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Current minutes

Posted in: Home > Organization > General Assembly. Minutes, on August 17, 2019

FEPTO XXIV. GENERAL ASSEMBLY Tuesday, 21st of May 2019 Tallinn, Estonia Facilitator: Dana Dragoteanu Opening the General Assembly Nikolaos Takis and Krzysztof Ciepliński (President and Vice-President) Appointment of the secretary Secretary: Ana Cruz Appointment of two members to check the minutes Stefan Flegelskamp & Jacomien Ilbrink volunteer to check the minutes. Establishment of the Quorum […]

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Counseling and Drama / Psychodrama a deux

Posted in: Home > Publications & Projects > Books > English, on February 28, 2019

Marvin G. Knittel Ed. D. This book deals with action methods of counseling when working one-on-one and with families. He explains psychodrama, its origin, and how it fits within the field of counseling. A limited number of publications exclusively devoted to explaining how psychodrama is used with one-on-one counseling were found and are summarized. They […]

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Le psychodrame. L’histoire, la méthode, les techniques

Posted in: Home > Publications & Projects > Books > French, on November 20, 2018

Carolina Becerril Maillafert Fondé par le psychiatre Jacob Levy Moreno, le psychodrame est une méthode de développement personnel qui explore les processus psychiques au moyen de scénarios improvisés, mis en scène et joués en groupe ou en pratique individuelle. Le miroir, le double, la multiplication dramatique… sont autant de techniques proposées par cette démarche, qui […]

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Procedure of application

Posted in: Home , on September 18, 2017

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS TO APPLYING ORGANIZATIONS To become a Member of FEPTO, your Organization must first attend one FEPTO Annual Meeting as a Guest.  FEPTO Minimal Training Standards and Membership Procedures have assigned documents that you have to fill in. More > Application Procedure After you send all the documents that are required by FEPTO your […]

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Finding the courage through psychodrama, by Vassilis Vassiliadis

Posted in: Home > Publications & Projects > Articles > Articles from trainees, on November 18, 2016

  Finding the courage through psychodrama: From Socrates to Moreno, to a Psychodramatic Experiment Group in HAGAP Abstract: The paper examines in which ways psychodrama can help people find and/or reveal the courage they have inside them so as to face the conscious or unconscious emotional difficulties, aiming to move forward in their lives. I […]

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Posted in: Home > Organization > Committees > Development & Network Committee, on January 23, 2016

Members Doganer. Inci (Turkey), inci.doganer@gmail.com Gött, Hilde (Germany), hildegoett@t-online.de Ilic, Zoran (Serbia), zoran.ilic@masterskills.co.rs Kunz , Susanne (Switzerland), sukumeh@sunrise.ch Mesquita, José Luis (Portugal), joseluismesquita@gmail.com Moita, Gabriela (Portugal), gabriela.moita@mail.telepac.pt Naor, Yaacov (Israel), yaacovn@gamil.com Neuretter, Norbert (Austria), n.neuretter@aon.at Schouten, Peter John (Netherlands), peter.john.schouten@gmail.com Stolker, Loes (Netherlands), loesstolker@gamil.com Verdu, Eduardo (Norway), eduardo@psykodrama.no Coordinator Apter, Norbert (Switzerland), norbert.apter@odef.ch Ethical guidelines […]

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Former European and Mediterranean Affairs Committee

Posted in: Home > Ethics & International Affairs Committee, on September 7, 2015

Former committee cease the activity. At the Bonn new elected council first meeting this committee and the the Ethics Committee merge into one, chaired by Judith Teszary. For more information see Ethics & International Affairs Committee.   Important messages from EAP Many colleagues did already sign the Vienna Declaration dated 6th of December 2014 and […]

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Former Development Committee

Posted in: Home > Organization > Committees > Development & Network Committee, on September 7, 2015

At the Bonn first meeting of the new elected Council this Committee and the Network Committee merge into one, chaired by Fred Dorn. For more information see Development & Network Committee   1. Development Committee, European Affairs Committee, and Training Committee meeting in Obidos Present: Inara Erdmanis (Latvia/Sweden), Svetlana Nikolkova (Bulgaria), Mai Antonsen (Norway), Ina […]

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The Philosophy, Theory and Methods of J. L. Moreno

Posted in: Home > Publications & Projects > Books > English, on February 13, 2015

John Nolte This book outlines Moreno’s early years (his religious phase), the philosophy on which the foundation of his methods are based, and a description of the three major methods Moreno originated: psychodrama, sociometry, and group psychotherapy. It provides a more systematic presentation of Moreno’s work and presents his philosophy and theory clearer, understandable manner. […]

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Posted in: Home > Members > Directory > Countries, on December 6, 2013

PSYCHODRAMA IN PORTUGALLuísa Branco Vicente The first Morenian Psychodrama group in Portugal remotes to the early 70’s in Lisbon, directed by Pierre Weil, who was later replaced by Anne Ancelin Schützenberger. Before any chance of formal organization regarding Psychodrama, Portugal had a troubled period of political and social revolution, in 1974 this group ended, and […]

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Research Committee

Research Committee next meeting:
What Kind of Intervention is Psychodrama

3rd to 6th of March, 2022
Torino, Italy

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FEPTO Conference

15th FEPTO Conference:
Encounters in the Online Surplus Reality

14th of May, 2021

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Annual Meeting

28th FEPTO AM:
Mind The Body Exploring the Soma Through Psychodrama

May, 2022
Ohrid, North Macedonia

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