General Assembly. Minutes

Current minutes

Tuesday, 20th of June 2017
Sigtuna, Sweden


  1. Opening the General Assembly
    President Johannes Krall and Vice President Milena Mutafchieva
  2. Appointment of the secretary and facilitators
    Stefan Flegelskamp as secretary; Annick Milet and Frank Sielecki as facilitators
  3. Appointment of two members to check the minutes
    Anett Richter and Loes Stolker
  4. Establishment of the Marathon Quorum
    Quorum: 51. We can have 96 votes
  5. Appointment of the vote counters – Sabine Kern, Jacomien Ilbrink, Christine Pichlhöfer, Cecile Osse
  6. Approval of the agenda of the General Assembly – Approved unanimously
  7. Approval of the Marathon General Assembly Minutes – Approved unanimously
  8. Reports of the Executive Council
    a. President / Vice-President report: Johannes Krall & Milena Mutafchieva
    Johannes Krall in his role as the president welcomed heartily all Members of FEPTO in Sigtuna. After two years of hard and successful work in the Council,  the elections in Sigtuna will bring a new Council to take up the challenge but also the privilege to serve our FEPTO community. The president expressed his gratitude to the vice-president Milena Mutafchieva and to all chairs of the committees for their engagement in FEPTO. In particular, gratitude was expressed to Judith Teszáry & LOC for their hard work to organize  the FEPTO Conference and AM in Sigtuna and to Horatiu Nil Albini for  his role as webmaster. The president reports from the Executive meeting in Skopje and reminds on the minutes, which have been sent to all Council members.
    The president reports, that cooperation in the Council was an full-time  task oriented and mainly focused on the preparation of the 25th AM in Sigtuna.
    As far as the new guidelines of the network groups are concerned, the president was in close contact with the chair of development in order to discuss some refinements. In the role as a co-chair of the research committee the president supported the organization of the RC meeting in Skopje, and he started to prepare the forthcoming Research Committee meeting in Tallinn in October. An invitation to participate was sent to the membership and published in the FEPTO Newsletter.
    Vice-president Milena Mutafchieva reported that in her role she was responsible for the coordination of the council work during the last year in cooperation with the president,but she acknowledged that this was done mainly from the president. She has participated in the Council meeting in Dave, November, 2016 and Executive Council Meeting in Skopje, February, 2017. During these meetings she was involved in the preparation of the program and organisation of the Annual Meeting in Sigtuna and in many other current issues as discussions about FEPTO awards, celebration of the 25th FEPTO Anniversary.
    She would like to express her deep gratitude and acknowledgment to Johannes Krall who is very involved and devoted as president and tries to fulfill all requirements and interests of FEPTO. She also wants to thank all Council members who worked in a very friendly and fruitful atmosphere and were mostly focused on work.
    b. Secretary and Internal Affairs: Stefan Flegelskamp
    The main job was again to minute the council meetings in Marathon May 2016, in Dave November 2016, and the executive Meeting in Skopje February 2017. He accomplished this task on time and with the  support of his colleagues. In addition, as a part of the Executive Council he had participated in the meeting in Skopje together with the president and the vice-president and we have discussed and taken  decisions on many current topics concerning FEPTO issues.
    Stefan’s personal core-project was to organize the second Psychodrama with Children and Youth network group in Budapest February 2017. You can find the reports of the meeting on the Website, in FEPTO Newsletter and on Facebook.  The network group is becoming more and more visible and a lot of futures planes are in the pipeline.
    Recently  he participated together with Jutta Fürst and Arsaluys Kayir in the award committee and they took the responsibility to honour well-deserved members and newcomers during the 25th anniversary celebration in Sigtuna. Thanks to all of you for your support and for your patience to bear  with my English.
    c. Treasurer
    Chantal Nève-Hanquet reported the FEPTO – income and the expenses for 2016.
    More > Balance 2016
  9.  Auditor`s report / Approval of the revised accountancy
    Nel Bax final statement in her role as the auditor 2016: The auditor concludes, that there is a good management about the FEPTO membership fees in 2016 and a good administration for the cost  – Approved unanimously
  10. Discharge of the Council – Approved unanimously
  11. Report of the chairs of the committees
    1. Training Committee report: Reijo Kauppila
      The aim of the Training Committee for 2015-2017: to define the competencies of psychodrama trainee/practitioner working in therapy or psychotherapy – And to define specific competencies according to EAP.Started March 2016, 80% is done; continues till autumn, 2017.

      1. To define the competencies of psychodrama trainees / practitioners working in other fields of application: education, organisations, social work, etc. – started March 2016, 80% is done; continues till autumn 2017
      2. To define competencies of psychodrama – to be started 2017, ready 2018
      3. To organize a week-end seminar for FEPTO trainers. The theme will be decided by Training Committee – to be organised 2017/2018 (an option)

      Since Dave November 2016, there has been one Training committee meeting in Arnhem, The Netherlands, January the 27th – 29th, 2017. There were four participants from three countries, and it was hosted by Hannah Salome.

    2. Membership Committee report: Celia Scanlan
      Informed that she has nothing to add since the process is complete for this year. Celia reports about her work in EAP. The main point is to be present at this organisation to make psychodrama visible and to keep the link to EAP.
    3. Ethics & International Affairs Committee report: Judith Teszáry
      Report of the Ethics Committee: During this period, we have created a draft about what the code of ethics and the code of practice for training institutes should consist of. You can read it in the former number of Newsletter.
      The Committee time given at the Annual Meetings 1.5 hours, is far too short to do the work and we need to have meetings in between. This year was special for me and I had extremely short of time to do anything else but the organizing of the 25th Annual Meeting and the Conference and to be one of the editors of the special issue on Psychodrama in the International Journal of Psychotherapy. If I have the confidence of the members, I can go on one more period and accomplish this task in cooperation with the former chairs of the Ethics Committee.
      Report of International Affairs: I have been participating at the International Sociodrama Conference on Kos 2016. More than 400 participants attended the conference. Members of FEPTO were leading not only workshops, but also special groups of helpers and professionals who had contact with the boat refugees, beside the general program. Manuela Maciel, Margarida Belcior and Mariolina Werner were working with the teachers of the island, Jörg Burmeister worked with officers from the municipality, Judith Teszáry and Nevzat Uctum worked with the volunteers, who took care the survivors of the boat trip and those who ended their life in the sea.Moreover I have been the professional leader and one of the creators of an Erasmus+ project: VET (vocational educational training) sector: “Strategic Partnership Supporting Exchange of Good Practices”. Sociodrama vocational training for psychologists and youth professionals for the development of social roles, competencies and awareness of marginalized youths to enhance social inclusion.The project involves Psychodrama Institutes/Associations from four countries and connecting social institutes, working with disadvantaged youth:

      1. Hungarian Psychodrama Association, (is the applying organization) + Reformatory institutes
      2. Portugal Psychodrama Society + VOS (working with disable children)
      3. Greece, ARSIS (NGO) (Association for the social support of Youth) + Centre for the Study and Application of Psychodrama
      4. Sweden, Swedish Association of Psychodramatists + Huddinge Secondary School
    4. Annual Meeting Committee report: Nikos Takis
      Firstly, I would like to thank the President, the Vice President and all other members of our council, for the remarkably fruitful and joyful collaboration we have attained the last two years, especially after the unfortunate Bonn incidents and the adventurous start of our journey.
      We are close to the end of our term as a council. Regarding the AM committee’s activities, I have tried to activate as many colleagues as possible to work and contribute on issues related to the organization of our yearly events, the Annual Meeting and the Conference, which is  of course by far a much larger responsibility of the LOC and secondarily of the Council. Some very experienced colleagues like Agnes Dudler, Jorge Burmeister, Maxine Daniels, Margarite Karmaze, Angela Hristoforova and Peter Haworth responded positively to my invitations. We worked together in Marathon and then we exchanged some e-mails. The result of this common collective effort are the two proposals that have been already presented in our newsletter about a) the share of the financial responsibility between the LOC and FEPTO, and b) the duration and the structure of each Annual Meeting.
      We strongly believe that these proposals will enable the LOCs of each AM to feel more appreciated and respected, as well as render the participation in each AM more easily affordable by more psychodrama trainers all over Europe.
    5. Development & Network Committee report: Fred Dorn
      Chair of networking: The Committee for Networking has newly been established at the AM at Marathon in May 2016 consisting of Norbert Apter, Elena Evstatieva, Endel Hango, Yaacov Naor, Fred Dorn (Chair).
      The committee worked out Guidelines on Networking Group (see Appendix 1) and presented them to the Council at its meeting in November 2016 in Dave. The Council accepted the Guidelines to be presented, discussed and accepted by the Community.
      However, there rose some discussion about the topic of personal membership in a networking group between the Council and the Committee. This issue was as well discussed at the GA of the AM and delivered to the Committee to find a suitable solution.
      This will be one of the future tasks of the Networking Committee.
      Furthermore, the Committee presented a small Questionnaire (see Appendix 2) to the Community in order to find out the quality and quantity of engagement and interest of the Community in Networking. The result, given in Appendix 3, shows, that almost all (37 out of 44) who responded to our questionnaire would like to get further information about networking and that those who work in networking groups are mostly interested in intervision. It will be another task of the networking group to work on these results.
      Chair of development: One of the tasks of the Chair of Development is the organisation of Scholarships, as they are regulated in the Scholarship Attribution Guidelines of FEPTO. They will have to be revised, since the wording “one scholarship per person is available for participants from countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia…” is not clear enough.
      Concerning the payment of Scholarships, the Council decided, that it is up to the LOC in charge to fix the amount of the Early Bird – Registration fee and the currency in which it has to be paid. According to that the Scholarship will be settled.
      Furthermore, there has been a strong request of an actualization of FEPTO statutes, now at an age of more than 25 years.
      A steering group will be implemented to work out the essentials of the actualized FEPTO statutes to be discussed and, if possible, to be decided upon at the next AM.
    6. Research Committee report: Krzysztof Ciepliński & Johannes Krall
      FEPTO Research Committee is an expanding international network of practitioners, trainers and academic researchers who are engaged in the process of building bridges between psychodrama/action methods practice and scientific study. Approximately 50 persons from European and Mediterranean countries are involved in ongoing cooperation. The process of exchanging ideas and outcomes is supported with research meetings, which are organized twice a year.
      During the last two years we organized four FEPTO Research Committee Meetings which were held in Würzburg (8th-11th of October 2015), Helsinki (25th – 28th of February 2016), Kraków (6th – 9th of  October 2016) and Skopje (23rd – 26th of February 2017). We published the reports from these events in the FEPTO Newsletter and also on the FEPTO Website.
      The general goal of the meetings was to develop an ongoing multi-area and multilateral cooperation and research networks on psychodrama and related methods between participants. In particular, we continue work on research designs, research tools, processes and results in applied psychodrama research. In the course of the meetings there is time for presenting and discussing research projects, creating research ideas and sharing research experiences.
      The idea behind the meetings is to provide a work space created with traditional scientific conference tools (i.e. multimedia presentations) as well as psychodrama instruments used in meeting warm-ups, workshops and evaluation. We are very thankful to  all Participants and also a local host teams and institutions for their support and hospitality. We hope to continue this fruitful activity. The next meeting is planned in Tallinn, Estonia 5th – 8th of October 2017, in cooperation with Moreno Centre Tallinn.
    7. Communication Committee report: Milena Mutafchieva
      As a chair of the communication committee she was responsible for editing the regular issues of FEPTO Newsletter 16.2, 16.3 and 17.1 which were published on time and the content covered a wide diversity of topics and events in the Psychodrama Society of the European and Mediterranean countries. In addition, she coordinated the updates of the website with the inestimable help and collaboration of Horatiu Nil Albini, who was exclusively responsible for uploading all materials and the improvement of the website. She was responsible also for updating the information in the FEPTO Facebook page and reported that all information concerning all running activities of the organization was  published and reached many users. There was an increase in  the total amount of the people that were reached by our publications (9328 different users in comparison with the last year when 1018 people were reached).
      She wants to say a BIG THANK YOU  to Horatiu because of his amazing work for the FEPTO website. In addition, she claimed that it is very important to achieve a higher activity in the Facebook page and will look for future improvements.
      Two years after the elections of the current Council she states that the main achievement is that all Council members were very focused and goal-oriented and succeeded to achieve the aims in consideration with the ideas of FEPTO and as a team, which deserves appreciation. The resonance of the membership concerning the newsletter is poor.
  1. Budget 2017
    The budget 2017 was presented by Chantal Nève-Hanquet – Approved unanimously.
  2. FEPTO networks: procedure for new guidelines
    Norbert Apter presented and explained the procedure of the new guidelines. A decision started on the Guidelines for Networking according to the version published in the Newsletter with following amendments. The main questions were:
    a. Who can be a member of a Networking group? The committee pointed out:

    • any representative or delegated person of a current FEPTO member
    • any former representative or delegated person of a current FEPTO member

    b. Who else can participate in a Networking group?

    • anyone having special skills or experience and who can contribute to the goal of the networking group can be invited as a guest for one specific activity.

    The discussion showed, that the committee has to clarify the different needs of different FEPTO-network groups. InterVision groups (TIP/Matrix/Pool) and the for example the Psychodrama with children and youth network group have other goals and also other definitions of participants.
    Voting. Yes: 21; No: 61; Abstention: 10. Result: No
    Furthermore, the committee produced a questionnaire to analyse the state of art and the need of networking: Fred Dorn will discuss the findings in the committee group and provide a new proposal.

  3. Revision of guidelines for organizing FEPTO AM and Conference
    Nikos Takis as the chair of the Annual Meeting Committee explained the different proposals. The background is to divide the financial risk between LOC and FEPTO more fair.
    PROPOSAL 1. Instead of starting on Sunday late in the afternoon and finishing on Thursday after lunch, the Annual Meeting can start earlier on Sunday (3.00 p.m.) and be completed on Wednesday afternoon, after lunch (2.00-3.00 p.m.).  Voting. Yes: 38; No: 37; Abstention: 11. Result: No
    PROPOSAL 2:  The daily excursion that is usually held on Tuesday afternoon will be optional, and not included in the Annual Meeting Fee. The excursion can be scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, or Thursday morning for the participants that are interested in it.  Voting.  Yes: 22; No: 62;  Abstention: 10. Result: No
    PROPOSAL 3: The community discussed and supported the idea to find a fair balance between the risks by organizing the FEPTO events. Both proposals were no satisfying and the AM committee has to find a new proposal which discharge the LOC more than these proposals. Result: withdrawn
    PROPOSAL 4:  It is proposed that two members of the LOC will participate in the Annual Meeting without paying the registration fee. The LOC decides how this offer will be handled.  Voting. Yes: 87; No: 2; Abstention: 0. Result: Yes
  4. FEPTO membership fee
    Chantal Nève-Hanquet in behalf of the council proposed to increase the membership fee about 10%. Hence for Founding member 120 euros; Training organizations 275 / 175 / 90 euros; Accrediting organizations 275 / 175 / 90 euros.
    Voting.Yes: 72; No: 16; Abstentions: 2.Result: Yes
  5. Approval of new memberships on the recommendation of the Council
    Institute of Psychodrama and Psychological Counseling (IPPC) Russia
    Voting. Yes: 87; No: 3; Non valid: 0. Result: Yes
    Regional Association for Psychodrama and Integrative Psychotherapy (RAIP) Serbia
    Voting. Yes: 90; No: 5; Non valid: 0. Result: Yes


  6. Welcoming the new members
    The FEPTO Community welcomes two new members: Congratulations!!!
  7. Presentation of candidates and election of the new FEPTO Council.
    Chantal Nève-Hanquet, Krzysztof Cieplinski, Reijo Kauppila, Nikolaos Takis, Judith Teszáry, Hannes Krall, Ana Cruz, Fred Dorn, Katherina (Ina) Ilieva, Kerstin Jurdell, Peter Haworth and Georgios Chaniotis are candidates for the new council. Everybody has time to present themselves with their capacities, vision and goals for FEPTO.
  8. Voting results
    Chantal Nève-Hanquet: 88  votes
    Krzysztof Cieplinski: 82  votes
    Reijo Kauppila: 80  votes
    Nikolaos Takis: 79  votes
    Judith Teszáry: 72  votes
    Johannes Krall: 71  votes
    Ana Cruz: 65  votes
    Fred Dorn: 56  votes
    Katherina Ilieva: 55 votes
    Kerstin Jurdell: 51 votes
    Peter Haworth: 47  votes
    Georgios Chaniotis: 40  votes
  9. FEPTO Annual Meeting and Conference 2018 and 2019
    2018 in Bulgaria. Institute for Psychodrama Practice “Chiron” & Bulgarian Association of Psychodrama and Group Therapy will be the local host. The Conference take place from 11th – 13th May, and the Annual Meeting from 13th – 17th May. Ina Ilieva prepared an impressive video-invitation of Locations. Reaction of an audience after the presentation: we will come for sure.
    2019: Finland and Estonia. Organizing associations: Helsinki Psychodrama Institute (Finland); Tallinn Psychodrama Institute (Estonia); Tartu Psychodrama Institute (Estonia). The place will be in Estonia.
  10. Proposal for 2020 for FEPTO Annual Meeting and Conference.
    Nikos Takis proposed Macedonia to be the host
  11. Any other business
  12. Closure of the General Assembly
    Stefan Flegelskamp
    Secretary of FEPTO


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