FEPTO News 14.2 / December 2014

FN 14.2
  1. Editorial
  2. Obidos voices
  3. FEPTO Obidos Annual Meeting. A report
  4. FEPTO Committees reports
    Ethics Committee
    Membership Committee
    Research Committee
    Building Research capacity in psychodrama, RC meeting in Lublin
    Development Committee meeting in Tallinn
    Task Force for Peace Building and Conflict Transformation meeting in Istanbul
  5. 10th FEPTO Conference and 23rd Annual Meeting in Bonn, Germany
    The Local Organizers Committee
    Bonn, host of the FEPTO 2015 events
  6. Psychodrama stage in Europe
    Nordic Board of Examiners
    A new psychodrama school is born in Italy
    London International BPA/IAGP Psychodrama section conference
  7. Confeence invitations
    5th International Sociiodrama Conference
    1st IAGP International Congress on Research and Group Psychotherapy
    4th Psychodrama festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  8. Moreno Museum Association
  9. Liz White: the loss of a great lady
  10. Psychodrama books
    Impromptu man/Jonathan D. Moreno
    The J.L. Moreno Memorial Photo Album/Zoli Figusch
    Psychodrame avec les enfants/Hanna Kende
    Acting In, Bulgarian edition/Adam Blatner
    Sociodrama for our time/Rosalie Minkin
    The King of Austria/Antonio Roma Torres
  11. News/announcements/photos
  12. Phase out: The Illness/Manoel de Barros


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Research Committee

Research Committee next meeting:
Topic to be decided

4th to 7th of March, 2021
Budapest, Hungary

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