Research Committee


Krzysztof Cieplinski (Poland),
Johannes Krall (Austria),


Azoulay, Bracha (Israel),
Bucuta, Mihaela (Romania),
de Campos Pires, Nuno Márcio (Portugal),
Cruz, Anna Sofia (Portugal), 
Dima, Ela (Romania),  
Dojcinovski, Ilija (Macedonia),  
Eryavuz, Ayse (Turkey),
Feuerstein, Sabine (Austria),
Flegelskamp, Stefan (Germany),
Fossati, Ivan (Italy),  
Fürst, Jutta (Austria),
Gasseau, Maurizio (Italy),
Gonzalez, António (Portugal),
Greco, Marco (Italy),
Guglielmin, Maria Silvia (Italy),   
Högberg, Göran (Sweden),   
Jovanovska-Stojanovska, Mirjana (Macedonia),
Kauppila, Reijo (Finland),
Kirk, Catharine (United Kingdom),
Köfeler, Christina (Austria),
Kunz Mehlstaub, Susanne (Suisse),
de Leonardis, Paola (Italy),
Lucas, Paula (Portugal),
Marlok, Zsuzsánna (Hungary),
Moita, Gabriela (Portugal),
Mutafchieva, Milena (Bulgaria),
Orkibi, Hod (Israel),
Pajek, Christian (Austria),  
Pereira Kellermann, Lea (Portugal),
Rautiainen, Mari (Finland),
Ribeiro, Liliana (Portugal),   
Sielecki, Frank (Germany),
Schaller, Roger (Suisse),
Stadler, Christian (Germany),
Tarashoeva, Galabina (Bulgaria),
Testoni, Ines (Italy),
Uschold-Meier, Elisabeth (Germany),
Vieira, Filipa (Portugal),
Vinter-Van Vierssen, Ene (Estonia),
Westberg, Monica (Sweden),
Werner, Marolina (Sweden),
Wieser, Michael (Austria),



1The FEPTO Research Committee aims at enhancing re­search in all areas of professional practice in psychodrama. No matter if psychodrama is applied in education, adult train­ing, social work, organisational counselling or psy­chother­apy research is vital for the quality of work and the further development of psychodrama in theory and prac­tice.

From the very beginning of FEPTO research was seen as important for psychodrama. Research activities within the psychodrama community were conducted and coordi­nated by the chair of the committee.

In recent years the focus of the research committee has shifted towards bottom up research projects by psychodrama practitioners. In the last RC Meetings differ­ent research initiatives have been started. Results were presented and discussed in international conferences and research networks with universities were established.


1. Goals of the Research Committee

Researchers, trainers and trainees in psychodrama, psychodrama practitioners are invited and supported to initiate, to participate, to support and to conduct research and to create social networks of practitioner researchers within the psychodrama community. Research attitudes, values, knowledge, skills have to be fostered as a ba­sis for research activities. In detail the objectives of the FEPTO Research Committee are to…

– be a platform for exchange in psychodrama research,
– initiate and conduct research,
– to share research tools and procedures,
– train the psychodrama trainers in research skills,
– integrate research in psychodrama training,
– involve psychodrama training institutions in building a basis for research,
– link psychodrama research with research in related fields, e.g. counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, education.

2. International FEPTO RC Meetings

FEPTO RC Meetings are held twice a year in different European countries. All inter­ested people from research, practice and training in psychodrama are invited to par­ticipate. Everybody who has an interest to join a RC meeting or want to address a specific question regarding research in psychodrama can contact the chair of the FEPTO RC.

If you want to be our guest and to get to know our research activities or if you want to participate actively in psychodrama research you are very welcome to join us. Just send a mail with your interest to

Next meeting

If you are interested in psychodrama research we would like to invite you all to join us next time in:

Skopje / FYROM, 23rd – 26th of February 2017
Methodology in psychodrama and action methods

On behalf of the FEPTO Research Committee we would like to remind you of our forthcoming meeting in Skopje, FYROM, from 23rd to 26th of February 2017, titled: Methodology in psychodrama and action methods.

The general goal of the meeting is to support the multi-area and multilateral cooperation and research networks on psychodrama and action methods between participants from European and Mediterranean countries. At the meeting, we will focus on methodological issues regarding research project preparation. Our inspiration will be drawn from the widely-understood area of psychotherapy, social and behavioral sciences research. The meeting will be another chance to encourage and motivate one another to continue the work we have done so far. We are open to welcome new participants and new ideas. In addition, we are always happy to see new students and psychodrama trainees. We are looking forward to the possibility of new personal encounters during our everyday social events.

During the Skopje FEPTO RC Meeting we will have the pleasure of listening to three invited guests who will share their knowledge and experience in methodology and research designs in social and behavioural sciences as well as psychotherapy. Nikolina Kenig will present a one hour lecture entitled: Steps in developing a research design – facing challenges and making the right choices. Marijana Markovikj & Eleonora Serfimovska will give a lecture dedicated to: Methodology and research design in psychotherapy. The lecture will be focused on: preparation of project designs; preparation of instruments for monitoring and evaluation of psychotherapeutic process (instruments for clients, psychotherapists and the therapeutic process itself).

Please forward the above invitation also to people in your institutes who are interested in psychodrama research. Especially younger colleagues, trainees and/or doctoral students are very welcome to join us. Looking forward to meeting you in Skopje

Krzysztof Ciepliński:
Johannes Krall:

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3. Report for the Dave Council meeting, October 2016

The most recent activity of our group was the organization of the FEPTO Research Committee meeting entitled “Creativity in Psychodrama and Action Methods Research”. We met as a group of 25 participants from 12 European and Mediterranean countries on 6-9 October 2016 in Kraków – a popular touristic place, the previous capital of Poland. I would like to say thank you to those who sent proposals and ideas regarding the meeting. In Kraków we had the chance to experience our creativity in sharing research inspirations and results, discussing and developing research projects like: Researching Intuition with Psychodrama and Action Methods (Reijo Kauppila), Qualitative Research Methods in Psychodrama (Kerstin Jurdell), Application of Action Methods into Supervision (Johannes Krall) and Dialogicality in Psychodrama (Krzysztof Ciepliński). Some other interesting projects presented at the meeting were “Hearing Voices” Project (Anna Bielańska & Igor Hanuszkiewicz), Morenian Identity, Theory and Methodology (Paola de Leonardis & Marco Greco) and Rescue Networks during WWII in Albania for Jews Escaping Europe and the Balkans and its Connection to Therapeutic Aspects of Psychodrama (Efrat Kedem-Tahar). Kate Kirk & Christian Stadler presented practical indications regarding publishing articles on psychodrama and action methods. A fruitful group discussion on creating psychodrama research literature database was facilitated by Katja Kolmogoren & Krzysztof Ciepliński. A very inspiring part of the meeting was a lecture by professor Andrzej Cechnicki, the head of the Community Psychiatry Department of the Kraków Jagiellonian University Medical College focused on a long-term treatment of patients suffering from schizophrenia. Kate Kirk proposed and led creative group work on the past and future psychodrama research activity, preceded by the reading a letter from Dr Adam Blatner. The meeting was summarised and evaluated by all participants during the session conducted by Ene Vinter-van Vierssen & Dirk van Vierssen.

An additional benefit of the event were the personal encounters in the international group of psychodramatists and researchers. Participants had also a choice of visiting the old town of Kraków, the unique salt mine in Wieliczka or the Concentration and Extermination Camp in Aushwitz-Birkenu. A full report from this event will be published soon on the FEPTO Website.

We are looking forward to the future of the psychodrama of action method research. As a network we are still flexible and open to searching for better ways of our practical cooperation between psychodrama trainers, practitioners and students. Our group is open to new members, ideas and projects, all are welcome.

We are planning to organize the next RC meeting in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia 23-26 of February with support from AMIGDALA School for Psychodrama. Please feel free to contact us via the Internet for any additional information:

Krzysztof Ciepliński:
Johannes Krall:

One of the main tasks of the FEPTO Research Committee is to promote psychodrama and related method research among the practitioners and researchers from others backgrounds. A particularly important question to us is building bridges between psychodrama as an approach and a well established current social science theory and research. In this context, it is worth noticing the presence of Krzysztof Ciepliński at the 9th International Conference on the Dialogical Self which took place between 7-10 September 2016 in Lublin, Poland. Krzysztof presented a paper on Dialogical aspects of psychodrama psychotherapy at the invited symposium entitled Dialogicality in Promotion of Personality Development. Additionally, he conducted a workshop entitled: Dialogue on the psychodrama stage. How can we re-build our own experience in practice?


4. Recent FEPTO RC meetings

Kraków / Poland, 6th – 9th of October 2016
Creativity in psychodrama and action methods

The most recent activity of our group was the organization of the FEPTO Research Committee meeting entitled “Creativity in Psychodrama and Action Methods Research”. We met as a group of 25 participants from 12 European and Mediterranean countries on 6-9 October 2016 in Kraków – a popular touristic place, the previous capital of Poland. The event took place in the Day Treatment Center Community Psychiatry Unit, Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University. In Kraków we had the chance to experience our creativity in sharing research inspirations and results, discussing and developing research projects.

An additional benefit of the event were the personal encounters in the international group of psychodramatists and researchers. Participants had also a choice of visiting the old town of Kraków, the unique salt mine in Wieliczka or the Concentration and Extermination Camp in Aushwitz-Birkenu. We are planning to organize the next RC meeting in Skopje, FYROM, 23-26 of February with support from AMIGDALA School for Psychodrama.

Download > Full version report

Helsinki / Finland, 25th – 28th of February 2016
Research, Theory and Practice in Dialogue

The FEPTO RC Meeting took place on 25-28 February 2016 in Helsinki. We met as a group of 41 participants from 13 countries enjoying the hospitality of the Helsinki Deaconess Institute with the magnificent help of local hosts Mari Rautiainen and Reijo Kauppila.

At the beginning of the meeting we were familiarized by Tiina Viheriälä & Reijo Kauppila with the psychodrama tradition and presence in Finland and Helsinki Deaconess Institute’s fields of action – which was shown by Mari Rautiainen.

An excellent scientific warm up to the meeting was given by Mikael Leiman, an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Eastern Finland who presented some results of his theoretical and empiri cal research on the semiotic mediation of mental action and its application to the context of psychotherapeutic interaction. We also had the possibility to see how Professor Leiman used in practice a Dialogical sequence analysis – a microanalytic method of verbal and nonverbal utterances working with patients.

RC in FinlandDr. Kai Alhanen (Helsinki, Finland) gave us a possibility to enhance the understanding of the Moreno’s ideas like encounter, spontaneity, role and sociometry by analyzing his contemporary philosophical con- text, especially the philosophies of Henri Bergson and John Dewey.
An important part of the meeting was the presentation of the results of practice-oriented psychodrama research including those based on Robert Elliott´s HSCED model. The research on process and outcome of long-term PD psychotherapy groups, psychodrama and creative education in prison and the measurement of psychodramatic psychotherapeutic process in the context of inpatient psychotherapy were presented and discussed. EQUALS – a proposal of the computer supported procedure of research on psycho- drama with children and adolescents was also shown and explained.

In addition, several contributions were focusing on training and learning processes in psychodrama, among them the findings and challenges in qualitative analyses of the role development of trainees. At the time of the meeting some participants had a chance to present and discuss their prepared or ongoing psychodrama research projects in the context of andragogy, sociodrama, university education, interdisciplinary research cooperation and psychodrama supervision.

Download  > Full version report

University of Applied Sciences, Fachhochschule für angewandte Sozialwissenschaften
Würzburg / Germany, 8th -11th of October 2015

Wurtzburg RC meeting1In our FEPTO RC Meeting in Würzburg the goal was to focus on research cooperation and networks in Europe. We are still facing a lot of research work and networking ahead of us. We will be going on promoting research as being an integrated part of psychodrama training and practice in our institutes.

We would like to see every training organisation actively participating in research activities and/or cooperating with research institutions. It is our vision that psychodrama is clearly based on research informed training and practice. The presented projects, new research proposals and research capacity building are promising for the future. Let´s keep our momentum to move on.

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Action Methods and Experiential Learning – Practice-Oriented Research in Psychodrama
26th  of February – 1st of March 2015, Intituto Universitário (ISPA), Lisbon/Portugal

We could welcome 40 researchers and practitioners from 15 European and Mediterranean countries who were presenting, discussing and developing their research projects and ideas. It is especially noteworthy to mention that more and more young people with research interest are joining our committee.

In our meeting we had the opportunity to present and discuss research projects, to create research ideas and to share research experiences. The contributions were arranged around five major themes

-Research on efficacy and effectiveness in psychodrama
– Research tools, designs and analysis in clinical practice
– Psychodrama with children and adolescents
– Research in psychodrama training
– Building research capacity

Download > Final report

Building Research Capacity in Psychodrama. How to train research? Which methods and tools to use?
16th – 19th of October 2014, The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland

Lublin RC_webWe could welcome researchers and practitioners from 11 European countries who were presenting, discussing and developing their research projects and ideas. The current topics of our work were:

-Systematic review of psychodrama outcome studies
– Key contemporary research approaches in psychotherapy
– Psychodrama with children and adolescents
– Research in psychodrama training
– Outcome-oriented quality assurance
Psychodrama Training Programs in Finland, Norway and Estonia
How to enhance capacity building in psychodrama research?

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Integrating Research in Training – Improving Research Competencies of Trainers in Psychodrama
27th of February to 2nd of March 2014, Semmelweis University of Budapest, Hungary

We could welcome 34 researchers and practitioners from 16 European and Mediterranean countries who were presenting, discussing and developing their research projects and ideas. The current topics of our work are

– Psychodrama effectiveness
– Psychodrama with children and adolescents
– Research in psychodrama training
– Supervision in psychodrama training
– Competencies of psychodrama trainers
– Morenian identity, theory and methodology
– Developing an international online Journal of Psychodrama

Download > Budapest report


Interdisciplinary psychodrama research: Prospects in psychotherapy, social work and education
October 2013: Lucian Blaga University Sibiu / Romania

2The FEPTO Research Committee Meeting in Sibiu was part of an International Con­gress of Psychology on the topic ´Modern research in psychology – trends and pro­spects´. More than three hundred people participated in this congress. The interna­tional network of FEPTO was introduced and an overview of research activities in FEPTO RC was provided. Members of the FEPTO RC were invited to present their re­search in the plenary and in workshops. Practitioner research in psychodrama, super­vision in psychodrama training and results of the Empower – project were presented. In a workshop on psychodrama with children two projects were discussed.

Download > Sibiu RC report

Annual Meeting of FEPTO in Santander/ Spain

In the FEPTO RC Meeting in Santander all interested delegates from different psycho­drama training institutions could share their ideas and experiences in research. The chair of the research committee reported about ongoing projects in professional ar­eas like research in training,effectiveness research, children and youth in psycho­drama, identity, theory, and methodology of psychodrama. Participants were invited to share their research interest or projects they are involved in.

The chair of RC proposes to have 2 or 3 people in each training institute who act as a coordinator for research or to be at least a contact person for information on re­search issues. It would be very helpful if these coordinators are also able to partici­pate in the RC meetings.

Download > Santander report

University of Padua / Italy. February 21st-23rd, 2013  Ending Gender Violence – Empirical Research in Psychodrama Group Therapy and Group Processes

The FEPTO Research Committee Meeting in Padua was part of a conference on “Ending gender violence. Empirical research in psychodrama group therapy and group processes“. The conference was held with about 200 participants at the historical venue of the Auditorium “Galileo Galilei“ Palazzo Bo at the University of Padua. The results of the European EMPoWER project were presented and discussed. EMPoWER is a Daphne project which was initiated and developed in the FEPTO RC in Edinburgh 2009. The conference was not only connected with the FEPTO RC Meeting, but also with the meeting of the ´Italian network of empirical research in psychody­namic group therapy´

Download > Padua report



Fernando Pessoa University of Porto/ Portugal
Bridges Between Practice and Research in Psychodrama

The FEPTO Research Committee Meeting in Porto took place right after the 3rd Joint Meeting of the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR) Conference. The idea was to combine these two events to enable psychodrama researchers to take part in both events. This attempt to connect research in psychodrama with research in other fields and modalities in counselling and psychotherapy can be seen as very successful. Psy­chodrama research like effectiveness studies and training research in psychodrama were presented and discussed in several panels of the SPR Meeting.

After this European SPR conference the FEPTO Research Committee Meeting “Bridges between Practice and Research in Psychodrama” was dedicated to work on ongoing research projects and to propose new projects.

Download > Porto report



Practitioner Research in Psychodrama – Research in Training and Professional Practice
24-26 of February 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria

In this FEPTO RC Meeting Célia Sales (Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa) conducted a workshop on ´Individualized patient-progress research´ and how to use it in psy­chodrama. The FEPTO RC network is seen as good starting point for this approach: “On the one hand, research questions are proposed or filtered by experienced thera­pists, thus granting its clinical relevance; on the other hand, academia contributions help to approach these questions with the methodological accuracy that is required in the scientific field.”

Download report > Sofia report 


Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR) Conference in Bern
Research is a Vital Part for the Future of Psychodrama

5In the recent years the Research Committee has become a creative place to develop, to support, to share and to present research initi­atives in psychodrama. We have to be aware that psychodrama – sociometry, sociodrama, group therapy etc. – is applied in many profes­sional fields. It also offers helpful approaches to deal with development and conflict resolu­tion in and between groups and society as a whole. Although psychodrama can refer to its long tradition and to lots of experiences all over the world, it is obvious that psychodrama needs also research as a point of reference in its practice.

However, there is a need of research in many areas like psychodrama training, coun­selling and psychotherapy, social work, adult education supervision, organisational counselling and community education.

Download > Bern report

University of Innsbruck/ Austria
International Symposium on Counselling and Psychotherapy

The International Symposium on “Counselling and Psychotherapy – Research in Training and Professional Practice” started with a warm welcome for all participants. 50 participants from 14 different nations from Europe and beyond were present.

In a sociodramtic warmup expectations from different roles (researcher, psychodrama trainer, psychotherapist, trainee, client…) towards research were explored and discussed. This warm up led directly to ongoing or finished projects which were presented in the plenary.

Download > Innsbruck report




Isle of Man

In the warm-up we explored the time line from the very beginning of the Research Committee, in Roriz, Edinburgh, Catania, Boldern and Lisbon. At each phase of the journey the group re-engaged with the purpose, output and the tasks of the small groups. These served to integrate the new-comers to the committee. Continuing the idea of the time line, we went to unspecified times in the future to identify the wishes and aims of the committee and of the members.

Download > Isle of Man report


International Summer School for Psychotherapy and Counselling Research, Lisbon / Portugal

The work in our committee was at a stage where it appeared to be interesting to show the work done so far, to discuss the ongoing projects with others, and to learn about methodologies developed in the psychotherapeutic field. For that purpose we decided to organize a conference.

Autónoma UniversityWith the above-mentioned framework in mind we agreed upon co-organizing the International Summer School for Psychotherapy and Counselling Research, in Portugal. This event was organized with the Autónoma University in Lisbon, and with Célia Sales in particular, and Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicodrama.

Both, Conference and intensive training workshops, focused on the theme: Methodological diversity in psychotherapy and counselling research: qualitative-quantitative approaches. Please follow the link below for an overview:

Download > Lisbon report

Belgrade meeting of the Research Committee

In the FEPTO AM in Belgrade the Research Committee could present all the work developed so far. Each group had 10 minutes to expose their work (which you can find in last newsletter) We hope that with this information exchange more institutes will be connected and motivated to increase the research in their practice.

RC in BelgradeJasna Veljkovic presented her research “Psychodrama treatment of psychotics and adolescents-an evaluation study”. Jasna was also asked to submit her research to the “International Summer School for Psychotherapy and Counselling research” to be held in Lisbon-Portugal, 24-26 Sept. 2010.

The work group “European Projects” will submit the “anxiety project” to be discussed. Michael Wieser will submit his metanalyses work. Jutta Fürst and Hannes Krall will submit a research about PD supervision. Daniele Regianini will submit a theoretical research about the concept of inter-subjectivity. All RC members will participate in Chris Evans’ workshop about the CORE application and interpretation.

Download > Belgrade report

Research Committee meeting, Boldern / Switzerland, 26-28 February 2010

The meeting was held in Boldern/Switzerland, 26-28 February, 2010. The place and work orientations were chosen taken into account the Marie Cassel RC Evaluation Form filled after Taormina meeting

6 Sirkka Varonen was responsible for the last choice of the place, which was a hotel in the mountains near  Zurich. We were 22 participants that represented 9 countries working in psychodrama research issues. Along with the work, we get secondary benefits of the group meeting: fun, exchange, encounter, and belonging feeling.
This meeting had two main aims:

1. To go deep in the projects already began
2. To do exchanges of the work already done by the groups

Download  > Boldern report


The Catania meeting. Taormina, 16th -18th of October

Catania meeting – Sicily, in the city of Taormina, the 16th -18th of October 2009. We were 25 persons and 11 countries were represented (Austria; Bulgaria; Finland; Italy; Portugal; Romania; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkish; UK).
The main aim of this meeting was to work deeply in our previously organized working groups (Edinburgh, 2009) and, at same time to establish research lines for FEPTO.
We re-organized the working groups according to what we have done and thought during the period in between these two meetings and also according to the new comer’s needs.To read more open the bellow report.

Download > Catania report

Edingurgh meetingEdinburgh meeting

Download > Edinburgh report



Roriz meeting

In 2008 Gabriela Moita (2008-2011) got the chair of the Research Committee. Her contribution was to build a network of research committee members who regularly meet two times a year in order to initiate and discuss research projects.

In this time a first EU funded project (Ines Testoni& Maria Silvia Guglielmin) got started alongside with other pro­jects on supervision in psychodrama, evaluation in psychodrama training etc. The building of this new Research Committee network started in Roriz / Portugal 2008.

Download > Roriz report


4. FEPTO Research Committee: developments and activities


The Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations (FEPTO) was founded in 1996 (FEPTO News Vol. 4.8, 2004, p. 4) after several ISCOPE / ESCOPE meetings (International/ European Study and Co-ordination of Psychodrama Educa­tion) took place since 1993. In this new FEPTO network research was one of the tasks which were dealt with in a respective committee.

The first chair of the Research Committee was hold by Jorge Burmeister (1996-1998) whose aims were firstly to find “a consensus about ´basic´ theories and/ or terminol­ogy in psychodrama, secondly to define recommendations/ standards for process-oriented research in psychodrama and thirdly to define goals and methods for out­come research in psychodrama – FEPTO News Vol. 1.1, 1997, p. 2. In the first Research Committee meeting in Zurich the participants realized that common ground in psy­chodrama is difficult to achieve – FEPTO News Vol. 1.1, 1997, p. 2.

Barbara-Rose Legeler and António Roma-Torres (1998-2000) continued as joined chairpersons. Their focus was on sharing and disseminating knowledge about psy­chodrama research and inspiring members of FEPTO to do research – FEPTO News Vol. 3.1, 2000, p. 2. Marcia Karp (2000-2004) collected and presented reports on research from different countries – FEPTO News Vol. 4.1, 2002, p. 7. Michael Wieser (2004-2008) was continuing to collect information about research projects and liter­ature – FEPTO News Vol. 4.8, 2004, p. 15. An important task was to provide EAP (Eu­ropean Association of Psychotherapy) a documentation of psychodrama research to get recognition - FEPTO News Vol. 5.2, 2005, p. 6.

When Gabriela Moita got the chair of the Research Committee in 2008, she started to improve networking among FEPTO members. She invited people who are interested in psychodrama research to a meeting in Roriz / Portugal (October 2008, see above).

FEPTO Conference

12th FEPTO Conference:
Compass and Compassion. A conference on morenian ethics and philosophy

16th to 18th of June, 2017
Sigtuna, Sweden

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Annual Meeting

25th FEPTO AM: 
Vision of Psychodrama in the current world: the perspective of inclusion and mutuality

18th to 22nd of June, 2017
Sigtuna, Sweden

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