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Dolgopolov Nifont

Born in Moscow, Russia, in 1953.
Passed the 22nd of January 2018.

Education: Moscow State University, Department of Psychology (1978).
Education in Psychodrama: Training program led by international team: Högberg

Göran (main trainer), Burmeister Jörg, Fahlström Borg Eva, Karp Marcia, Leutz Grete, Novitzkaya Natalia, Schützenberger Anne Ancelin, Shearon Ella Mae and others ( 1989-1996).

Certified Psychodrama Therapist

Education in Gestalt Therapy: Hamburg F. Perls Gestalt Institute (1989-1993), French Gestalt Institute (J.M. Robine, 1993-1996), GATLA (R.Resnick,1996-2002). Certified Gestalt Therapist.
Certified Psychodrama Trainer (by Federation of Russian Training Psychodrama Institutes), certified Gestalt Trainer (by Association of Russian Speaking Gestalt Institutes).

Activities: Founder and Director of Moscow Institute of gestalt and Psychodrama (MIGIP, 1996 until now), cofounder of FEPTO, Federation of Russian Training Psychodrama Institutes, Association of Russian Speaking Gestalt Institutes. Director of long term educational programs in Moscow, Siberia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia. Author of “Futuropractice” (Method of psychotherapeutic work with Future), leader of therapeutic groups, therapist with individual clients. Editor of Journals “Russian Gestalt”, “Psychodrama on the Scene and in Life”.


Dear Colleagues!

Council of the Russian Association of Psychodrama regretfully and sorrowfully reports that on Monday morning, January 22, 2018, after a serious long illness passed away Nifont Dolgopolov, one of the leading Russian psychodrama therapists, director of the Moscow Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama, co-founder FEPTO.

Nifont for a long time courageously fought with a deadly disease and continued to conduct the groups, accept clients and lead the Institute.

In our memory, Nifont remains strong, courageous, kind and sympathetic, always with an open smile and a wise look, ironic and straightforward, honest and subtly sensing, a talented psychotherapist and writer.

This is a huge loss for all of us.

Very sorry!
We grieve!


Elena Lopukhina – President of the Association of Psychodrama, Russia, director of the Institute of Psychodrama, Coaching and Role Training, founding member FEPTO.

Ekaterina Mikhailova – Vice-President of the Association of Psychodrama, Russia,  director for research, supervisor and coach of psychodrama training programs of the Institute of Group and Family Psychology and Psychotherapy.

Viktor Semenov – Vice-President of the Psychodrama Association, Russia, director of the Institute of Psychodrama and Psychological Counseling.






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17th FEPTO Conference:
From External Violence to Internal Shadow: When Psychodrama Helps To
Confront Reality

5th to 7th of May, 2023
Liege, Belgium

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Annual Meeting

29th FEPTO AM:
Spontaneity and Creativity in the Transforming World
30 years of FEPTO and beyond

7th to 11th of May, 2023
Liege, Belgium

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