Morenian Identity, Theory and Methodology

Members: Paola De Leonardis* and Marco Greco**
*Centro Studi di Psicodramma, Milano / Italy
** Studio di Psicodramma, Torino / Italy

Since 2007, within the FEPTO Research Committee, there were questions about the theoretical and methodological fundamentals of the contemporary psychodrama. In the early 2012, during the Research Committee in Porto (Portugal), a subgroup of RC members conceived the idea of finding a way for exchanging and reflecting together on these subjects. The group was composed by Gabriela Moita, Marco Greco, Ivan Fossati, Mari Rautiainen, Reijo Kauppila, Zoran Đurić, Tamara Cavic, Zsuzsa Marlok, Sirkka Varonen, Christian Stadler, Maria Guglielmin, Paola De Leonardis.

It took one year before the idea could become operative. The original group having split apart, its purpose was taken up on 2014 by the authors of this article.

Shortly we remind the aims of our sub-group research:
1) collect information on curricula and basic training models, within the FEPTO Training Institutes, and diffuse the results throughout the FEPTO Training Institutes;
2) invite the FEPTO Training Institutes to find ways to share theoretical and methodological perspectives and problems, included the PD research ones, which identify and strengthen a common Morenian identity.

We conceived two main steps for our research:

First step 2014-2016:
Psychodrama training in the manifold FEPTO world
It consists of a cognitive Survay, involving all FEPTO Training Institutes, on how Psychodrama is trained and on what theoretical and methodological contents is based.
Second step 2016-2018: A Psychodrama Essential Glossary
The task is to develop an Essential Psychodrama Glossary in collaboration with the FEPTO founding members and the chairs of the FEPTO Training Institutes.

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First step of a Survey within the FEPTO Training Institutes / May 5th 2016

As members of the RC subgroup “Morenian identity, theory and methodology”, Paola De Leonardis & Marco Greco present the final results of the first of a two steps survey directed to the FEPTO Training Institutes on the subject:
“How do we teach psychodrama, with which tools, and theoretical and methodological contents?”

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FEPTO Research Committee: Survay by the Subgroup

Following our survey on PD training organization and contents between FEPTO Training Institutes (published on FEPTO News 2017), we are keen to know your expert opinion on some main items concerning contemporary Psychodrama.
This request has been sent to all FEPTO Training Institutes and eminent psychodramatists in Europe. Here below you find some main items divided in 4 SECTIONS:
– Section 1: Specificity of Psychodrama as a psychological or educational approach
– Section 2: Integration of Psychodrama with other psychological or educational theories
– Section 3: The three basic theoretical assumptions of Psychodrama
– Section 4: Scientific research in Psychodrama

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