membership Committee by e-mail.

Accrediting Organizations

Scanned copies of the Registration and of the Member List from the applying Accrediting Organization should be sent to the Chair of the Membership Committee by e-mail.

3. Recommendation Questionnaires

The application should include two written Recommendations Questionnaires from existing good standing FEPTO Members. One Recommendation Questionnaire should be from a Member of an Organization in the applicant’s country. Preferably, the other Recommendation Questionnaire should be from the Member that assumes the Mentor ship role from the start until voting and even after the voting if the Organization is not accepted in voting. More > Recommendation Questionnaires

If the applicant is unable to submit the two recommendations a member of the FEPTO, from the Membership Committee or from a neighboring country will take responsibility to get to know the applicant. This may involve a visit to the Organization. The cost of such a visit would be sustained by the applicant. The visitor should be approved by the Council of FEPTO.

4. Application Fee

The applying organization should pay the application fee. For this, the applying Organization should get in touch with the Treasurer of FEPTO, before or during the presentation year in the Annual Meeting.

Necessary Address:

Treasurer: Chantal NEVE-HANQUET



  1. The Chair of the Membership Committee collects all the documents of the applying Organization and controls them.
  2. The Chair of the Membership Committee should inform the members of the Committee of the new applicant in August. The application of the Organization should be read by at least 2 members of the committee during September.
  3. In October comments should be sent to the Chair and questions collected and sent to the applying Organization to be answered before the Council meeting in the first week of November.
  4. The Chair reports the work of the Committee to the Council and receiving the reflections makes any changes in the report discussing it with the contact person of the Organization.
  5. After the Council Meeting the Applications which are in accordance to the FEPTO Minimal Training Standards and the Membership Procedures are found in the Newsletter published on the FEPTO website.
  6. When the Council accepts this application it is then sent as pdf file to all members. The membership is invited to submit any relevant questions to the Chair of the Membership Committee by 15th Feb. This leaves 6 weeks for any issues raised to be resolved. After this period no more questions may be raised.
  7. The applicant may withdraw their application at any moment. If a resolution cannot be agreed then ratification of membership will not be asked at the General Assembly in that year. In such a case the applicant will be given advice what they need to do in order to re-apply. This will be presented in the FEPTO Newsletter and updated webpage.
  8. The documents of the applying Organization, including the correspondence (letters and e-mails) should be stored in a file. The files are handed over from one Chair of the Membership Committee to the next.
  9. If the Application is approved by the FEPTO Council in the meeting of the first week of November, it will be voted for in the next General Assembly of FEPTO. More > Voting Procedure



  1. The Organizations who were guests at least one year before and began their applications process after, fulfilling the formal requirements, are recommended to the General Assembly by the Council.
  2. The Chair of the Membership Committee presents the Organization in the presence of the Organization.
  3. The two members that filled in the Recommendation Questionnaires can verbally recommend the applying Organization in the General Assembly. If the recommending members are not present in the Annual Meeting, their Recommendation Questionnaires can be read by the Chair of the Membership Committee.
  4. The applying Organization is required to be present at the time of their application to respond to issues which may arise from the General Assembly.
  5. Voting takes place. The applying Organization does not participate in General Assembly during the voting procedure.
  6. After the voting the Chair of the Membership Committee goes outside of the room where the General Assembly takes place and invites applicants to come in, again.
  7. The President of FEPTO informs the new Organization about the result of the voting and later sends a confirmation letter.



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