The Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations (FEPTO) gathers organisations from 27 European and Mediterranean countries and wishes to support the development of psychodrama training, by promoting scientific and social exchanges between trainers and training institutes, establishing Minimal Training Standards (MTS), giving ethical guidelines and promoting research.


FEPTO is gathering psychodrama training institutes and accrediting organisation in Europe and the Mediterranean area. It has an educational and scientific aim.
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In the seventies and eighties a variety of organisations evolved offering international seminars for psychodrama, from the Louvain (Leuven) Seminar 1972 to the Cattolica meeting 1987 and Moreno Memorials in 1989 at Baden Austria with an opening for Eastern European countries. More: History

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Research Committee

Research Committee next meeting:
Connections in Disconnectedness

4th to 7th of March, 2021
Budapest, Hungary

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FEPTO Conference

15th FEPTO Conference:
Encounters in the Online Surplus Reality

14th of May, 2021

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Annual Meeting

28th FEPTO AM:
Mind The Body Exploring the Soma Through Psychodrama

May, 2022
Ohrid, North Macedonia

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FEPTO is a member of European Association for Psychotherapy as an EWAO (European Wide Accrediting Organization).

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FEPTO News 20.3 / December 2020

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From the Council Editorial: We hope that all of you are safe… 15th FEPTO Conference and 28th Annual Meeting invitation Committee reports Training Committee Ethics Committee Communication Committee A letter from the Development and Network Committee chair Annual Meeting Committee and Membership Committee Research Committee Secretary report and Treasurer announcement Student Award 2021 What remained […]

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Words of A Daughter: A Memoir

by Regina Moreno

Regina Moreno provides a deep insight into the inner workings of the life and family of renowned psychiatrist J.L. Moreno. Her memoir covers the interpersonal dynamics of the family life of this renowned psychiatrist, Moreno’s second wife Florence, who is Regina’s mother, and Zerka Moreno who later married her father and became Regina’s stepmother. This insight into the personal life of the Moreno family is profound and important in understanding the full story of the founder of…