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Psychodrama with children and youth


Fabian Blobel (Germany),
Stefan Flegelskamp (Germany),
Hilde Gött (Germany),
Emma Hagen (Scotland),
Evaldas Karmaza (Lithuania),
Rosie van Knebel (Germany),
Karsten Krauskopf (Germany),
Bettina Menzel (Germany)
Milena Mutafchieva (Bulgaria),
Laima Narbutaite (Lithuania),
Thomas Niedermaier (Germany),
Pozsar Bea (Hungary),
Regine Reisinger (Germany),
Elzbieta Schjetne (Norway),
Monika Schwärzler (Austria),
Angela Sordano (Italy),
Eva Steinkier (Norway),
Sharma Sujats (Germany),
Zsofia Tölg-Molnar (Hungary), 


Stefan Flegelskamp (Germany),
Hilde Gött (Germany),

Next Network Group meeting for Psychodramatists
Working with Children and Youth

It is a pleasure to invite you to the 4th meeting of the network group “Psychodrama with Children and Youth”. We would be delighted to welcome you in Cardiff, Wales from 1st to the 3rd of February, 2019.

The topic of the meeting will be soon announced. Our next local host is Craig Steven.

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Stefan Flegelskamp 

Turin meeting: Disorder specific Interventions in Psychodrama Therapy with Children and Youth

The topic of the meeting was “Disorder specific Interventions in Psychodrama Therapy with Children and Youth” and 9 workshops and two plenary sessions were presented during these three wonderful days in Turin. 85 psychodramatists from 10 different countries who are working with children and youth have attended the meeting. At the end of the event we, as organisers, started to ask ourselves “Is this a network meeting or a conference?”

This network group was interested in theoretical and practical exchange, new ideas and for the first time research regarding psychodrama with children and youth. Encounter colleagues and creating new collaborations was in the focus of the reflection of the meeting.
We have established in Turin a steering group which will take care of the content of upcoming meetings and the goals of networking in FEPTO.

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Meeting in Budapest

It is a pleasure to announce you that the 2nd meeting of the network group “Psychodrama with Children and Youth” was held in Budapest, Hungary, from 3rd to 5th of February, 2017. The goals of this meeting were to organize an international conference and to focus on the topic: Psychodrama with Youth

The Kende Hanna Psychodrama with Children Association and the Hungarian Psychodrama Association invited the FEPTO network group Psychodrama with Children and Youth to Budapest and took care of the organisation of the meeting. 40 participants attended on Saturday and the 6 workshops held by the participants were an unbelievable success.

Thank you Bea, Hanna, Victoria, Daniel and Zsofia for your great hospitality and the warm welcome in Budapest.

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A child is very serious when playing

When we chose this topic “Trauma and Resilience”, nobody could imagine how serious the dynamics regarding our topic would be.
18 participants from 8 different European countries accepted the invitation to revive the network group “Psychodrama with children and youth”. What a great response and success for the organisers Hilde Gött and Fabian Blobbel as the local hosts and Stefan Flegelskamp  in the role as FEPTO-facilitator, who organised this meeting together.

The first “simple” sociometric warm up question; ”where are you from?” showed, how the immigration issue arose in each person in our group. Many group members had their own history of moving from one country to another and had suffered isolation and reclusion.

Gisela Scheef-Maier from the Centre for Victims of Torture in Berlin presented her work and gave a lecture and overview about the current development in Berlin. Many refugees are totally frustrated after arriving in Germany without hope and with unrealistic future plans. Her personal point of view was pessimistic concerning the expectations in Germany.

Psychodrama with childrenThe Saturday morning started with Stefan Flegelskamp introducing the German approach, Psychodrama-group-therapy with children developed by Alfons Aichinger. Afterwards he explained the “Defense Cascade” of traumatic experience, and what it means in the daily life of children suffering from posttraumatic symptoms. Finally he demonstrated how he played with traumatised children (pirates) under consideration of perpetrator introject and permission to defend oneself.

After the lunch break Angela Sordano from Torino explained her Jungian analysis approach connected with Morenian psychodrama and group analytical concept. She used symbolic scripts of the group and created together with the children inter- subjective connection without individual interpretations. She   divides the therapeutic room in three spaces; for representation, for drawing and for sharing. At the starting phase Angela used mostly fairy tales; later on in the group process self-made stories. While playing a story the director is doubling from time to time, in order to make sure certain things are done. With a ritual the children jump back to the drawing space after the playing period. The children are invited to draw or to say what touched them in the story. Thus Angela explored the relationships in the group. She demonstrated by using the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” some intervention possibilities with traumatised children or youth.
A long day ended with a concrete counseling on how to found a new group with refugee children in Munich and some ideas on how to work with adolescents.

On Sunday Zsofia Tölg-Molnar and Pozsar Bea from Hungary presented the approach developed by Kende Hanna. She connects individual (Adlerian) therapy with psychodrama. She used a lot of stories, but not real fairy tales, called focus stories, developed by the psychodrama institute for children therapists in Budapest. This information was new for many participants so we decided to visit Budapest next time and Bea and Zsofia will be our next hosts.

After a short discussion we decided to revive the network group Psychodrama with Children and Youth under the umbrella of FEPTO. Stefan and Hilde will be the contact persons for FEPTO and Stefan will take the role as a facilitator/ moderator of this group.
We plan to meet once a year; next time in the beginning of February in Budapest. We have also decided to try to organize an international Psychodrama Conference for Children and Youth in Budapest 2018. We have also started to think about publishing a book on Psychodrama with Children and Youth containing all the different approaches to working with children and youth and psychodrama.

Everybody left this first networking meeting enthusiastic and full of new ideas. Every participant wants to come back and continue in this group.

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Stefan Flegelskamp






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