Annual meetings


1. Annual meeting regulation

1. It is a FEPTO member organisation (or a temporary organizing committee of member organizations) that invites. It is not a person who invites. But what we call the “local” organization delegates some persons, forming a local committee.

2. When the local organization invites FEPTO, they take the responsibility (work, manpower, finances) to invite inside an in FEPTO usual maximum for hotel costs and registration fee and to offer the needed facilities.

3. The local organization and FEPTO organize or better co-create the meeting together, but there are differences in responsibility, the local organization being mostly the host for the event during one week (but prepared during more than one year) and FEPTO being mostly in charge of the professional, scientific and associational aspects of the meeting and the continuity.

4. As host, the local organization has the responsibility but asks the approval from FEPTO for:
– Conference center with the needed conference rooms with the needed material for presentation and an office with possibility of telephone, photocopy, PC for redaction and printing, e-mail…
– Hotel, B&B, Catering Coffee or tea, biscuits, fruit juice.
– Social programme, excursion, special dinner with local atmosphere, meeting of local psychodrama societies. Also a social programme for accompanying persons. Tours before or after the meeting.
– A documentation file for each participant with the agenda of the meeting, list of participants with their addresses, documentation about the country, the place and neighbourhood, psychodrama in the country, the more scientific and organizational documents given by FEPTO, tickets for meals, invitation for a reception. Also some paper and a ball-point.

5. The local organizing committee is (since 2009) also in charge of the programme and the organisation of the professional, scientific and associational meetings, which is to be discussed with FEPTO (especially the AM-chair and -committee). The FEPTO-Council is in charge of the GA and the voting with the help of the local organizing committee.
Guest persons at the meetings are invited by FEPTO. Scholarships are decided by FEPTO and given from the 10% of the present registration fees and from the profit of previous meetings.

6. The necessary announcements are made by the host organization, but FEPTO gives advice and reviews before printing. In the first announcement the local organization has to tell about the country, the place (photo), environment, travel possibilities (train, taxi,.. from airport ) to reach the place, conference and hotel facilities and about costs, inscription forms, modes of payment, visas, … to attract, tempt people to come to a foreign place
FEPTO tells about the programme, the theme of the meeting, the goals, also to attract participants.
The cost of the announcements has to be in the conference budget. Announcements in FEPTO News are paid by FEPTO

7. Finance. They are mostly about the host function, so the local organizing committee is responsible to make the budget and the accounts. FEPTO has to introduce his planned costs (photocopies) and 10% for scholarships in the registration budget. The profit goes for more scholarships the next year.


2. Registration procedure for the Annual Meeting of FEPTO

Due to the limited numbers of participants and in respect of FEPTO Annual Meeting spirit and goals the Council decided that:

• Each training institute can send 3 representatives.
• Each accrediting institute can send 2 representatives.
• The local organizers can send two more participants.
• The institutes/organizations decide who will be their representative for the FEPTO Annual Meeting. To ensure a continuity of work and exchange it is advisable to have the same representatives for some years.
• Psychodramatists who want to register for the FEPTO meeting, even if they have been participant in previous meetings, have to be delegated by their institute/organization as representative or as delegate.
• The local organizers take it for granted that someone who registers is authorized by the psychodrama training institute or accrediting organization she/he belongs to.
• The local organizers accept only the first three people of a training institute or the first two of an accrediting institute. In case they receive more registrations than allowed by the regulations, they notify the institute in order to get a decision.
The local organizers inform the FEPTO members of this procedure and announce that the participants should be trainers or practitioners. This procedure was published in the FEPTO Newsletter 9.2.
Students, practitioners and trainers are welcome to register for the FEPTO Post- or Pre-Meeting-Conference.

Representative: is an individual who represents the member organisation.
Accompanying people: refers only to representatives and not to guests. Only representatives can come with an accompanying person.

• A guest is a participant of the FEPTO Annual Meeting who is invited by the Council to represent an institute that is not yet a member of FEPTO or for another special purpose (e.g. lecture).
• Members of the past and present Councils are permanent guests of the AM and need no invitations.
• Representatives of candidate members or interested psychodrama training or accrediting organizations can be invited by the council. According to the guidelines they need a member of FEPTO being their “godfather” who introduces them as guests at the annual meeting.
• The local organizers have to check the invitation of a guest with the registration.
• The council has to give a copy of each invitation or a list of invited guests to the LOC (Local Organizing Committee).
• And a guest has to send a copy of the invitation with the registration.

So if the LOC receives a registration of someone who is neither a representative nor a founding member and has no invitation they have to refer the guest to the council/AM chair for clarification.


3. Scholarship granting guidelines

As you know, each year FEPTO provides scholarships for the Annual Meeting (AM) and for the FEPTO Conference (FC). Some people may wonder what the procedure is. We have kept it simple and are presenting it here.

Who can apply?
All institutes (members of FEPTO) from countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia*, Estonia*, North Macedonia, Greece*, Hungary, Latvia*, Lithuania*, Poland, Portugal*, Romania, Russia, Serbia ant Turkey may apply (i.e. scholarships are only granted to institutes ,not to  individuals, nor  founding members.)
Since only one scholarship is granted per institute, if a second representative from the same institute is also interested, both applicants will need to discuss the matter and reach an agreement together.

For the FEPTO Conference, one scholarship per person
is available
For participants coming from countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia*, Estonia*, North Macedonia, Greece*, Hungary, Latvia*, Lithuania*, Poland, Portugal*, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Turkey. Regardless of which FEPTO institute they are coming from, or how many people are coming from the same institute.

How much is a scholarship?
FEPTO policy is to offer scholarships, based on the early bird fees, not exceeding 10% of the total amount of participants (fees) registered. This is based on the FEPTO Treasurer report or the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). 10% of the registration fee for both events (FEPTO Conference and Annual Meeting) will be delegated to scholarships.
If the applicant does not register within the early bird deadline, FEPTO still provides the scholarship based on the early bird fee; but what remains from the regular fee must be paid by the participant.
A full scholarship represents 2/3 of the early bird registration fee. This amount is covered by FEPTO. The applicant needs to pay the remaining third.
 Institute representatives (for the AM) and participants (for FC) coming from countries identified with an*, get half a scholarship, which means that 1/3 of the early bird registration fee is paid by FEPTO and 2/3 by the applicant

How to apply?
The responsibility for granting the scholarships lies with the FEPTO Council. It is a simple procedure, based on the following rule: first come, first served.

  1. The applicant – whether (s)he is representing an institute (for AM) or coming as an individual (for FC) has to check the corresponding box on the online registration form.
  2. The applicant has to pay the total amount of the registration fee, as the final capacity for scholarship granting is not known before the end of the registration process and depends on the final number of participants.
  3. The amount which corresponds to scholarships is refunded to the beneficiaries during the Conference or Annual Meeting.

The responsibility for granting the scholarships lies with the Chair of the Development and Network Committee and the FEPTO Council. It is a simple procedure, based on the following rule: first come, first served.

We hope this clarifies the scholarship granting process to each and every one of you. If you have any question or need further clarification do not hesitate to contact the Local Organizing Committee.
Looking forward to meeting you in one of the FEPTO activities!

Written By Fred Dorn (Chair of Development and Network Committee, January 2017)
Updated by Nikos Takis (President of FEPTO, January 2020)

Download > Scholarship granting guidelines


4. Some experiences on preparing an Annual FEPTO meeting

Prepared by Jutta Fuerst, former chair of the Annual Meeting Committee (Vienna, 2005)

Time before
  Tasks of the local organizers
  Make sure that there are 5-6 persons in your organisation who are motivated and will have time to build an organisational team.
There should be
• One coordinator who is good in that.
• One should be the contact person for questions of the FEPTO members ( it is good to have someone who knows the rules and the people)
• One should take care of the excursion programme
• One should be available at the conference as contact person and trouble shooter
 3 years
Written invitation of the host institute or organization accepting the contract between local organizers and FEPTO before the annual meeting
  3 – 2,5 Find out if there are special times when you can get financial support by local authorities (EU, tourist organisations, ministry of health or science) and take religious holidays into consideration and other big conferences if they are known at this moment before you fix a date
  2,5 – 2 One who knows FEPTO meetings should make the negotiations with the hotels
1. ask for official prices at a hotel
2. ask for reduction for early booking
3. ask for reduction for groups
4. Include all you need ( rooms, breakfast, meals, coffees, beverages)
5. make a proposal (hotels have normally a wide range regarding prices for groups)
Some calculations are difficult to compare: e.g. if they offer a price per person (including seminar rooms, coffee and meals) or a price for renting the rooms only and additional price for meals and coffee. Normally the second one is cheaper
  By choosing a meeting place take into consideration the distances and transportation possibilities from airport and train
  Ask companies (bank, assurances etc) if they are willing to contribute to the meeting by giving folders, writing material etc. Then you need not to budget it.
Plan the excursions as soon as possible. You need the prices for transport and meal for the budget
 2 years Presenting the possible places ,dates and preliminary budget to the board at the November meeting
Title should be chosen there
  Reservation at the chosen hotel or seminar place.
• To reserve 30 rooms is not enough. There are always about 10-15 people who like to have a single room (it depends on the prices). So you need 40 double rooms if some of them can be used as single.
• Think about handicapped people.
• Make sure that they have all facilities (beamer, microphone, if needed, internet contact, overhead, flipcharts, etc)
  1 year Presentation of the final date and place at the GA
  Put the regular agenda points first into the programme
• Registration and Welcome
• Opening of the meeting
• Excursion
• General assembly
• Social evening
• FEPTO theatre
• Evaluation and closure
Discuss the programme with the board members
  If possible try to establish a computer supported registration, a transfer to the hotel, an automatically transcription into a list and an automatically confirmation.
(We had an extra hotel reservation which brought a terrible mass. Try to avoid this.)
  Excursions and social evening should be organized
  Prepare the 1. announcement including the title, the description of the place, the hotel and registration formalia ( how to pay the registration fee etc)
 6 month Presentation of the programme and final budget to the board
1st announcement (mail, post and homepage)
 5 month Sending invitation letters for people who need visa or special invitations for their employers
  Check at the hotel the procedure with counting the meals, beverages etc. (e.g.: maybe you need a bon for a meal)
 3 month 2nd announcement (mail, post, newsletter and homepage) with the final programme and traffic information about reaching the meeting place.
 2 month Sending a preliminary list of registered participants to the board
 1 month Preparing the folders including copy of the programme, list of participants, accountancy, budget, GA agenda, list of everything that will be voted on, confirmation of participation, abstracts of lectures
 1 week Organizing the registration procedure
Checking the organized procedure (hotel, bus and restaurant for excursion, social evening etc)
Time after
 Tasks of the local organizers
 1 month Sending the final address list to the participants if it was not possible to do it during the conference
2 month Presenting the accountancy with receipts and invoices to the FEPTO treasurer

FEPTO Conference

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Annual Meeting

29th FEPTO AM:
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30 years of FEPTO and beyond

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Liege, Belgium

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