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Schützenberger Anne Ancelin

Ph.D., T.E.P.

Born in 1919 is French, raised and educated in Paris (France). She lives in Paris and is a University Professor in Psychology, Professor Emeritus, University of Nice. She was a Professor of Clinical Social Psychology there since 1967 (actually professor emeritus, still giving some lectures in various Universities and congresses, on clinical socio-psychology, non verbal communication, and trangenerational links). She was trained in psychodrama by J. L. Moreno from 1951 and also by Jim Enneis (St Elisabeth’s Hospital, Washington DC); in group-dynamics and psycho-sociology at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, 1950-52) and also at the National Training Laboratories (NTL, Bethel, Maine, USA) with Kurt Lewin’s group, Leon Festinger, Ronald Lippitt, Alvin Zander. She was the first European to be trained at N.T.L. (1951). She worked with Carl Rogers, Margaret Mead, Gregory Bateson, Leon Festinger, the Palo Alto group and their non-verbal communication research group.

Professor Anne Schützenberger was also a student of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross; and a visitor in Moshe Feldenkrais’ Body Work training for 2 years in USA and Paris. She is a co-founder with J.L. Moreno of IAGP, and organized the First International Congress of Psychodrama in Paris, (1964), and also the First European Congress of Humanistic Psychology and Psychotherapy in Paris in 1971.

At 89 years, she is still working, running groups, lecturing, and training in psychodrama, non verbal-communication, group-psychotherapy, unfinished tasks (Zeigarnik Effect), unfinished mourning of various losses, and transgenerational links.

She is one of the main pioneers in the field of transgenerational therapy (genosociogram, encompassing five to seven generation and “coined” the term psychogenealogy) and had become a best seller with Aie, Mes Aieux Paris, DDB, 1992; – translated in 9 languages (in English, The Ancestor Syndrome, London, Routledge, has a long chapter in a collective English Book Psychodrama, Advances in theory and practice, London, Routledge, July 2007- and a recent new book Psychogenealogie, Paris, Payot, Nov. 2007 .

Professor Anne Schützenberger is an expert on Psychodrama (certified TEP) for the United Nations (Europe) since 1970, and is an International trainer and supervisor in Psychodrama (TEP), working on 5 continents for 40 years.
She has received many awards, especially, the Prix de l’Aide Alliée à la Resistance (1948) for her work in the French Underground, (during World War II), the Soroptimist International Award (1950) and an honorary fellowship from the International Association for Group-psychotherapy (IAGP) (2002) She was one of the co-founders of IAGP – and pioneers in groupwork psychodrama and group-analysis since 1950.

She has become a best-seller at 80 with her book on transgenerational links [The Ancestor Syndrome] translates in seven languages, and has written many books and chapters in many books in French and English, in Europe and USA. [for French] [for English]

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Research Committee meeting:
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10th – 13th of October 2019
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15th FEPTO Conference:
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22nd to 24th of May, 2020
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28th FEPTO AM:
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