FEPTO 25th Anniversary Pravetz lecture, by Monica Zuretti

FEPTO 25th Anniversary lecture There are different definitions of Philosophy : 1) It is the study of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life; 2) The most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group; 3) The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered […]

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A J.L. Moreno Chronology, by Eberhard Scheiffele

  From Vienna to New York – The history and philosophy of Jacob Moreno’s Theatre of Spontaneity and Psychodrama: J. L. MORENO CHRONOLOGY 355 B.C. Aristotle writes Poetics with his comments on catharsis. 1777 Goethe publishes Singspiel Lila, a play about curing psychosis with dramatic methods. 1889 Birth of Jacob Levy Moreno in Bucharest, Romania, […]

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Peace To Pierre Weil by Anne Ancelin Schützenberger

Peace to the Psychodramatist French – Brazilien Pierre Weil The psychodramatist Pierre Weil (April 1924 – 10 October 2008) just passed away. Born in Colmar, France, he did the highschool in Strasbourg, France and did his PhD in Psychology in Paris. Work psychologist, he was interested in many things, and also he learned Psychodrama in […]

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Moreno cet inconu, by Anne Ancelin Schützenberger

Moreno est paradoxal et souvent excessif. C’est un homme-orchestre capable d’idées géniales, un homme à la personnalité bouillonnante et à multiples facettes, souvent contradictoires. Malgré sa célébrité, et surtout la notoriété du psychodrame, devenu nom commun, on aurait pu tout aussi bien écrire « Moreno, cet inconnu », «Moreno, ce méconnu», ou « Moreno, ce […]

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Morenian Approaches, by Adam Blatner

Morenian Approaches: Recognizing Psychodrama’s Many Facets Adam Blatner Abstract Psychodrama is only one of many approaches developed by J. L. Moreno in his lifetime. Rather than being thought of as a single method, his work would be best served if recognized and utilized as potentially separate components. Although the effectiveness of these individual components might […]

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Presentation for the Bulgarian Assoc. of Psychotherapy, by Göran Högberg

Dear Bulgarian Psychotherapists The event of this gathering signals hope for suggering psychiatric patients. The hope of united efforts to find helpful methods in spirit of co-operation and ecumenical attitude. This is my first point. In the last century psychotherapy was a field of sectarian struggles between clan like schools of therapy Freudians, Adlerians, Jungians, […]

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Psychodrama bibliography

Psychodrama biblography, compiled by James M. Sacks, Jeanine Gendron and Marie-Therese Bilaniuk

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Psychodrama with the “Children’s Psychodrama-Puppets Kit” A Phenomenological-Dialectic View, by Leni Verhofstadt-Denève (Phd) & Moira Verhofstadt

After our experience with the psychodramatic action-sociogram in young adults, which is based on a semi-directive protocol, we endeavoured to adapt the protocol to young children. We found that a more concrete and playful method was needed to practise psychodrama with children. That is why the Children’s Psychodrama-Puppets Kit was constructed. The main idea inspiring […]

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Research Committee

Research Committee meeting:
New horizons through changing perspectives

15th to 18th of October, 2020
Torino, Italy

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