FEPTO Conference

Invitation for the FEPTO Conference

15th FEPTO Conference
Online, the 14th of May, 2021
Encounters in the Online Surplus Reality

The Conference will be organized by FEPTO online with local partner: AMIGDALA School for Psychodrama (Republic North Macedonia)

Dear Colleagues and Members of the FEPTO Community,

We gladly announce the First Online FEPTO Conference, which will be held on Friday, the 14th of May 2021. We invite you to submit your proposals for online workshops and/ or lectures!
The topic of the meeting will be: Encounters in the Online Surplus Reality.

The unprecedented experience of the Covid-19 pandemic was very challenging for all of us. The reality in which we live and work has changed dramatically over the last year. We were forced to postpone both FEPTO Conference and Annual Meeting. Our psychodramatic activities, practice and training, have transitioned to the virtual environment of online platforms. This transition generates a new experience for us and our groups. The virtual reality of the internet, may be considered like an alternative form of the surplus reality that is created in psychodrama. The surplus reality we encounter in the psychodrama becomes parallel to the reality of everyday life. It is enough to take our eyes off the screen, and we can turn it on or off.The aim of this Conference is to explore the experience of the online psychodramatic encounters and provide opportunities for exchanges on this topic, between the members of our community.

It will be a one-day conference, and will consist of online workshops and lectures. The workshops will last 90 minutes. The lectures will last 30 minutes, followed by a 15 minutes discussion.

To apply, you need to fill out the attached form. Please submit the completed forms by March 31st. Please send your proposals by email at FEPTOonline@gmail.com

The program of the Conference will be announced on April 10. Then there will be a call for participants to choose a workshop and lecture. There will not be a registration fee. The FEPTO Online Conference will be free of charge.  

Please send your proposals on FEPTOonline@gmail.com

With our warmest psychodramatic wishes,
Mimi-Mirjana J. Stojanovska and the Local Organizing Committee of N. Macedonia



16th FEPTO Conference
Ohrid, North Macedonia, May, 2022
The Healing Power of Psychodrama

The Conference will be organized by FEPTO with local partner: AMIGDALA School for Psychodrama (Republic North Macedonia)


Moreno discovered the healing power of drama while he directed the Theatre of Spontaneity in Vienna in the early 1920’s, a project that he revived in New York in early 1930’s .

He considers health as an actualization process of roles and the Self, based on the two pillars of spontaneity and creativity. Moreno considers pathology as a state that is frozen in patterns which got stuck. There no longer seems to be any access to spontaneity and creativity. The rigid internalized role(s) no longer included the resources required to trigger the process of actualization, only reflexes and automatic responses prevail. Repeating rigid ways of being and acting limits all prospects, they become quasi sterile. Once a role freezes, the individual becomes incapable of adjusting to the diversity of a novel situation.

The Morenos believed psychodrama allowed new expressions of oneself and the integration of the inner and outer realities of a person, which could lead to psychological healing. And psychological healing leads to healing of the body and relations.

Psychodrama is a laboratory for learning how to live while giving space to ontogenetic and phylogenetic language. It is opening the space/stage to face fears, conquer weaknesses, and heal traumas, anxiety, depression, hate, love, dreams, relations, society. We can open stages for individual and group work in the schools, hospitals, work-places, offices, theaters, on the streets, factories, shops, university, psychiatric ordinations, psychological cabinets,

Psychodrama could deeply affect minds and produce cognitive changes, way of thinking, attitudes, believes, finding out and changing bias prejudges.

Psychodrama also can deeply touch and make changes in humans emotions. And it can deeply affect one spiritually.  Moreno says we are not human beings on a spiritual journey; we are spiritual beings on a human journey. And he made Psychodrama to heal the energy that vibrates and creates this dualism.

Human beings have the urge to act and interact: it is a part of their human condition; and it undoubtedly does influence and healing human state of being (emotionally, physically, psychologically, spiritually, mentally, socially, relationally….).

Psychodrama has also made us better people, for ourselves and for others, making us more acceptable, more tolerant, more emphatic, more conscious for society. It can enrich our life experiences and make us wiser.

On behalf of the local organization Committee chair:
Mirjana Jovanovska Stojanovska



During this FEPTO Conference we will focus on the healing possibilities that psychodrama technics provide us, by teaching us spontaneity to allow us to be creative. As Zerka says: “To touch the autonomous healing centre is our task as therapists”. The healing can be through a game, a dance, drawing, singing, acting, talking, encounters, modelling, writing, and fantasizing. Bring your experience and knowledge of psychodrama use to “heal” psychological problems, the soul, the body, interpersonal and society relations.

In this conference we are looking for experiential workshops that will concretise and explore the possibilities of “healing” offered by Psychodrama.

The 2-hour workshops should:

  • Be in English(no translation)
  • Explore a specific topic to the theme of the conference
  • Provide a theoretical frame relevant to the theme of the conference

The proposal should be sent in by the 31st of January, 2022

  1. The title
  2. The workshop leader(s) + Short abstract, incl.
  • Topic and the approach
  • Descriptions of methods/process that will be used
  • Contact information

Sent to us your proposal as soon as possible at:



FEPTO, an organization assisting European and Mediterranean countries, is a great international platform for exchange and support for member institutes and all persons who are interested in psychodrama and related methods. We try to make psychodrama practice/training more effective, recognizable and fruitful for society.

Our approach is capacious and flexible, we can apply it in many forms and contexts: individual, pairs, small and large groups, clinical/psychotherapy work, education, social work, health promotion, etc.

As a FEPTO council we would like to announce and invite you to present your work as a poster which will be shown at the forthcoming FEPTO Conference and AM in Tallinn, May 2019.

The goal of this project is to open an additional space for the participants to share the current activity in the field of psychodrama (including sociodrama and sociometry) and action methods with the audience of these FEPTO annual events.

We trust, that it will be interesting for all participants to see what kind of research you are actually undertaking or what kind of best practice/training you conduct. You are friendly invited to present your good practices or/final research findings in graphic form as a poster.

Posters can be prepared by the individual member or by the team of co-authors. After the poster session the best posters will be awarded! Encourage yourself and your colleagues – get your students involved!


  • What makes a good poster?
  • Important information is readable from about 3 meter away
  • The maximum size of the poster is A0 (841×1189 mm)
  • Title is short, clear connected to the content and draws interest
  • Text is clear and to the point, use between 300 to 800 words
  • Use of bullets, numbering and headings makes it easy to follow
  • You can also use graphics, colours, charts, photos, images
  • Choose consistent and clear layout
  • Think of what the most important/interesting finding in your research or other project is,and make it visible for the readers

Posters should be prepared in English, please check language.

What software can be used to make a poster?
The easiest way to prepare a poster is to outsource this to a professional graphics company, but you can also prepare it yourself using helpful software.

You can use licensed software like Power Point (a part of Microsoft Office package) as well as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or In Design. Another possibility is to use Open Source software like Open Office (impress is its Power Point alternative) Inkscape and Gimp (alternatives to Adobe products). For charts and diagrams, you can use e.g. Gliffy or Lovely Charts.
Please compare: https://guides.nyu.edu/posters

How to prepare and send your application?
Please inform us about author (co-authors) full name (s), affiliation and the title of the poster. Also send an abstract in English summarizing the content within 100 to 200 words. Include the information about the size of the printed version of your project.

The deadline for sending posters is 31 of March 2020. Confirmation of participation will be 15th March 2020. please, share your research and professional experience with others! Let your flower be visible! Make FEPTO a more flourishing organization!

Call for posters: until the 31st of March, 2020. Confirmation of participation will be 15th of April 2019. You can send your proposal using the Google Tables prepared by the LOC

Send us a proposal as soon as possible at:

Please, share your research and professional experience with others! Let your flower be visible! Make FEPTO a more flourishing organization!

FEPTO Posters Committee

Krzysztof Ciepliński, Judith Teszáry, and Vesna Blazevska



Mirjana Jovanovska Stojanovska PhD.

She is psychologist, master in Clinical Psychology and Counseling, a Doctorate of Psychology. She is founder , main trainer and supervisor in the AMIGDALA School for Psychodrama. She is EAGT certificated Gestalt Therapist. Certificated Supervisor by Gestalt Center, London. She is Assistant professor at the Faculty of Psychology, MIT University, Skopje. She teaches: “Introduction to Psychodrama” to Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology.
She is President of the Chamber of Psychology of Republic North Macedonia. Аctively participates in the development and organization of the profession of psychologist in her country.
She has private practice as psychologist-psychotherapist. Her work is focused on working with trauma, PTSD, stress management, panic attacks, phobias, OCD, psychosomatic problems, anorexia, bulimia, working with LGBT issues.She is interesting in Researches in Psychotherapy and education. She is leading pilot –project research of the influence of education for psychotherapy on personality of Trainee. She is also conducting research on the impact of psychotherapy with  cancer patients.

Dr. Biljana Gjorgjeska

Is the Full Professor at the Faculty of Medical Science at University Goce Delcev in Stip. Psychodrama is her love. Member of AMIGDALA School for Psychodrama since 2009.
Actively participates in the work of the Association and supports  the development of Psychodrama in Northern Macedonia.
As the head of Department of Drug Analyses and Pharmaceutical Chemistry she is the leader and the teacher of the courses at the graduate level and at the postgraduate level she is mentor of specialization “Examination and Quality control of Drugs” as well as mentor for doctoral studies.
Professor Biljana Gjorgjeska’s research interests are in the fields of Pharmaceutical Analyses, Quality Control and Quality Assurance of Pharmaceuticals, Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and QSAR.

Vesna Blazhevska PhD.

She is psychologist, her master studies are in field of Clinical Psychology and she has a PhD in field of developmental and pedagogical psychology. She is trainer and supervisor of the AMIGDALA School for Psychodrama. She is Assistant professor and currently is a Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, MIT University, Skopje.
She is member of Board of directors of the Chamber of Psychology of North Macedonia.
She works as physiologist-psychotherapist in private practice. Her work is focused on working with trauma, PTSD, stress management, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, eating disorders, LGBT issues.Her research interests are about childhood trauma and occurrence of late psychopathological phenomena, dynamic of domestic violence, family dynamic etc.

Margarita Nikolovska

MScs in Clinical Psychology and Counselling, Psychodrama Trainer and Psychotherapist. She is a President of AMIGDALA School for Psychodrama, NGO and humanitarian worker. She is a president of Supervisory Board of Chamber of Psychologist of Republic North Macedonia
In her Psychotherapy work, she work individual and group therapy, mostly with anxiety, panic attacks, traumas, relational problems, development problems, adaptation problems,  personal development.
She also works at Special Institution Demir Kapia with people and children with deep autism, cerebral paralysis, hard developmental disabilities, and combination of psychological disorders with development disorders: assessment of functionality and identification of abilities, individual plans for development, treatments for socialization, cognitive and communication skills.
In her work , she combines different psychotherapy and special educational methods and tools.

Ilija Dojčinovski

Since 2018, Dojchinovski is a scientific assistant and PhD student at the International Psychoanalytic University in Berlin, Germany. His engagement at the university is both teaching seminars in the area of personality psychology and applied diagnostics and preparation of his PhD thesis on wise interventions and psychodrama and a psychological well being scale adaptation on Macedonian.
He earned his master’s degree in Developmental psychology at the Institute of psychology, State University “Saints Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje.
From 2005 to 2018 he was a psychologist in the Zan Mitrev Clinic in Skopje. There he did counseling with patients (and their families) undergoing various medical procedures. He is a certified psychodrama psychotherapist  by AMIGDALA School for Psychodrama. He also spent two years in gestalt psychotherapeutic group.
His professional and research interests include the possibilities of implementation of various (psychotherapeutic) approaches in enhancement of psychological well being as well as construction and adaptation of various psycho-diagnostic instruments.



LOC coordinator: Mirjana Jovanovska Stojanovska
Tel: +389 70 233 453

Secretary of the conference: Margarita Nikolovska
Email:  fepto.ohrid@gmail.com





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3rd to 6th of March, 2022
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15th FEPTO Conference:
Encounters in the Online Surplus Reality

14th of May, 2021

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Mind The Body Exploring the Soma Through Psychodrama

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