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Meyer Melinda Ashley

Melinda A. Meyer, born January 18, 1955, California, USA
Ankerveien 36C, 0785 Oslo, Norway
Mob +47 900 700 78


Academic background: Research

2007 – present Project leader of EXIT (Expressive Art in Transit) 203 unaccompanied minor refugees asylum seekers. An early intervention and longitudinal study of mental health

2007 PhD in Expressive Arts “Repatriation and Testimony” EGS Supervisor: Proff. Paolo Knill and NKVTS/UIO Proff. Nora Ahlberg

2007 Certified to use the CIDI research interview method.

2004 “Qualitative research methods in medicine” 32 hours (3 Vekttall)

2004 Transcultural research on trauma seminar. Medical faculty. Edvard Hauff . 25 hours

1998 Research seminar: Medical Anthropology: New directions and secure foundations in Anthropology for Medicine. 30 hours (1,5 Vekttall)

1996 – 1997 CAGS (Certificate of advanced graduate studies) European graduate school, Switzerland

1996 Research seminar “Qualitative research methods in medicine” 15 hours.

1994 Research seminar “Anthropology and the body” 70 hours (3.0 academic points in the Ph.D. program at The Faculty of Medicine, UiO, Norway)

1992 – 2006 Longitudinal research project with Bosnian war refugees (14 years)

1986 Qualitative research seminar. 35 hours. Benedicte Madson

Therapeutic education and degrees

2007 Certified Group Psychotherapist in Psychodrama from the European Association fo Psychotherapy (EAP)

1998   1 year part time training ass. in music therapy with Margareta Warja.

1993 Clinical specialist in Psychiatric Nursing

1990 Registered supervisor for nurses, Norwegi­an Nurse Associati­on

1991 Certified Director in Psychodrama, Group Psychotherapy and Sosiometri.

1991 4 year education in Bioenergetic Character Analysis (Alexander Lowen)

1981 – 1983 The North Charles Institute for the Addictions. Dept. of Psychiatry. Affiliated with Harvard Medi­cal School. Completed the Addiction  Treatment Internship Program.

1980 – 1982 Master of Arts in Expressive Therapy (2 years full time study) Lesley University 13 Mellen Street, Cambridge, MA. USA

1982 Awarded a honors commendation for excellence “Falling into the Body”

1975 Red Cross Nursing School, Lørenskog. Norway

1978 Graduated with RN degree.

Professional experience. Research

2007 – present. Research project on stress reducing early intervention in reception centres. The model ”EXIT” (Expressive Art in Transition) was applied.

2001 – 2007 PhD “Repatriation and Testimony”. Longitudinal study following 22 Bosnian war refugees from they arrived in Norway in 1992 until 2006, eight years after they had returned.

2004 – 2005 Research project carried out by SINTEF and NKVTS: “Det hainnle om å leve” . What activities improve the mental health of asylum seekers in refugee reception centres?

2004 – pres. Researcher 50% at NKVTS , Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies, Unirand, Uio, Oslo

1990 – 2003 Expressive Therapist/Head Nurse. Psychosocial Center for Refugees, University of Oslo.

teaching and clinical work

1998 – 2002 Teacher and researcher at UCA (Univercidad Centro America). North-South development project between Universidad Centro America and UiO (University of Oslo, Norway).Master degree in: Violence, human rights and mental health.

1988-1990  Assistent administrator for project on the official public servant role at Ullersmo State Prison pris­on. Proj­ect administrator: Psychologist Jan Lanesskog. The project was prepared by the prison board (Ministry of Justice).

1991 – 1996 Group Therapy Project “Expressive Therapy with traumati­sed refugees living in Exile” Co-therapist:Gorden Harris MD. Supervisor: Murray Cox MD

1991 – 1994 Expressive therapy Project “Stress prevention in refugee reception centres”. Supervisor: Prof.Kirsti Malterud MD. Funding: Council of Mental Health,Oslo,Norway

1992 – 1994 Rapid screening for post-traumatic stress disor­der among Bosnian war refugees.  Project leader: Dr.Me­tte Nygård MD Supervisor: Prof.Kirsti Malterud MD. Funding: Council of Mental Health, Oslo, Norway

1996 Repatriation group with Bosnian war refug­ees. Funding: Halldis og Josef`legat. Council of Mental Health, Oslo, Norway

FEPTO Conference

17th FEPTO Conference:
From External Violence to Internal Shadow: When Psychodrama Helps To
Confront Reality

5th to 7th of May, 2023
Liege, Belgium

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Annual Meeting

29th FEPTO AM:
Spontaneity and Creativity in the Transforming World
30 years of FEPTO and beyond

7th to 11th of May, 2023
Liege, Belgium

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