J.L. Moreno: Words of the Father

All creatures are alone. Until the love of creating form a world around them. Psychodrama is a call for becoming the co-creators of the world. The video features a fragment of the 1963 interview. To order the complete interview contact:…

Psicocramma a piu voci: Primo e dopo

Incontro annuale di psicodrammatisti e non a Provaglio di Iseo. Si e’ svolto con 135 participanti. Video realizzato da Tony Zanardo.

Moreno évoqué par Pierre Fontaine

Interview with Pierre Fontaine regarding his encounters with Moreno and psychodrama. With the participation of of l’ABP (Association Belge de Psychodrame).


Entretien avec Anne Ancelin Schützenberger

Interview of Marie-Madelaine Nysses  in February 2014 with the participation of l’ABP (Association Belge de Psychodrame).

Fame and Shame

Looking at the bright and the dark sides of our national identities to find alternatives crossing borders.

It is astonishing how many positive developments we find in Germany after World War II. But off course the horror of the Nazi time and the two world wars still throw a shadow on national identity and German self esteem.

Other member countries of FEPTO have different problems and resistances to cope with the painful and dark sides of their national history. To do this in a constructive and healing way is not easy, but necessary.

The transgenerational view in psychotherapy and historical research demonstrates, how deeply rooted collective experience and trauma are. We are happy to have Luise Reddemann as guest lecturer; she is an experienced and well known trauma therapist. In her lecture she is going to focus on shame conflicts in Germany.

As European colleagues we want to help each other to look at collective resources as well as conflicts in our countries (and in Europe) to understand them better and, if possible, to find good coping strategies. Conflicts are different in each country and have different ways to show, but in general they make us vulnerable.

We have to be careful with each other when we try to find answers to the questions above that might be helpful. What are we proud of, what are we ashamed of, what are we afraid of? What is painful? What is denied or taboo? What should be forgotten or remembered and in which way? How can we evaluate our past in a way that gives orientation for today and basic ideas or values for future development?  What is needed for a positive and open Europe and what can we contribute? Let`s look together

The documentary film Fame and Shame from the FEPTO and DFP e.V. Conference, organized in Bonn, Germany, in May 2015. Produced and directed by Pola Sell.


Video poems: Marcia Karp

Marcia Karp talks about her experience in leading groups using the Psychodrama and about the vision of the founder Jacob Moreno. Enjoy this first IAGP Video Poem (The Video Poems Project Leader Enrico Reo)

Featured Event

Research Committee meeting: Diversity in Psychodrama practice. Challenges for Process and Outcome Research

5th to 8th of October 2017
Tallinn, Estonia

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FEPTO Conference

12th FEPTO Conference:
Compass and Compassion. A conference on morenian ethics and philosophy

16th to 18th of June, 2017
Sigtuna, Sweden

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Annual Meeting

25th FEPTO AM: 
Vision of Psychodrama in the current world: the perspective of inclusion and mutuality

18th to 22nd of June, 2017
Sigtuna, Sweden

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