French Speaking Group

French Speaking Group


Braneva, Inna  (Bulgaria)
Esmanjaud, Colette  (France),
Gaspar, Ana  (Portugal),
Girardin, Virginie  (France)
Graulus, Pascal (Belgium)
Karakilic Ücer, Hande (Turkey)
Moura, Luciano  (Portugal),
Vetzova, Rayna (Bulgaria),


Chantal Nève Hanquet (Belgium),


1. At Ninane, Belgium.  Meeting notes of June 15-16-17, 2018

The French-speaking group has once again reunited for a second round at Ninane, Belgium. The group has been wonderfully and warmly hosted by its generous, open and thoroughly able hostess Chantal Nève Hanquet. Additionally, our special acknowledgement goes to Pierre Nève, for doing his out most in providing his assistance for bringing the group together.

Last year’s group experience helped us get into the heart of the matter quite swiftly, requiring only a short warm-up ; thus finding ourselves in the midst of active play.

We have played and shared in French, which is our group contract. Those of us who were not native French-speakers were in full harmony and participated with great generosity, which was a precious gift in itself.

Discussions and sharing of professional experience were made around the following themes:

  • Psychodrama work involving the concept of surplus reality.
  • Its use with traumatized individuals; either victims or aggressors.
  • Its use in grief-work and in the completion of unfinished business.
  • Dream-work.
  • Use of EMDR integrated with psychodrama.

This year, not only did we have the opportunity to build on our common theoretical and practical knowledge; but also had the occasion to dwell on personal and intimate matters.

The group is growing and elaborating.

Our intention Is to meet again during the time period that spans the 31st of May, 1st and 2nd of June 2019.

Colette Esmanjaud







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