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Nève-Hanquet Chantal

Member of the « Centre de Formation à l’Intervention Psychosociologique » (CFIP)
Bruxelles Belgium
Born in 1943 in Liège, Belgium

Address : Rue du Rivage 20, 5100 Dave, Belgique
Tél : +32 477 85 01 03
Fax : +32 81 40 23 01

Languages: French and English (understanding of written and spoken language)

Studies: Degree in psychology, 1981
Psychodrama education
In 1968 I began my training in psychodrama under the leadership of Anne Ancelin Schützenberger, trainer at that time of the “Groupe français de Sociométrie et de Dynamique de Groupe” and guest of the Verveine (Louvain) which became a section of the CFIP in 1977.
In the course of my training I participated in many different psychodrama groups and acquainted myself with a variety of therapeutic approaches.

Psychodrama activities
From 1970 to 1973 I led a therapeutic psychodrama group with children.
From 1977 to 1998 I led a therapeutic psychodrama group (experiential level) and in 1998 I started and led the didactic psychodrama group at the CFIP.

I also developed with Jacques Pluymaekers (trainer in family therapy), a psychodramatic method called “landscape genogram”, a transgenerational approach which integrates metaphor with the play of psychodrama.
The psychodrama, with its dimension of group work, made me aware of the symbolism that emerges as a result of the collective work of the group. This symbolism can be shown to relate to the work of Jung on the collective unconscious and the archetypes.
I make every effort to ensure that psychodrama remains alive in French speaking Belgium.
I conduct landscape genogram groups in France, Greece, Italy, Quebec and Switzerland.
Since 1993 I have been conducting different training and supervision groups in Sofia, Bulgaria
I have written many articles about the landscape genogram with Jacques Pluymaekers and about the body in therapy with Christine van der Borght. In addition, I have co-authored several articles with Pierre Fontaine.

Others specialisations
In 1988 I became a Jungian analyst a the SBPA (Société Belge de Psychologie Analytique)
In 1981 I became a trainer in family therapy (IPFS- Namur Be)
In my psychotherapeutic practice, I work with individuals, couples and families.
I conduct several supervision groups.

Association membership
Member of SBPA (Société Belge de Psychologie Analytique), Abiffs and EFTA ( European Family Therapy Asociation), Groupement des formateurs en thérapie familiale, Bruxelles,
ABP (Association Belge de Psychodrame), EAP (section belge), IAGP and a council member and treasurer of FEPTO.

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Research Committee meeting:
From Resilience to Wellbeing. Promoting Health through Psychodrama and Action Methods

28th of February to
3rd of March 2019
University of Padova, Italy

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FEPTO Conference

14th FEPTO Conference:
Mindful Action for Development
Learning of Individuals and Groups

17th to 19th of May, 2019
Tallinn, Estonia

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Annual Meeting

27th FEPTO AM:
From Creativity to Functionality. Prosperous members in a Flourishing Organization

19th to 23rd of May, 2019
Tallinn, Estonia

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