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28th FEPTO Annual Meeting
Ohrid, North Macedonia, 24th – 28th of May 2020
Mind The Body Exploring the Soma through Psychodrama



Dear FEPTO Annual Meeting and Conference participants,

The registration for the Conference and the Annual Meeting are extremely high. We thank you for your interest in these meetings!

In each country drastic measures have just been taken to inhibit the outbreak of the corona-virus. We will see the efficacy of these measures in two to three weeks.

Many of you have already booked your plane ticket for Skopje.

We know that the virus COVID-19 has raised various reactions among populations. FEPTO is not absent from this questioning and discussion. Creative solutions have to be discovered to quickly eradicate this virus.

For the Annual Meeting and the Conference, as the hotel does not ask us for cancellation fees, we propose to review the situation in the first two weeks of April. New registration for the FEPTO events are cancelled. Thank you for your understanding.

With all our sympathy, solidarity and support

On behalf of the FEPTO Council,
Chantal, Judith and Nikos
Executive Committee

16th of March, 2020



Important notice before registering: Only representatives delegated by the FEPTO training and accrediting organizations and accredited guests by the LOC can participate in FEPTO’s Annual Meetings.

Accommodation is not included in the registration – please, reserve and pay yourself your accommodation! There is information about accommodation in General Information.

Registration steps

  1. Fill out the online registration form found at the bottom of the registration page. Straight after submitting, you will receive a copy of the registration information in your email.
  2. In 2-3 weeks you will receive a mail from the LOC with an invoice of your registration fee with all the needed information for payments to be made by bank transfers (including e.g. amount in EUR, due date, reference and bank information). Please, use only that information for payments! All payments must be made in EUR.
  3. Your registration will be valid only after the LOC has received your payment.
Important information
You are welcome to have your children along with you at Annual Meeting in Ohrid. We have young pychodramatists / psychologists that can organize gatherings with your children, while you are attending the workshop or exploring Ohrid. If you are interested to have this service, please register not later than the 29th February 2020 and specify:
1. The age of your child;
2. Whether your partner is coming with you and your child?
3. Are there any special requirements that we need to know about your child?
Please write to


Early bird-fees until February 29th, 2020:

  • 170 EUR for representatives of FEPTO members, founding members, former council members and guests
  • 120 EUR for accompanying persons

Late bird-fees until April 15th, 2020

  • 220 EUR for representatives of FEPTO members, founding members, former council members and guests
  • 170 EUR for accompanying persons
  • After April 15th, 2020, fees will be 250 EUR for representatives of FEPTO members, founding members, former council members, guests and for accompanying persons.

The registration fee includes the AM program with refreshments on breaks, music evening program on Mondays and Tuesdays. The excursion in Ohrid includes: guides, boat ride, cocktail snack and drinks (wine, beer, juices), dinner at st. Naum with drinks (Delicious wine, beer, brandy and a large selection of soft drinks). For accompanying persons registration fee includes coffees, social events and the excursion in Ohrid and Sv. Naum.

You can cancel your registration without costs until February 29th, 2020. After that until April 15th, the cancellation fee is 50% of the registration fee. After April 15th, 2020, the cancellation fee is 100% of the registration fee. You can change the name of participant without costs. Please, send any cancellations or changes to:


Online registration is for the moment cancelled. We will come back ASAP with new information.
To access > registration form

Registration fee doesn’t include accommodation, which is to be organised by participants themselves. There is more information about accommodation in General Information.


This invitation is addressed to the FEPTO organizational members (institutes and associations) from Bulgaria, Croatia*, Estonia*,  Greece*, Hungary, Latvia*, Lithuania*, Poland, Portugal*, Republic North Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Serbia ant Turkey. The scholarship for the Annual Meeting covers 2/3 of the participation fee for all above countries with the exception of *, when a 1/2 scholarships covers 1/3 of the participation fee based on early bird registration.

The application for a scholarship is submitted, through the online registration form the Annual Meeting. Scholarships are granted  on a”first come, first served basis”.

Please note that since it will not be known in advance how many scholarships will be granted (as this depends on the number of the participants), the whole amount of the registration fee needs to be payed. The amount that corresponds to the scholarship will be refunded during the Conference, by the Local Organizational Committee.

Download > Scholarship granting guidelines

The number of scholarships is limited.

The responsibility for granting the scholarships lies with the Chair of the Development and Network Committee and the FEPTO Council. It is a simple procedure, based on the following rule: first come, first served.

Deadline to apply: the 29th of February 2020



For all questions about the arrangement or accommodation, please contact the Local Organizing Committee (LOC):

LOC coordinator: Mirjana Jovanovska Stojanovska
Tel: +389 70 233 453

Secretary of the conference: Margarita Nikolovska







Research Committee

Research Committee meeting:
New horizons through changing perspectives

5th to 8th of March, 2020
Bilgi University
Istanbul, Turkey

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