Former Council members

Horaţiu Nil ALBINI, M.D.


Studies: Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca, graduated in 1984, psychiatrist since 1991. Psychodrama education: in 1991 I began my training in psychodrama under the leadership of Hilde Gött, trainer and supervisor of Psychodrama Institute für Europa.

I reached the level of psychodrama assistant in 1994 and the one for psychodrama psychotherapist in 1999, when at the final colloquium I have presented the graduation paper The Social Atom, Source of Unconscious Conflicts; psychodrama psychotherapist accredited by the Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy (FRP) and Romanian College of Psychologists, psychodrama delegated supervisor of PIfE and SPJLM.

Memberships: founding member of the Jacob Levy Moreno Psychodrama Society in 1994, president 1999 – 2011; founding member of the Romanian Psychotherapy Federation (FRP) in 2001 and member of the Professional Committee; IAGP member since 2008. Hon. Member of Romanian Association of Classical Psychodrama ARPsiC.

Main publication: Szociális atom – mint a nem tudatosítot konfliktusok forrása, (2001) Ligetünk-Pszichodráma a gyakorlatban, vol. VI, Animula, Budapest, Hungary

Secretary 2004-2008, Co-president-2008-2013, Newsletter Committee chair and editor of the FEPTO Newsletter 2008-2013, co-editor 2013-2019, webmaster 2006-2019


Norbert APTER


Accredited person-centered psychotherapist (Carl R. Rogers) and psychodramatist (J.L .Moreno), as well as certified supervisor and trainer in both methods, I have the pleasure of running a private practice (individual and group sessions) in Geneva and of being the director of the Institut ODeF, specialized in relational competencies.

For many years now, I have been training psychotherapists in psychodrama, coaches, trainers and managers in Action Methods, and numerous of professionals from institutions, companies and international organizations in soft skills (including listening skills, handling difficult personalities, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, becoming a motivating manager etc) .
In all my activities, I have always highly promoted the alliance of the way of being and the way of doing in professional settings.

My challenge has been and remains: to facilitate balancing structure and creativity.

Development Committee chair 2011-2015


Krzysztof Mariusz CIEPLIŃSKI, PhD

CieplińskiIs a psychologist, integrative psychotherapist, and psychodrama therapist and trainer. Krzysztof is employed at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (Poland) in the Department of Psychotherapy and Health Psychology as an Assistant Professor. He is a board member of the Polish Psychodrama Institute Association member of the Polish Psychiatric Association and a member of the board for the Polish Association for Psychotherapy Integration. He is involved in psychotherapy with individuals, pairs and groups. In October 2014 he co-organized a FEPTO Research Committee Meeting in Lublin. His current scientific interest is psychology of freedom experiencing, evidence-based practice in psychotherapy and the processes of change in psychodrama as well as Death Education practice and research. He lives with his family in Lublin. Krzysztof is passionate about fishing, collecting coins, meeting people, and sharing ideas.

Research Committee Chair 2015-2017, Vice-president 2017-2019, Development and Network Committee Chair 2019-2021.


PhD in Psychology, Psychodrama (2014). Degree in Clinical Psychology (2008) and Social Psychology (2000). Trainer of the Portuguese Psychodrama Society and of the Iberian Psychodance Association Jaime G. Rojas Bermúdez (since 2014).

Founding member of the Iberian Psychodance Association Jaime G. Rojas Bermúdez (2009). Member of FEPTO Research Committee (since 2009).

Clinical Psychologist at the Psychiatry and Mental Health department of the Porto Central Hospital. Running Psychodrama groups with patients in Grief, Disthymia and Personality disorders.

14 years of professional experience of community intervention on alcohol-related problems (4 years on an outpatient basis and 10 years in a community of social inclusion, with inpatient clients as Psychologist and Clinical coordinator).

From 2009 to 2013, collaborated with the Pedagogical Psychology Clinic at the University Fernando Pessoa as a Clinical Psychologist, where also developed a Sociodrama group with institutionalized children and where lectured the discipline of Methods and Techniques of Psychotherapy.

Exercises private practice since 2004. One of the main topics of interest is research in Psychodrama, Practice-based research and change process research.

FEPTO secretary 2017-2019



Born 1954 in Serbia, neuropsychiatrist and psychotherapist, married, lives in Belgrade.

I started my psychodrama experience (or journey or trip) in the year 1987 in Belgrade. At that time I was on my specialization on neurology and psychiatry and interested in psychoanalysis. I knew something about psychoanalytical psychodrama (French, Lebovisy) from literature. My professors were biological psychiatrists and not friendly toward psychotherapy.

My elder colleague dr. Dusan Potkonjak, pioneer of psychodrama in former Yugoslavia formed the psychodrama group in spite some professor’s resistance who used to say that psychodrama is »lunatic job«. I joined that group and realized again as I knew it before that I inclined to »lunatics« and other mad and strange people. To tell the truth in that group there were a lot of talented, intelligent and handsome people from different professions… and some lunatics, off course. That group was the basis of education in Morenian psychodrama held by School of Medicine, University of Belgrade and Oxford University from England and professor psychodramatist Andrew Powell. Marcia Karp, Ken Sprague, Susie Taylor, Rudi Nigaard, John Casson were the people who helped our education. I was certified as psychodramatist in the year 1990.
It was really a long time ago. »Once upon a time« in different country, different system with different ideology and approach to humanity. Then all »different« in former Yugoslavia crushed in blood and desperation and I started from 1991 to conduct psychodrama groups with Dusan Potkonjak, Jasna Veljkovic, Zoran Ilic and Vladimir Milosevic.

Dusan left the war country in 1994 and went to England. From 1995 I started to conduct educational groups together with Jasna, Zoran and Vladimir. In 2008 I still work with Zoran Ilic and Jasna Veljkovic in the same organization. It is a success when we know that things in former two Yugoslavias, Serbia and Montenegro and today’s Serbia were nearer to destructive than to developmental trends.

In 1998 I became the president of Yugoslav Psychodrama Association. That organization divided in 2005 in two organizations: Belgrade Psychodrama Center with me as a president and »Institute for Psychodrama«.

In the year 1998 Jasna Veljkovic and I published the first Morenian psychodrama book in our country »Psychodrama and Sociodrama«. In 2003 we, Jasna and me as psychodramatists and Miki Tomic as cartoonist, published »Psychodrama« comic book first in English in Belgrade and after that in Serbian in Belgrade. That comic book was translated and published in Portuguese language in Brazil-it was fantastic, Croatian language in Zagreb- it was funny as Serbian and Croatian language are the same language in fact, as you translate something from English to American English, then followed edition in (better) English by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in London and Philadelphia and it became a serious fact for me, after that we got Japanese translation and publishing by lovely and modest Mayoumi Jamada in Japan and it was marbles and then followed Korean translation in hard covers- this is something fantastic, marbles and dreamlike for me.

I also published about fifty papers on psychodrama, group analytical psychotherapy and psychiatric issues in journals, on conferences and in different books and publications.
In 2004 with Jasna Veljkovic I was the editor of »Psychodrama« journal of that time’s Yugoslav Psychodrama Association.

From 1988 to 1994 I completed my didactical analysis and theoretical program in psychoanalytical psychotherapy education.

In 1994 my education in group analysis held by Institute for Group Analysis from London was stopped after I spent four years in education. In order to form a group I found the job in prison and conducted group analytical group of prisoners on 120 sessions. Destruction of former Yugoslavia destructed my group analysis.

Today I work as a psychiatrist in Psychiatric Hospital »Dr Laza Lazarevic« in Belgrade. This is a hospital with tradition of 150 years. (It is interested to say that Laza Lazarevic was Serbian writer and physician from XIX century who described Lasseggue’s neurological sign some time before that French author published it) I conduct psychodrama and group therapy groups with psychotics and other difficult patients.
I also work in Belgrade Psychodrama Center. We have two educational groups in this moment.

Training Committee chair, 2008-2011



Associate Professor Dr. İnci Doğaner was born in İzmir in 1960. She became a psychiatrist in 1991 and became Associate Professor and Psychodramatist in the same year, 1996. She worked in Aegean University (Ege Üniversitesi) as an academician until 1999. She did research on linguistics and psychiatry, in mood disorders and psychotherapy. She is now a supervisor, trainer and practitioner in the fields of Psychodramatic Sociometric Group Psychotherapy and Family and Couples Therapy. She works as the Training Coordinator and Director of Abdülkadir Özbek Psychodrama Institute and she runs her private practice with clients and groups as well.

She is one of the winners of 1993 Turkish Journal of Psychiatry Award (team research on “The Nature of Thought Disorder in Schizophrenia and Mania”) of 1998 Spring Symposium Research Award (team research on Tardive Dyskinesia in Mood Disorders) and of 2000 Turkish Group Psychotherapies Association Dr. A. Özbek Award (her book named, Earthquake Protagonists).

She is a member of TPB, TGPD, AETD, IAGP and a Council Member and Chair of Membership Committee of FEPTO (2004 – 2008).

Membership Committee chair 2004-2008


Maria-Daniela DRAGOTEANU 

DanaDirector of Psychodrama – trained by Giovanni Boria, Studio di Psicodramma, Milano
Trainer and Supervisor at the Romanian Association of Classical Psychodrama

Psychologist in Human Resources Department of Transport Research Institute; 1995 – 2000: clinician psychologist, at “Saint. Mary“ Hospital, Mental Health Laboratory; 1995 – present : psychotherapist, private activity; 1996 – present : ARPsiC trainer and supervisor; 2000 – present : Manager of Classic Psychodrama Center Founding member of the Romanian Association of Classic Psychodrama (ARPsiC); vice-president Founding member of the Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy, NAO of EAP;

Psychodramatic methodology (Instruments, processes, psychodrama techniques) – 1996; Object relations and the theory of Self-1998; Morenian theory of role – 2000; Psycho-dramatic methodology in training – 1999; Directing strategies in psycho-drama – 2005; Group psychotherapy and psychodrama – 2006,

Membership Committee chair: 2008-2011



Agnes DudlerPsychologist and psychotherapist in a private praxis in Bonn since 1982.
Founder and director of the Institute für Psychodrama Szenen since 1991.
Member and representative of the DFP/DAGG and president of the AGPF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft psychotherapeutischer Fachverbände). Chairperson of the Annual Meeting Committee of FEPTO 2006-2011. Chair of the Training Committee 2011-2013.

Work: Counselling and psychotherapy with individuals, couples and groups; supervision and coaching; sociodrama with large groups; trainer for psychodrama.

A big emphasis of my work has been on working with drug therapists, gender questions, helping people to develop in groups, working with large groups and using psycho- and sociodrama to research the interdependent influence between families and contemporary history. Also, for two years I conducted a research project on the topic “Family and National Socialism”. Participants were a group of “children” of higher or lower ranking members of the „Wehrmacht” on the eastern front. Psycho- and sociodrama proved extremely powerful in this context.

Background: After finishing school I moved on to work as a programmer, later as systems analyst at IBM Germany for six years. Whilst studying pedagogic and then psychology I was working for 10 years as an independent IT-consultant. For 10 years I have been training others in psychodrama as trainer of the Moreno Institut Stuttgart until the foundation of my own institute (SZENEN) in 1991. Besides psychodrama, I have also been trained in client centered therapy, breath therapy, bioenergetics, yoga, gestalt- and psychoanalytic therapy. Finally, 11 years ago, I started meditating guided by different western teachers of Tibetan schools.

Annual Meeting Committee chair 2010-2013 


Pierre J. FONTAINE, M.D.

Born in 1924. Prof. Emeritus of Child & Family Psychiatry, Faculty of Psychology, Cath. Univ. of Louvain. (Belgium).
Psychodramatist trained by Anne Ancelin Schützenberger since 1958 and later also by Dean and Doreen Elefthery (1967). Founded in 1963 and directed till 1993, the psychodrama training school La Verveine Brussels, now directed by Chantal Nève. My specialties: psychodrama training and psychodrama with persons with a motor or mental handicap.
Was co-chair of the VI. International Psychodrama Conference in Amsterdam (1971) and during years member of the IAGP Board of Directors.Was at the start of FEPTO in 1993 and at its foundation in Leuven in 1996. Vice-president and chair of the Training Committee 2000 – 2008.
Main recent PD publications: P. Fontaine (Ed) Psychodrama Training. A European View (2d Ed. 2001). Editor Psychodrama; Studies and Applications (2008). Other activities: poverty and especially collaborative research with poor persons. Publications (Editor) La connaissance des pauvres (1996).
I founded and was during years in charge of a Clinical department of child and family psychiatry at my university and of the training of child psychiatrists. My theoretical orientation is mostly Systemic.I am married with Dorothee, who was also a psychodramatist working in psychiatric hospital and my co-trainer at La Verveine.
Relation with European Union Committee chair 1996-2000, Vice-president 2000-2008, Training Committee chair 2000-2008.



Stefan-Flegelskamp-Social worker and psychotherapist for children and youth, since 2011 he is the director of the Institute Szenen . He is specialized on psychodrama with traumatized children. Many years he worked as a group therapist in a hospital for young drug addict adolescents and in a children`s home for traumatized children.
Since 2009 he is active in FEPTO, co-founder and co-organizer of the 1st and 2nd Symposium for Psychodrama with Children and Adolescents,

Currently he works free lance providing psychodrama therapy both to groups and individuals. He provides psychodrama supervision to teams and individuals.

He also presented psychodrama training with children in Gaza since 2011. Within the new Council of FEPTO the work with children and adolescents is coordinated and represented by Stefan Flegelskamp.

He has four children and lives together with his family nearby Cologne

Secretary / Internal affairs between 2015 and 2017.


Jutta FÜRST, PhD

Scientific Director of the Psychodrama Psychotherapy Course at the University of Innsbruck

Studies: Psychology and Educational sciences graduated 1980
Private practice: Organising, teaching and training of Psychodrama, Supervision, Leading psychotherapy groups, individual psychotherapy

Psychodrama training: I started with my psychodrama training after a workshop with Gretel Leutz as a student of Moreno Institute Überlingen in 1976. Main trainers were Barbara Erlacher and Ernst Engelke. I was graduated there and by the Psychodrama Section of the Austrian Association of Group-therapy and Group-dynamic in 1982 and have been Psychodrama trainer in this organisation since 1989 until 2015.

Professional development: After finishing my studies at the university I started working in an institution for mentally and physically handicapped adults and changed after three years to work with children, teachers and parents as a school psychologist and leader of a school psychology centre. Beside this work I was always practising psychodrama with clients in groups and in individual sessions.
Since 1991 I have been teaching psychodrama at the University. 2001 the training course for psychodrama psychotherapy started at the University of Innsbruck and I became in charge of the scientific leadership of this course.

Memberships: Founding member and past board member of FEPTO (see History of FEPTO) and member of IAGP (International Association of Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes).
Member of the scientific advisory board of the Moreno Institut Überlingen and of the scientific advisory board of the Journal for Psychodrama and Sociometry, Germany

Main publications:
Fürst J., Ottomeyer K., Pruckner H.,Ed. (2004) Psychodrama-Therapie. Ein Handbuch. Facultas. Wien
About 30 articles in different journals and books.

Annual Meeting Committee chair 2002-2006, Co-president 2008-2011



Trained by Leif Dag Blomkvist, Dean and Doreen Elefthery.  Certified 1990 as Director of Psychodrama and 1995 as TEP by the Nordic Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Group Psychotherapy and Sociometry. I have a Degree of Bachelor in Social Science and a MA in the Theory of Practical Knowledge. I am also psychotherapist step 1 at Karolinska Institute. I have been a teacher since 1989 at the Swedish Moreno Institute and founded 2000 The Swedish Psychodrama School, where I am a main trainer at basic and advanced level.

I have been working as University Lecturer since 1990 with university topics as social work, ethics/leadership and psychology of religion.

I have been an International Trainer and Educator since 1994 in Germany, Finland, Norway, Portugal and Russia and been a leader of workshops in International Psychodrama Conferences in USA, Russia, Germany, Finland, Norway, Great Britain, Portugal, New Zealand and Greece.

I have also been working with social work and in psychiatry for many years before I started a private practice as psychotherapist and supervisor.

Today my main interest is sociopsychodrama. I am a trainer in an Erasmus project for implementing sociodrama in youth field organisations in different countries in Europe in cooperation with FEPTO. I am also writing a master thesis about sociopsychodrama. From Morenian theory I see the philosophical and artistic parts important.

I have also written a master thesis about Surrealistic Psychodrama where surrealism, Jungian psychology and mythological topics play an important role in the directing of psychodrama.

Chair of the Annual Meeting Committee and Membership Committee 2017-2019


Prof. Dr. Arşaluys KAYIR, PhD

I am clinical psychologist teaching at Istanbul University, Istanbul Medical School, Department of Psychiatry for 35 years. I am specialized in sexual psychotherapy and treating women and men with sexual dysfunctions individually, as couples and in groups.
Most of my publications are about sexuality and psychotherapy process in women’s groups, especially women with vaginismus.
I am responsible of training the medical school students and trainees in psychiatry on sexuality, sexual therapy and group psychotherapy.

I am the founding board member and trainer of “Sexual Education, Treatment and Research Association” in Turkey.
I am the trainer and supervisor at “A. Özbek Psychodrama Institute” since 1992.
I was the secretary and the president of “Istanbul Psychotherapy and Group Psychotherapies Association” for 8 years.

Ethics Committee chair, 2006-2011




Education and Training: I am a Psychodrama Trainer TEP. I started studying psychodrama in 2004 in Helsinki Psychodrama Institute, Finland. My university degree is M.A. in Adult Education. I am a certified supervisor and business coach, too.

Work experience: I used to work in a big Finnish organization for 20 years in charge of personnel development. In 2006 I got old enough to do what I really want to do, and since that I have a company, which trains and coaches in organizations in private and public sectors.I am director and trainer in Helsinki Psychodrama Institute in Finland. I give training and seminars in other European countries, too, about using actions methods and psychodrama in organizations, supervision and coaching.

Special interests in psychodrama:

  • Training: Extremely interested in adult learning and development. My two main interests in psychodrama training area) to research and develop the pedagogical and educational competences of trainers and training institutes, and b) to concretize, what makes learning in and by psychodrama so special.
  • Application: To apply and develop the practice of psychodrama and action methods in
    • organizations,
    • supervision
    • coaching, and
    • change of culture in organizations.

Chair of the Training Committee 2017-2019


José Luís MESQUITA  


José Luís Mesquita was born in Porto in 1965 he is a Clinical Psychologist from the ISMAI, Maia Institute of Higher Education. He specializes in interventions with adults and adolescents. He is a Psychodramatist and Sociodramatist accredited by the Portuguese Society of Psychodrama. As a Psychodramatist he leads Therapeutic Groups and Individual Psychodrama, and as a Sociodramatist he works with Couple Therapy and Institutional Groups. He is a Trainer and a Supervisor of the Portuguese Society of Psychodrama and belongs to the Executive Council since 2004. He is currently the Vice-chairperson of the Board of Portuguese Society of Psychodrama. He conducts Psychodrama and Sociodrama workshops in several countries, and participates in European Projects as a Psychodramatist.

For several years he has lectured in the M.A. of Social Education, Social Work and Social Gerontology, in the Public and Private Higher Education, was a Lecture at the Departments of Education Sciences (Polytechnical Institute of Porto) and of Social Service (Social Service Institute, Porto), both in the Psychology Section. Presently he lectures in post-graduate courses in several Portuguese Universities and Institutes. He collaborates with the Non-governmental Organization (NGO), Portuguese Planned Parenthood Association, which serves as a Trainer in the area of sexuality. He is a member of the Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology.

His earlier studies were in Human Geography (Faculty of Humanities, University of Porto) and post-graduate in Project Planning of Urban Environment (Faculty of Architecture, University Of Porto) where he researched the impact of the “Urban Planning in the Quality of Life and Health on the Individuals and of the Groups”.

He has had activity as performing artist – actor, and he was a founding member of the Group of Theatre “Teatro de Letras” of the Faculty of Humanities (University of Porto) and of the University of Porto Newspaper. He was a Broadcaster at the University of Porto Radio Station. He still writes Poetry edited in several regional newspapers, this being a driving motive of his inspiration to create and develop, with another colleague, a new methodological approach called Dramapoetry: The Psychodrama of the Word.

Membership Committee chair 2013-2015


Gabriela MOITA

GabriellaPsychodrama – Trainer of the Portuguese Society of Psychodrama

Studies: Psychology (graduated 1987)
Sexology (Doctoral course 1991-1995)
PhD on Biomedical Sciences (2001)

Psychodrama training: I started my psychodrama training in 1987, as the second generation of trainees in Portugal and the first generation trained by the Portuguese Society of Psychodrama.

Professional development
Educational field: Member of the Porto branch of Family Planning Association (1987 -) working in the field of Family Planning, Sexual Education, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, a field where psychodrama and sociodrama are very important tools. I have taught for 14 years at the Teachers Training School in the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (1989-2003). In that work I practised educational psychodrama with my students. Currently (2004 – ) teacher at Superior Institute of Social Work of Porto the subject “Active techniques of Group” , Sociodrama, within the Social Workers Training. My main agenda is how to build up the inclusion in order to decrease discrimination.
Psychotherapeutic field:
Private practice: teaching and training of Psychodrama, Supervision, leading psychotherapy groups, individual psychotherapy. Couples sociodrama and the use of psychodrama in clinical sexology are fields that I’ve been exploring.

Board member of the SPP (Portuguese Society of Psychodrama)
Old board member of the SPSC (Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology).
Old board member of the APF (Family Planning Association).

Research Committee chair 2008-2011, Co-president 2011-2013


Luciano MOURA 

Psychiatristlucianoist and Psychodramatist.

Works as supervisor and trainer for the Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicodrama. Is a member of the Committee of Training of this Association. Directs four therapeutic Psychodrama groups weekly (one of them specific for psychotic patients in the Hospital S. João do Porto).

Also directs therapeutic Psychodrama for couples and Individual on private practice. As part of the activities of the AIP-RB (Iberic Association of Psychodance – Rojas Bermúdez), directs a group of Psycho-dance. Makes also regular clinical psychiatric practice.

Ethics Committee chair 2013-2015




Milena Mutafchieva is Assistant Professor in Cognitive Science and Psychology Department in New Bulgarian University, Sofia. She got her PhD in Cognitive Development in 2007. She has studied Psychology in Sofia University, Bulgaria and got master degree in Developmental Psychology there.She has worked as a key investigator in many international and national projects concerning early child development. She is one of the authors of the National Standards for Early Child Development in Bulgaria.

Mutafchieva main publications are in the field of early child development and especially analogy making, deductive reasoning, theory of mind etc.

Mutafchieva graduated as a psychodrama director in the context of Bulgarian Association of Psychodrama and Group therapy. She is a member of the Board of Bulgarian Association of Psychodrama and Group Therapy since 2009 and one of the founding members of Institute for Psychodrama Practices “Chiron”.

Mutafchieva has private practice as a psychodrama therapist and she is psychodrama trainer for 15 years. Her interests are in the field of research of the effect of psychodrama training and psychodrama therapy and promotion of psychodrama in the world of science.

Vice-president and chair of the Communication Committee, editor of the FEPTO Newsletter 2015-2107.


Yaacov NAOR, M.A. C.A.G.S. T.E.P.


Born: August 1, 1948 (Munich, Germany) Raised in Israel since 1949, except 1973-1981 which was spent in the USA. Served 3 years in IDF (Israeli Army). Married + 2 children. Fluent in English and Hebrew. Working knowledge of German.

Education and training
1996-1998 Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies (C.A.G.S) The European Graduate School (EGS), Switzerland
1981-1985 Certified Trainer, Educator and Practitioner (T.E.P) in Psychodrama, Group Psychotherapy and Sociometry. The American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama.
1981-1982 Certified Therapist and Trainer in Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy. The Israeli Association of Creative and Expressive Arts Therapies.
1974-1981 Certified Director (C.P) in Psychodrama,Group Psychotherapy and Sociometry. The American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama.
1975-1977 M.A in Expressive Arts Therapy. Specialization in Psychodrama and Therapeutic use of Theater. Lesley College Graduate School,Cambridge, Mass, USA
1969-1973 B.A in Psychology and Theater Arts.The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Professional experience
1977-present Training and teaching in the areas of Psychodrama,Therapeutic Theater and Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy in Europe, the USA, Canada and Israel.
1983-present Founder and Director of ” The Inner Theater-Psychodrama Center” which became in 1996 “Isis Israel”- Psychodrama and Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy Center, Tel-Aviv.
1983-present Founder and Co-Director of “Confronting the Holocaust”,a special psychodrama dialogue project bringing second and third generation Holocaust survivors together with young Germans.
1988-present Faculty Member of the Advanced Expressive Arts Therapy Spring-Symposium sponsored by the International Network of Creative Arts Training Centers.
1994-present Psychodrama and Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy staff trainer. The Palestinian Counseling Center (PCC) Jerusalem.
1981-1996 Assistant Professor, Director of the Psychodrama Training Program at the Arts Institute Project in Israel, Tel Aviv.
1981-1991 Psychodrama Therapist, “Shalvata Mental Health Hospital”, Hod Hasharon, Israel.
1981-1987 Co-Founder Expressive Arts Therapist and Psychodrama Director.”Misholim”- The Jerusalem Expressive Arts Therapy Center for Children.
1977-1981 Director of the Psychodrama and Expressive Therapy Program. Lawrence Unit, Danvers Mental State Hospital, Massachusets, USA.

IEATA: The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (member)
ASGPP: The American Society Of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama (member)
The Israeli Association of Psychodrama (founding member)
The Israeli Association of Creative and Expressive Therapies (member)
The International Network of Creative Arts Therapy Training Centers (institute member)
FEPTO-Federation of the European Psychodrama Training Organizations (founding member), Chair of the Networking Committee since 2008
PIfE: Psychodrama Institute fur Europa (member)

Confrontng the Holocaust Through Psychodrama, Sociodrama and Rituals
download article >doc

Assembly Committee chair 1996-1998, Network Committee chair 2008-2013




Leandra Perrotta was born in Australia in 1965 and grew up in Australia and Singapore. She now lives and works in Torino, Italy. She is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, psychodrama trainer and dancetherapist. She is Contract Professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the Università della Valle D’Aosta and an EMDR therapist.

Leandra is Board member and Psychodrama trainer of the Associazione Mediterranea di Psicodramma. Leandra has a private practice in Torino with psychodrama and dance-therapy groups and a Jungian vis à vis setting and has developed an integrative model of Jungian psychodrama and dance-therapy where movement charged by active imagination becomes a means of symbolic expression which is then played upon the stage.

Leandra’s main research interests are dreams, transgenerational transmission, bodywork and trauma. She also has a Master’s degree in English and French literature.

Her main publications are:
• “Backstage theater, Theater laboratory and Role-Playing: New tools in investigating the patient-physician relationship”, in Transplantation Proceedings. 2005 Jun; 37 (5), p.2007-8.
• “Alchimia di Sogni e Rappresentazioni: L’Osservazione nello Psicodramma Junghiano” (“Alchemy of dreams and representations”) in Il Sogno. Dalla Psicologia Analitica allo Psicodramma Junghiano (Dreams. From Analytical Psychology to Jungian Psychodrama), Franco Angeli, 2009.
• Preface to Le Plaisir de Vivre, Anne Ancelin Schützenberger, Di Renzo Editore, 2010.
• Introduction to Psychogénéalogie, Anne Ancelin Schützenberger, Di Renzo Editore, 2011
• “The Jungian Approach: In Situ Supervision of Psychodrama”, Gasseau M., Perrotta L., in Supervision in Psychodrama. Experiential Learning in Psychotherapy and Training, VS Verlag/ Springer, 2012.

Ethics Committee chair 2011-2013, Newsletter Committee chair 2011-2013, Co-president 2013-2015


Pintèr GABOR

Psychologist (MA, Eötvös Loránd Univerity, 1986). Electrical engineer (MA, Technical University, Budapest, 1981). Clinical Psychologist (special exam, Semmelweis University, 1991). Psychotherapist  (special exam, Semmelweis University, 1991). Scientific advisor (Semmelweis University, 2017). PhD: (ELTE University, Research field: Psychotherapy). CSc: – Candidate of Sciences (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1992). College Professor in Psychology (Pető Institute, 1995-). Scientific Chief Counselor. Honorary University Professor since 2017.


2007 – currently:  Moreno Centrum,  founder, leader    (The psychodrama resource center for attendance and transmission of intellectual and spiritual treasure of J.L. and Z.T Moreno, Budapest)
1993  – currently:   International Pető Institute, Budapest. College Professor of Psychology and Chief Counselor , teaching psychology(1993-), Professor(1995-), chief of Department of Education (1995-1999),   scientific counselor (2008-), field mental hygenics, psychology, psychotherapy, member of Institute management
1995-curr. Eötvös Loránd University PPK Dept. Counceling, postgraduate teaching of psychologists for individual and group counseling
1999-2001  Semmelweis University of Medicine , Institute of  Clinical Psychology , univ.reader, branch leader/ Psychotherapy
1986-1992  Semmelweis University of Medicine, Institute of  Psychiatry, psychologist, psychotherapist, lecturer, researcher
1986-1990 Hungarian Academy of Sciences,  postgraduate doctoral research fellowship in Psychotherapy
1988   DAAD Fellowship in Germany Univ.of Hamburg, at the branch of Psychology and at the Psychiatric Clinic

For the full CV, see Gábor Pintèr, founding member of FEPTO.

Member in the coordination group of ISCOPE/ESCOPE 1993-1994, member of the council 1996-1998 and Membership Committee chair 2000-2002.



Psychodrama/psychotherapist UKCP reg.

Celia has 30 years experience of work in the mental health field and was a founder member of the Cheadle Royal Psychotherapy and Counselling Service. In 1996 she was instrumental in establishing the Hampden House Psychotherapy Service in South Manchester where she practiced until May 1998 before returning to set up practice in her native Scotland. May 2007 she retired from the Northern School of Psychodrama (NSP) of which she had been a founder member. She has been Chairperson of the British Psychodrama Association and continues her involvement with the accreditation process of psychodrama training in Britain. She served as external examiner to the Oxford Psychodrama Group and external moderator to the North Staffs Integrative Therapies Diploma course.

Currently she works free lance providing psychodrama therapy both to groups and individuals. She has presented training workshops throughout Europe. She provides psychodrama supervision to teams and individuals. She is A course tutor to The Garnethill Centre.

She was elected Vice President of EAP. She is British Psychodrama Association (BPA) representative at FEPTO.

Secretary and Chair of European Affairs  2008-2015 and secretary 2008-2015. Chair of the Membership Committee 2015-2017.



Wilma Scategni ClujMedical Doctor Psychiatrist,  Psychodramatist. FEPTO Founding Member, past member of the FEPTO council, past editor of the FEPTO Newsletter, Staff Member IAGP, participant to Granada International Academy from 2005. Analytical psychologist. APRAGIP. C.G. Jung Institut Zurigo Didatta CIPA-IAAP. Past responsible of Psychiatric Unit in National Health Service.

She conducted analytical training groups in Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, United Kingdom, Finland, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, and in Italy (where she lives). Editor in Italy of the review “Anamorphosis – Gruppi, Psicologia Analitica, Psicodramma e Intercultura”.

Her more important published books: Psychodrama, Group Processes and Dreams (Brunner Rouledge, translated in 4 languages); L’eredità di Saharazade, Abbecedario per Psicoterapeuti in formazione. Il Mistero di Eranos tra passato e presente – Civiltà e spiritualità tra Oriente e occidente

Newsletter Committee chair 2004-2008


Nikolaos TAKIS, PhD

NikosHas studied psychology in the National University of Athens. He received a scholarship from the Greek state for his post-graduate studies in Clinical psychology. In his doctorate dissertation he studied the adaptation and resilience of immigrant adolescents in Greece.
He has many publications and presentations in congresses focusing mainly in drug treatment, adjustment of immigrants in Greece, group therapy and psychodrama. He runs in placement since 2000 in the detoxification unit for adolescent drug users in Athenian Psychiatric Hospital.

He is a full-time professor of Clinical Psychology in the American College of Greece (DEREE). He completed his training in Psychodrama in 2005, in the context of the Greek Psychodrama Society. He was further trained by “Psychodrama Forum Berlin” (directed by G. Stiegler).
He is certified as a trainer since 2010. He works in private practice since 2000 and runs psychodrama self-awareness and psychotherapeutic groups since 2003.

He founded the institute of Psychodrama “ENDOHORA” (means inner world), and runs training groups since 2010. He is also trained in psychoanalysis of groups and he is a candidate psychoanalyst in the Greek Psychoanalytic Society. “Endohora” is a member of FEPTO since 2013.

Annual Meeting Committee chair 2015-2017, President 2017-20121.

Eduardo VERDU

Eduardo Verdu

Eduardo Verdú is a director of psychodrama, T.E.P. by the Nordic and Baltic Board of Examiners, and a family therapist. Before his psychodramatic education started he was a trained actor from Copenhagen and Los Angeles. Today he is the director of studies at the Moreno Institute Norway (Former Norsk Psykodrama Institute) and works full time with psychodrama with individuals, couples and groups and in organisations all over Norway. He also conducts workshops in many European countries, teaches psychodrama and supervise on all levels. He started his psychodrama education in 1992 and was mainly trained by Eva Røine and Marc Treadwell.
Eduardo joined FEPTO for the first time in Seville in 1998. He is also a board member of Nordic and Baltic Board, PIfE and the Norwegian Moreno Institute. Former chair of the membership Committee.

Eduardo was born in Spain in 1968 by a Norwegian mother and Spanish father. He moved to Norway in 1974.

Memebrship Committe chair 2011-2013, Annual Meeting Committee chair 2013-2015, Co-president 2013-2015


Michael WIESER

Dr. phil., Assistant professor, study program director; psychologist, psychodrama psychotherapist.
Coordinator of psychodrama research in Austrian Association of Group-therapy and Group-dynamics and in IAGP; Council member, chair of Research Committee and co-chair of European Affairs Committee in Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations (2004-2008); project member of a Moreno museum near Vienna.

Member of editorial board: Psychotherapie Forum, Springer Publisher.

Office: Alpen-Adria Universitaet Klagenfurt, Department of Psychology, Universitaetsstr. 65, 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria/Europe.

Research Committee chair 2004-2008









FEPTO Conference

17th FEPTO Conference:
From External Violence to Internal Shadow: When Psychodrama Helps To
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5th to 7th of May, 2023
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29th FEPTO AM:
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30 years of FEPTO and beyond

7th to 11th of May, 2023
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