General Assembly. Minutes

Current minutes

Tuesday, 17th of May 2016, Marathon


  1. Opening the General Assembly – President Hannes Krall and Vice President Milena Mutafchieva
  2. Appointment of the secretary Stefan Flegelskamp and members to check the minutes – Jacomien Ilbrink-De Visser, Maxine Daniels
  3. Establishment of the Marathon Quorum = 52. We can have 102 votes
  4. Appointment of the vote counters – Mirjana Jovanovska Stojanovska, Annick Milet Wagner, Eduardo Verdú, Zoli Figusch
  5. Approval of the agenda of the General Assembly – Approved with one change. Topic 18 is removed
  6. Approval of the Bonn General Assembly Minutes – Approved unanimously
  7. Reports of the Executive Council
    a. President.
    Hannes Krall reported that the work in the Council, after an initial difficult start, was very productive in the past year. The climate in the Council was very warm, cooperative and task oriented. The Council was able to learn from the incident in Bonn and the Council proposes two changes in the procedure.

    1. Change the transition process by means of a formal ritual (Sept. FN, Agnes Dudler)
    2. Change the voting procedure
      • There will be a call for new Council members in the newsletter.
      • Present Council members are to make a job description.
      • Applicants for a position on the Council should indicate their main area of interest, expertise and level of responsibility they can take on.
      • The installment process should be supported by a facilitator. The process of revising the constitution has been started.

    The president expressed his gratitude to all present Council members for their contributions so far. He is very thankful to our Vice-president Milena Mutafchieva for her sharing and her feed- backs regarding current matters. He also expressed his appreciation for the work of our webmaster Horatiu Nil Albini who is taking care for our website and who is helping us with creative ideas and feedback. The main task of the president was to coordinate and support the chairs of the committees and to prepare the Executive and the Council meetings. Priority has been given to the preparation of the FEPTO Annual meeting, the Conference and the Council meeting in Marathon. The AM program and the Agenda for the GA were specified und all information were put on the website and sent to the members on time.
    Comments: Maurizio Gasseau proposes to install a committee for changing the constitution and to reflect whether it would be possible to put the changes in the by-laws.
    Galabina Tarashoeva proposes to change the election procedure by creating a nomination process and to install a committee for changing the constitute.

    b. Vice president
    Milena Mutafchieva reported in her role she was responsible for coordination of the council work during the last year in cooperation with the president. She shared her satisfaction regarding the fruitful and productive cooperation among the Council members, and she emphasized the important role of Hannes Krall in his role as a president in the process of looking for constructive solutions. She participated in the Executive Council meeting in Helsinki and has contributed to accomplishing the goals of the meeting.
    She was involved in preparing the program of the Annual meeting in Marathon and she gave her gratitude to Nikos Takis for his excellent work as a local host and the preparation of the whole information for the website concerning the Conference and AM, 2016 on time.

    c. Treasurer
    Chantal Nève-Hanquet reported the FEPTO – income and the expenses 2015. She explained the specific reasons for the council meetings costs. Treasurer report 2015

    d. Auditor`s report / Approval of the revised accountancy
    The auditors praised the excellent work of the treasurer and recommended the discharge of the council. The result in 2015 was a loss of 4212.-€, which will be covered by the reserve. Hannes Krall remarked that membership fees will not be raised, but that the reserve will be used for extra expenses.

  8. Discharge of the Council: Dana Dragoteanu proposed to discharge the council – Approved unanimously
  9. Report of the chairs of the committees
    1. Training Committee report: Reijo Kauppila
      The aim of the Training Committee was to define and describe FEPTO training standards of trainees, practitioners and psychodrama trainers, and to provide recommendations and examples of training programs in different application fields of psychodrama. The Committee supports trainers’ professional development, and fosters inspiring professional networking of member institutes too.
      The goals of Training Committee for 2015–2016 are:

      1. To define the competencies of psychodrama trainees / practitioners working in therapy or psychotherapy – and to define specific competencies according to EAP.
      2. To define the competencies of psychodrama trainees / practitioners working in other fields of application: education, organization, social work,
      3. To define competencies of psychodrama
      4. To organize a week-end seminar for FEPTO members, possible theme could be: “New Learning Technologies in Psychodrama Training” (Theme will be decided by Training Committee).

      Training Committee has started to work on the 1st and 3rd issues in goals. TC has had one working meeting in Helsinki, March 4th to 6th, 2016 with the theme ”Psychodramatist’s core and specific competencies”. In order to ensure progress, an urgent call is made for participation on this committee.

    2. Membership Committee report: Celia Scanlan
      Celia Scanlan confirmed that we have three applications ready to be voted on at the GA Marathon. Moreover, there are two interested quests present at this meeting: i.e. organizations from Serbia and Russia.
      At current Celia is working on two issues:

      • Find a better way of accessing documentation about applicants
      • Clarifying who is eligible to be a referee for an applicant and devise guidelines for this.

      She asked again for volunteers to work for the Membership Committee. The task is to read the application for membership. This is interesting work and is not onerous, especially if this work is done by more volunteers, since on average we have about 3 applicants each year. This is an excellent way to become involved and gain some understanding of the workings of the Council. Celia thanks Dana Dragoteanu for all her work in scrutinizing the applications this year.
      Comments: Edwardo Verdú states that Council members should be excluded as referees. Peter Hayworth requests clear guidelines on the website.
      A lively discussion ensues revolving on the issue what should be done to ensure that once admitted as a member, members are entitled to keep their membership.
      Celia proposes to, in line with EAP, have members re-applied after 7 years. Norbert Apter and Hannes Krall propose to install a committee for the procedure of reapplication.

    3. Ethics & International Affairs Committee report: Judith Teszáry
      First Judith Teszáry went through the documents of the previous chairs, looked at the decisions and read the latest version of the Complaint procedure. In her opinion this was excellent work, and she recommends the member institutes to take advantage of it to complete  or improve their complaint procedure. Standing procedure is to first refer complaints back to their country of origin. However, FEPTO is federation of training institutes and Judith thinks that it would be appropriate to create guidelines, a code of practice for training institutes. Judith made a net-research to find out if there are such guidelines. She started to create a document of guidelines. She had a meeting with the chair of Ethics Committee of IAGP, Göran Ahlin in Stockholm, to discuss and get advice.
      Judith requests all members to send her their code of practice for their training institutes or accrediting organisations to help establish a common regulation for FEPTO. In Marathon she intends to establish a working group for further collaboration in creating the codes.
      Comments: Jorge Burmeister asks who elects the members of the Advisory Board for ethics complaints.
    4. Annual Meeting Committee report: Nikos Takis
      For this year it has also been decided by the council, at the request of Georgios Chaniotis from the Institute HAGAP, Greece, that apart from the name and the country of origin of each participant, the name of the Institute that he/she represents will also be written in his/her badge. Another innovation is that in the Marathon Annual Meeting there will be more emphasis given to the research projects conducted by the members of the Research Committee. During the last day of the meeting, there will be a presentation by Antonio Gonzalez, Ph.D., Professor at ISPA-IU and member of the Committee, and Dr. Catherina Mela, M.D., Chair of IAGP Research Committee and IAGP Secretary. The contribution of Dr. Mela strengthens the affiliation and the close collaboration between our Federation and IAGP, the association created by Jacob Levy Moreno.
      Furthermore, the Annual Meeting Committee will propose the revision of the guidelines for the organization of the Annual Meeting, in favor of the Local Organizing Committee. More details will be announced in the next report.
      Special thanks are due to the members of the Local Organizing Committee for their devotion and hard work during the last months. Their contribution was of major importance and without it the successful realization of both events would not have been possible.
      Lastly, we also announce that the 26th Annual Meeting will be hosted by Bulgaria, in 2018. The 25th one, as it is already announced will take place next year in Sweden.
    5. Development & Network Committee report: Fred Dorn
      Fred Dorn took the responsibility for the Chairs of Development and Network, now combined into the Chair of Network Groups, from the predecessors Yaacov Naor and Norbert Apter. He wanted to pursue their intentions in creating a structural base for the fulfillment of FEPTO objectives in creating network groups, especially the promotion of interchange between the members of FEPTO. In order to keep the balance between independent work of the network groups and responsibility of the institutes represented in the network groups and their common commitment to the principles and purposes of FEPTO, it shall be the responsibility of the Chair of Network Groups

      • to prepare rules and guidelines,
      • to create structures of exchange between members and subgroups,
      • to develop different forms of internal (intervision) and external (running international projects) cooperation,

      thus to contribute to the promotion of the development of psychodrama on a European level. Network groups are the connecting link between the society all institutional members of
      FEPTO are working and living in and the FEPTO-community. Their main tasks are as formerly stated in a paper written by Yaacov Naor.
      At the AM Fred would like to invite all members of Network Groups present to take part in the Small Group sessions and to be ready to explore their needs, interests and requirements in regard to their relationships to FEPTO community and Council and to each other. He would like to come to an appointment with the representatives (coordinators) of the network groups in order to produce binding guidelines and reliable structures of networking within FEPTO.

    6. Research Committee report: Krzysztof Ciepliński & Johannes Krall
      FEPTO Research Committee is a growing network of psychodrama researchers all over Europe and the Mediterranean countries. Right now we have more than 40 active RC members from 16 different countries. Among us are colleagues differing in age and experience in psychodrama practice, working at different places like universities, hospitals, educational settings, social work and private practices. We cover a broad range of research experiences from professors and lecturers, practitioners in psychodrama investigating their practices of university graduate and post-graduate students.
    7. Communication Committee report: Milena Mutafchieva
      As a chair of the Communication Committee she was responsible for editing the regular issues of FEPTO Newsletter 15.3 and FEPTO Newsletter 16.1, which were published on time with contents covering a wide diversity of topics and events in the European Psychodrama Society. In addition, she coordinated the updates of the website with the inestimable help and collaboration of Horatiu Nil Albini who was responsible for uploading all materials and the improving the website. She was responsible also for updating the information in the FEPTO Facebook page and reported that all information concerning all running activities of the organization were published and reached many users. There was an increase of the total amount of people that were reached by our publications (1018 people reached). In addition, she claimed that it is very important to achieve higher activity on the Facebook page and will look for future improvements.
      She stated that the most important achievement of the last year is the fact that the Council members worked in a good atmosphere and in accordance with the main goals and ideas of FEPTO. Milena calls for input of ways of improving communications.
  1. Budget 2016 - approval
    The budget 2016 – available as Power Point – was presented by Chantal Nève-Hanquet. She emphasized that the FEPTO membership-fees will not rise up in 2016.
    Voting: approved, 86 yes, 3 no, 3 abs

    Comments of the membership were to raise the amount of money for Council Meetings in order to ensure a reserve for future meetings, as now they are hosted at Chantal’s house. Proposed is an amount of €3000.Furthermore, it was questioned why there is such a large board, and it was proposed to work with working committees.


  2. Approval of new membership on the recommendation of the Council.
    Applying institutes steps of the process: Celia Scanlan explained the application procedure and confirmed that all institutes fulfill the FEPTO requirements. She recommends voting in favour of these Institutes.

    • Attend an Annual Meeting once as guest.
    • In the year of application there is a timeline.
    • The application should be sent as early as possible, but not later than the end of September.
    • The Membership committee will study the files and prepare for presentation at the November Council Meeting.
    • The Committee will engage in a dialogue with the applicant if necessary and may ask for further clarification.
    • When the Council accepts an application as meeting FEPTO requirements it is published on the FEPTO website.
    • The deadline for questions is 6 weeks before the GA. This period allows 2 weeks for discussion within the Membership Committee and 4 weeks for a further dialogue with the applicant.
  3. Welcome the new members and voting results
    University of Haifa (Israel): 89 yes; 5 no; 3 abs
    Association of Psychodrama (Ukraine): 80 yes, 11 no; 6 abs
    Centre of Study and Application of Psychodrama (Greece): 94 yes, 2 no, 1 abs
    The entire community welcomes the new members with warm applause.
  4. Date and place of 2017 the Conference and Annual Meeting
    Judith Teszáry presented pictures of the next FEPTO Conference and AM venue in Sigtuna, Sweden. The conference will take place 16th to 18th June, and the Annual Meeting 18th to 22nd of June.
  5. Place of 2018 Conference and Annual Meeting
    Katerina Ilieva of the Psychodrama Institute for Psychodrama Practices “Chiron” and Elena Evstatieva of the Bulgarian Society of Psychodrama and Group Therapy invited the FEPTO members in 2018 to Bulgaria.
    Proposals for FEPTO AM and Conference 2019: Pille Isat (Estonia) and Reijo Kauppila (Finland) started the discussion to cooperate between two countries for organizing the FEPTO-events 2019 in Estonia. Further proposals for being the LOC in 2019 are welcome.
  6. FEPTO Task Force for Peace Building and Conflict Transformation: Request for becoming FEPTO project
    The project of FEPTO Task Force for Peace Building and Conflict Transformation is:

    1. To build up strategic partnerships with universities and other institutions based on organizational link with
    2. To promote Psychodrama around Europe and Mediterranean countries focusing on topics relevant to society such as “Collective Trauma”.
    3. To promote the application of Psychodrama and Sociodrama within conflictual situations. The Task Force will not act or intervene in conflict situations but will support members who work on peace building and conflict
    4. FEPTO has no financial or legal responsibility for the project

    A heated discussion followed suit, revolving around the question, “How does this Task Force differ from a network group? And does this group need another status. Norbert Apter questioned the legal aspects of this request under Belgian law. Hannes will check this question with the Belgium lawyer. Oded Nave asked about the insurance issues arising out of this proposal.
    Voting: 42 yes; 33 no; 9 abs
    Result: The majority of the GA voted yes for the request of the Task Force for Peace Building and Conflict Transformation to become a project of FEPTO. However, it is not clear how to count the votes according to Belgian law. This also needs to be checked and it is proposed to re-vote next year, when there is more clarity about what voting for this Task Force entails.

  7. Revision of Guidelines for Organizing FEPTO AM and conference
    Nikos Takis announced that the Annual Meeting committee will revise the Guidelines for organizing the FEPTO Conference and AM. He pointed out that some financial aspects especially the sharing of the financial risk between LOC and FEPTO is not fair.
    The committee will engage in these issues.
  8. Any other business
    Reijo Kauppila informed about the current situation about the Extranet project: Extranet is ready to be put in use. All members are in the system. From all members there is this information in extranet:

    • Name and address
    • Name and email address of contact person
    • Type of membership
    • Amount of membership fee
    • Date of the beginning of membership

    The members will get an email from secretary in June with instructions on how to login and use the extranet. All members will get an email from the extranet system with a link to the extranet and a password. There will be a link to the extranet on FEPTO web page.

  9. Closure of the General Assembly

    Stefan Flegelskamp
    Secretary of FEPTO

    Note:  The minutes were proofed by Jacomien Ilbrink-De Visser and the entire council due to the fact that we had transcription errors Maxine Daniels could not reviewed the minutes.

    Download minutes as presented in the FEPTO Newsletter 16.2


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