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Advances in Online Therapy. Emergence of a New Paradigm

Edited by Haim Weinberg, Arnon Rolnick, Adam Leighton

This book addresses most of the main approaches and schools of individual, couple and family psychotherapy that are prevalent in the therapeutic field nowadays and explores how each of them adjust to online therapy. The reader will explore the main challenges and obstacles unique for each approach and how leading experts of those approaches overcome these challenges. The book also offers a relatively unique collection of the most practiced therapeutic approaches. In addition, the reader will explore specific issues that anyone who meets clients online should be aware of, like who is suitable for online counseling and who should be excluded, how to overcome resistance to online meetings, how to create online therapeutic alliance, enhancing online presence, and more. This book develops further the ideas and areas explored in the authors’ previous book, Theory and Practice of Online Therapy.

The First Book On Group Psychotherapy

by Jacob Levy Moreno

J.L. Moreno’s first book on group psychotherapy, is sadly also the last in the series of his newly re-published titles, a project undertaken by the North-West Psychodrama Association in 2010. With the support and encouragement of Zerka T.Moreno, over the past twelve years we have published just as many of Moreno’s seminal works. These span from his early writings about impromptu and spontaneous theatre, through his philosophical and sociometric ideas, his more clinically focused psychodrama psychotherapy concepts jointly formalized with Zerka, to some more biographical titles.

Possibilities and limitations of Psychodrama Online

Manfred Jannicke, Gerda Mävers, Johanna Olberding

In the midst of and out of the pandemic situation in 2020, the psychodramatic world experienced an enormous expansion: all over the world, psychodramatists began to experiment with their method in the virtual space of the internet – with the help of video platforms that enable interpersonal interaction in real time despite lock downs, isolation and distance.
This initiated discussions about the limits and possibilities of psychodramatic online work, ranging from euphoric reactions to the expansion of the spectrum of possibilities to the question of what can still be called psychodrama at all.
In this anthology, practical experiences, methods, insights and tensions regarding online psychodrama are presented and discussed.

Sustainable Hedonism. A Thriving Life that Does Not Cost the Earth

by Orsolya Lelkes

This book calls to explore our collective and personal convictions about success and good life. It challenges the mainstream worldview, rooted in economics, that equates happiness with pleasure, and encourages greed, materialism, egoism and disconnection. Drawing on science and ancient Greek philosophers the author details how we can cultivate our skills for enjoying life without harming ourselves or others, and can live an autonomous, creative and connected life. Complementary to our intellectual understanding, the experiential method of role play and theatre can powerfully facilitate the exploration of the inner drivers and hindrances of a thriving life.

Social Work, Sociometry and Psychodrama

by Scott  Giacomucci

This open access book outlines the intersections between social work and the methods of sociometry and psychodrama. Different sections offer essential practice wisdom for both trauma-focused and trauma-informed experiential work for individuals, groups, organizations, and communities. This text enriches the understanding of various action-based approaches and highlights how to enliven social work practice. The chapters include clinical vignettes and examples of structured sociometric prompts with diverse populations, topics, and social work settings to enhance the understanding of group practice, individual practice, and community practice. It provides social workers and other professionals with dynamic tools to improve assessment, intervention, activism, and leadership.


Words of A Daughter: A Memoir

by Regina Moreno

Regina Moreno provides a deep insight into the inner workings of the life and family of renowned psychiatrist J.L. Moreno. Her memoir covers the interpersonal dynamics of the family life of this renowned psychiatrist, Moreno’s second wife Florence, who is Regina’s mother, and Zerka Moreno who later married her father and became Regina’s stepmother. This insight into the personal life of the Moreno family is profound and important in understanding the full story of the founder of psychodrama (Edward Schreiber, TEP)


Trauma in the Creative and Embodied Therapies

Edited by Anna Chesner and sissy lykou

The book pays attention to different kinds of trauma, environmental, sociopolitical, early relational, abuse in its many forms, and the trauma of illness, with contributions from international experts, drawn from the fields of the arts therapies, the embodied psychotherapies, as well as nature-based therapy and Playback Theatre. The book is divided into three sections: the first section takes into consideration the wider sociopolitical perspective of trauma and the power of community engagement. In the second section, there are numerous clinical approaches to working with trauma, whether with individuals or groups, highlighting the importance of creative and embodied approaches. In the third section, the focus shifts from client work to the impact of trauma on the practitioner, team, and supervisor, and the importance of creative self-care and reflection in managing this challenging field.


Theory and Practice of Online Therapy

by Haim Weinberg, Arnon Rolnick

This innovative new resource outlines the process of conducting individual, family and group therapy online with the use of video conferencing tools, and explores the unique concerns associated with this increasingly popular and convenient approach to treatment.
Offering mental health practitioners a definitive presentation on how to use online tools to facilitate psychological intervention, it will also enable readers to learn about the processes of virtual individual, couple, family and group therapy, specific concerns related to online group dynamics, as well as the responsibilities of the therapist and group leader in online sessions.

J. L. Moreno and The Psychodramatic Method

by John Nolte
The book covers the work of the psychodrama pioneer in the field of mental health and discourse on his techniques. Methods of handling situations and scenarios that frequently arise in psychodrama sessions are described and amply illustrated with examples from actual psychodramas. The existential philosophy upon which psychodrama is founded, Moreno’s Doctrine of Spontaneity-Creativity, and the theories important to understanding psychodrama are all discussed. The final chapter is devoted to the life and work of J. L. Moreno.

Facilitating Collective Intelligence

Chantal Nève-Hanquet and Agathe Crespel

Facilitating Collective Intelligence brings together a wealth of knowledge and techniques from psychodrama, Jungian and systemic analysis to inform group facilitation. Throughout the book’s four parts, key inner attitudes, questions and action techniques are explored to help facilitators nourish open and flexible forms of communication within groups, stimulate collective intelligence and foster creative approaches to collective problem-solving. With the help of numerous sensitively related case studies, the book guides the reader through the process of achieving more dynamism in group work, fostering creativity, encouraging agility and developing co-construction within groups.

FEPTO Conference

17th FEPTO Conference:
From External Violence to Internal Shadow: When Psychodrama Helps To
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5th to 7th of May, 2023
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Annual Meeting

29th FEPTO AM:
Spontaneity and Creativity in the Transforming World
30 years of FEPTO and beyond

7th to 11th of May, 2023
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