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17th FEPTO Conference
Liège, Belgium, 5th – 7th of May, 2023
From External Violence to Internal Shadow:
When Psychodrama Helps To Confront Reality


Liège s a major city in Wallonia, the southern, Frenchspeaking part of Belgium. The municipality of Liège has a total population of about 200,000 and its metropolitan area includes 750,000 inhabitants. The city is situated in the valley of the Meuse, in the east of Belgium, not far from borders with the Netherlands and Germany.

Liège is the principal economic and cultural center of the region. The city is part of the sillon industriel, the former industrial backbone of Wallonia where the iron and steel industry where extensively developed. Liège has also been an important center for gunsmithing since the Middle Ages. The economy of the region is now diversified and includes mechanical industries, space technology, information technology, biotechnology and the production of water, beer and chocolate. The city is a major educational hub in Belgium. The University of Liège, founded in 1817, has 20,000 students.

The city of Liège has without a doubt the most southerly temperament in Belgium. The Liègeois are welcoming, warm, and like to party through the night. Is it not said that Liège is a city of passion?

Liège, the passionate city, is naturally welcoming, and full of joie de vivre. The beer is cheap, and the eating scene is authentically local. It delights lovers of good food with its celebrated Liège waffles with flavors of cinnamon, caramel and vanilla, or its meatballs with Liègeoise rabbit sauce accompanied by homemade fries. Pèkèt, originally a white alcohol made of juniper, is available today in a variety of flavors.

Georges Simenon, the celebrated and prolific author who published nearly 500 novels and is best known as the creator of the fictional detective Jules Maigret was born in Liège. In spring, the city hosts the start and finish of the annual LiègeBastogneLiège cycling race, the oldest of the five monuments of cycling.

Liège never ceases to modernize and evolve. Guillemins railway station, designed by the Spanish
architect Santiago Calatrava, stands out with its dramatic, aerial structure, as Liège, more than ever, opens its doors to visitors who come out of curiosity and return for the warm welcome and personality of the place.

Liège is like a living architectural onion with layer upon layer of history lying just beneath the surface.
The tradition and charm of the past can be found in the Place du Marché, at the foot of the steps, a symbol of the freedom of the city. Dead ends, alleys and old buildings crisscross the main streets and neighborhoods. Wonderful religious buildings are part of the scene, such as the fabulous
Cathedral of
SaintPaul of Liège
, the Collegiate Church of SaintDenis, the Saint Jacques Church, the baptismal fonts of the Collegiate Church of SaintBartholomew, the Palace of the PrincesBishops which overlooks the Place SaintLambert, the popular district of Rue Pierreuse, the Bueren staircases and the verdant hillsides.

In the fiery city, all is passion and enthusiasm.



The conference will be held at: Youth Hostel, Rue Georges Simenon 2, 4020 Liege, Belgium.

The Liège Youth Hostel, a 10-minute walk from the city center, is in tune with Liège’s party mentality and ecotourism fans.



Registration fee does include all meals, and lectures, workshops, home groups, poster session and large groups (the program), refreshments on breaks, music evening program on Friday and party Saturday evening. For accompanying persons it includes all meals, dinner and party Saturday, and coffee and tea on breaks during the conference. Registration fee does not include accommodation!

Early bird fees, until March the 13th, 2023: 120€, accompanying person 95€
Late bird fees, until April, the 10th, 2023: 130€, accompanying person 100€
Very late bird fees, after April, the 10rd, 2023: 150€, accompanying person 120€

Youth Hostel:
Room for 3 or 4 people 58€ per person  for 2 nights
Room for 2 people 70€ per person for 2 nights

Warning: to book at the Youth Hostel fill in the online registration. The first registered will be the first served. Please add at the registration fee the price for the chosen accommodation. For Youth Hostel the LOC will do it for you.

Hotel Ibis:
Room for 2 people for 2 nights 146.80€ for each person
Room for 1 person for 2 nights 166.80€

Warning: to book an Ibis room, please make your choice for the room, mentioned in the online registration; we will send you the registration form for the Ibis Hotel, and you will have to do it by yourself.  fepto.liege2023@gmail.com

The number of rooms in the Youth Hostel and the Ibis Hotel at the indicated price is limited. We are looking for alternatives in other hotels. You can also find your own accommodation.


Our catering team aims to offer you quality meals, varied and balanced, in favouring products from organic farming and/or local producers. To allow all the members of your group to eat in a friendly atmosphere, we will be attentive to the information  on specific diets (allergies, nutritional constraints, etc.)

Please complete the naming tables and put an x on the foods to avoid.


From Brussels-Zaventem Airport > Train to Liège-Guillemins with a change in Leuven, every hour > Arrived in Liège for the Georges Simenon Youth Hostel, take bus no. 4, stop at Place du Congrès station,

For the Ibis Hotel located at Place de la République Française 41, take bus no. 1 or 48, stop at Opéra station >  3 minutes walk from the hotel.

From Brussels South-Charleroi Airport, fastest is the bus, duration 1 hour 40 minutes >  arrival Guillemins station.



If you want to stay longer in Belgium, we recommend visiting the city of
Brussels:  https://www.bruxelles.be
Ghent:  https://www.gent.be
Bruges:  https://visitbruges.be

Visa: you do not need one for countries in the Schengen area. For others, inquire and if you need an invitation, and let us know. Currency: Euro €


LOC coordinator: Nadine and Chantal Nève Hanquet
Tel: +477 85 01 03

Secretary of the Annual Meeting: Nadine Hanquet
Tel : +475 81 24 05
Email: fepto.liege2023@gmail.com





FEPTO Conference

17th FEPTO Conference:
From External Violence to Internal Shadow: When Psychodrama Helps To
Confront Reality

5th to 7th of May, 2023
Liege, Belgium

» Invitation

» Provisionally program

» Call for workshop facilitators

» Online registration


Annual Meeting

29th FEPTO AM:
Spontaneity and Creativity in the Transforming World
30 years of FEPTO and beyond

7th to 11th of May, 2023
Liege, Belgium

» Invitation

» Provisionally program

» Online registration



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