FEPTO Conference

Invitation for the FEPTO Conference

12th FEPTO Conference
Sigtuna, Sweden, 16th – 18th of June 2017
Compass and Compassion. A conference on
Morenian ethics and philosophy

FEPTO Conference will be held between the 16th to 18th of June 2017. It begins Friday afternoon and finishes at Sunday lunch. Compass and Compassion. A conference on morenian ethics and philosophy. What is to act right? How can morenian theory, philosophy, ethics, justice and the methods of psychodrama, sociodrama and sociometry contribute to meet the demanding challenges in Europe and the world?

You can read more about FEPTO  Conference history.

sigtuna-2The place we choose is Sigtuna, which is the oldest town is Sweden founded 970 AD. The meeting will take place when it is Midsummer, one of the most important holidays. See this video to warm up a bit to the longest day of the year.


Sigtuna is near to Stockholm /Arlanda airport, easy to reach by public transportation or by taxi. More information will be uploaded as soon as available. Please visit us for news after the 1st of December.

The local organizing committee (LOC):
Judith Teszáry (coordinator) Mariolina Werner (secretary) Eva Fahlström-Borg, Monica Westberg, Kerstin Jurdell, Gunnel Carlsson.

Judith Teszáry


Compass and companionHow can Morenian philosophy and ethics inspire the challenges societies meet today?

When FEPTO was founded 25 years ago we all shared Moreno´s idea about action and inclusion. He had a dream about a society where democratic principles meant that everyone takes active part of choosing what they want to do what with. Democracy is not only about terms of elections it is about active choices of our daily lives who do we want to do what with? Also to be able to say “no” to actions we don´t want to take part of. He thought that human beings need to be able to meet each other and understand the other person although he or she is seen as an antagonist. That is what Moreno called tele or a mutual role-reversal with another person. A famous political philosopher, Hannah Arendt writes that politics, that is influencing the others, has to be free and characterized by choices how we want to act. The action therefor is unpredictable and risk-taking which means not knowing how the action will be met. It is not freedom to control every action and build a society like predictable plan, like manufacturing or producing a building. In the risk-taking action people need to develop a judgement and to be able to make promises and ask for forgiveness when things go wrong. Action is also to show yourself vulnerable and try to understand your antagonist in a dialog. These theories are in many aspects shared by Moreno. Both their philosophies are in many ways controversial in society, where control and winning over your antagonist are more common.

Today society is challenging a growing mistrust for politicians and the so called establishment. Along this mistrust people are reacting to globalization and migration with fear. This attitude has been shown in different political elections where nationalistic ideas, anti-migration and even racism is on the agenda. Politicians begin to understand that politics mainly has been about materialism and economy. What has not been in focus enough is how people see their identity and how they will live their life. According to Vaclav Havel, the famous Czech author and dramatist, who became a president, an existential revolution must predate even the moral and political reconstruction of society. There seems to be an existential “anorexia” where people are empty, lost and left to the materialistic and nationalistic world. Society needs a revolt against a world in which the system is just another name for totalitarianism that creates itself and inhibits the forces of life from being realized.

Morenian philosophy with its methods, sociometry, psychodrama and sociodrama are ways where true identities are growing and where truth can be explored. Dilemmas people inhabit in their lives played out on a stage gives the existence a visible place. Persons may experience how to act spontaneous and creative is inspiring and fascinating, as well as being able to train the judgement through the role-reversal and the tele-process in the relationships and in their choices. With compassion we find the way.

Monica Zuretti a well-known psycho-and sociodramatist will speak about Moreno´s philosophy with facilitation of Börge Kristoffersson, psychodramatist and university lecturer, who has newly written about Moreno’s philosophy. We will also listen to a lecture by a philosopher, university lecturer, Ulrika Björk about Hannah Arendt, whose philosophy in many aspects can be associated to Moreno’s.

In small groups and large groups led by both senior and young psychodramatists we will work with these themes during the whole conference, using Moreno’s methods.




Judith Teszáry
, coordinator

Judith TeszaryDirector of Psychodrama, certified by Moreno Institute, Beacon New York. A senior international trainer, supervisor and lecturer. Founding member of FEPTO and served as President for 6 years. Presently she is the chair of the Ethics Committee in FEPTO.

Judith has worked with Child Care as psychologist at Stockholm City Social department. She has worked within a research and treatment project with psychosomatic patients in 5 years at the Karolinska Institute/Stress Research Division, Stockholm. She is on the editorial team for Psychodrama journal, a special edition for the 25th anniversary of FEPTO.

Working as international coordinator of an Erasmus+ project: P.E.R.F.O.R.M.E.R.S together with 4 countries. The aim of the project is to develop Sociodrama as a method in youth work. She is also doing Sociodrama in a project with Roma women living in deep poverty in Hungary.

She is the chair of the Swedish Association of Psychodramatists, which is the organizing association of 2017 AM and Conference.


Mariolina Werner Guarino
, Secretary

Mariolina Werner GuarinoI was born in Milano, Italy, but I have lived in Stockholm since 1978. I’m a teacher and a Psychodramatist and I work in an Upper Secondary School where I teach psychology and French. Since 1999 I have run psychodrama/sociodrama courses for the students. These courses are now integrated in the study plan and compulsory for the all the students of the socio-psychologist program of our school. Mariolina has her diploma as psychodramatist from Psychodrama Academy, Sweden.



Kerstin Jurdell

Kerstin JurdellMA, TEP, Founder and director at the Swedish Psychodrama School, a member of FEPTO.
She is a trainer in psychodrama since more than 35 years and has also trained internationally in Germany, Finland, Norway and Portugal. She works as university teacher at the University of Gävle specialized in ethics and leadership and social work. She is also working in private practice with psychotherapy and supervision.
She is writing a thesis about sociopsychodrama as a student at the Centre for practical Studies at Södertörn University.

Monica Westberg

Monika WestbergBA in pedagogic, child study and gender study.
Certificate of directorship, Moreno Institute, Beacon, New York USA.
Certificate in Hypnosis, Deborah Ross, USA. Has 10 years experience of working with refugee children in different social programs. Founder and chair of a psychodrama training school, the Swedish Psychodrama Foundation 1987. Started the Norwegian Psychodrama School 1986 together with Eva Roine.

Founding member of FEPTO. A member of FEPTO Research Committee.
Working in private practice since 1980.



Eva Fahlström Borg

Eva Fahlstroem BorgIs a social activist and a senior registered Psychotherapist and one of many pioneers of Psychodrama in Sweden. Eva works internationally as a lecturer, workshop leader and trainer of Psychodrama, Sociodrama, Bibliodrama and Play-Back Theatre.
She is a university trained supervisor and teacher of psychotherapy specialist in Systemic Family Therapy. Eva is a founding member of FEPTO, served on the Board of FEPTO and is the creator of FEPTO theatre. She is also an international trainer of Restorative Justice and is a senior consultant to IIRP, International Institute for Restorative Practices.
In 2011 Eva was awarded “Life Time Achievement” by FEPTO.

Eva is presently the Chair of Trauma and Disaster Intervention Team, IAGP (International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes).



LOC secretary: Mariolina Werner Guarino
mailto: feptosigtuna2017@gmail.com
Tel: +46 76-206 67 71





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16th to 18th of June, 2017
Sigtuna, Sweden

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