FEPTO Conference

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13th FEPTO Conference
Pravetz, Bulgaria, 11th – 13th of May 2018
The Tree of Life: Tradition and renewal

the tree of lifeFEPTO Conference will be devoted to growth and change, based on the power and energy of the historical roots.

The Conference will take place in Pravetz, a small town in a beautiful valley.  The traces of human settlement at this place are found to be from about 2000 years BCE (Before the Common Era). The name of the town means “straight road”. Pravetz has a number of occupational levels formed during the centuries, and we hope, that the spirit of upgrading changes combined with stability will give a magic impact on our mission and show us the right way.

The Conference will take place from Friday, the 11th of May, at 16.00
till Sunday, the 13th of May, at 15.00.
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According to Moreno, the human being is not only a case of psychodynamics and sociodynamics. There is a larger world beyond this understanding, which is defined by Moreno as “cosmodynamics”. Man is a cosmic man.

The tree of life is a cosmic symbol. It is universal symbol all over the world, existing in different continents, nations and religions. It is a tree of wisdom, axis mundi. Its roots are strongly connected to the feeding power of the ground. Its brunches are in touch with the spirituality of the sky. We are inviting you to come together under its brunches and get into a spirit of unitedness in the roots and variability of the brunches.

We are living in unpredictable and chaotic time. We feel the upcoming changes in the air. How do we experience the messages of time, what do we feel?  Are we scared, embarrassed, energized, activated, angry, sorry, aggressive or creative? Shell we use our spontaneity in the way of constructive adaptiveness, being flexible enough for the necessary changes without losing a connection with the roots of stability?  “It is, therefore, through man’s faith in the infinite creativity of cosmos, that what he embodies in a psychodramatic world may one day actually become true” – Moreno says.

Nowadays it seems important to be careful and conscious of changes, which are happening to the psychodramatic method. On one hand, psychodrama is opened to the advantages of the other psychological approaches. We can see a reach experience of combinations of psychodramatic school with analytical, behavioral and other methods. On another hand psychodrama is enriching and renewing trough adapting to certain social groups. In any case the survival of psychodramatic method depends on keeping in touch with the roots, the Morenian understanding of cosmos, true encounter among people, role reversal not only on the psychodramatic scene, but also in our minds, spontaneity, creativity and a presence of the future in us.

The tree of life, connecting past and future, unconscious, conscious and spiritual, roots and brunches will give us recourses for the identity of the psychodramatic community. The tree of life, in our way, will give its input for the safety of the world

On behalf of theThe local organizing committee (LOC):
Katherina Ilieva (coordinator)


Soon to be presented.

12th FEPTO Conference
Sigtuna, Sweden, 16th – 18th of June 2017
Compass and Compassion. A conference on
Morenian ethics and philosophy

Judith Teszáry
, coordinator

Judith TeszaryDirector of Psychodrama, certified by Moreno Institute, Beacon New York. A senior international trainer, supervisor and lecturer. Founding member of FEPTO and served as President for 6 years. Presently she is the chair of the Ethics Committee in FEPTO.

Judith has worked with Child Care as psychologist at Stockholm City Social department. She has worked within a research and treatment project with psychosomatic patients in 5 years at the Karolinska Institute/Stress Research Division, Stockholm. She is on the editorial team for Psychodrama journal, a special edition for the 25th anniversary of FEPTO.

Working as international coordinator of an Erasmus+ project: P.E.R.F.O.R.M.E.R.S together with 4 countries. The aim of the project is to develop Sociodrama as a method in youth work. She is also doing Sociodrama in a project with Roma women living in deep poverty in Hungary.

She is the chair of the Swedish Association of Psychodramatists, which is the organizing association of 2017 AM and Conference.


Mariolina Werner Guarino
, Secretary

Mariolina Werner GuarinoI was born in Milano, Italy, but I have lived in Stockholm since 1978. I’m a teacher and a Psychodramatist and I work in an Upper Secondary School where I teach psychology and French. Since 1999 I have run psychodrama/sociodrama courses for the students. These courses are now integrated in the study plan and compulsory for the all the students of the socio-psychologist program of our school. Mariolina has her diploma as psychodramatist from Psychodrama Academy, Sweden.



Kerstin Jurdell

Kerstin JurdellMA, TEP, Founder and director at the Swedish Psychodrama School, a member of FEPTO.
She is a trainer in psychodrama since more than 35 years and has also trained internationally in Germany, Finland, Norway and Portugal. She works as university teacher at the University of Gävle specialized in ethics and leadership and social work. She is also working in private practice with psychotherapy and supervision.
She is writing a thesis about sociopsychodrama as a student at the Centre for practical Studies at Södertörn University.

Monica Westberg

Monika WestbergBA in pedagogic, child study and gender study.
Certificate of directorship, Moreno Institute, Beacon, New York USA.
Certificate in Hypnosis, Deborah Ross, USA. Has 10 years experience of working with refugee children in different social programs. Founder and chair of a psychodrama training school, the Swedish Psychodrama Foundation 1987. Started the Norwegian Psychodrama School 1986 together with Eva Roine.

Founding member of FEPTO. A member of FEPTO Research Committee.
Working in private practice since 1980.



Eva Fahlström Borg

Eva Fahlstroem BorgIs a social activist and a senior registered Psychotherapist and one of many pioneers of Psychodrama in Sweden. Eva works internationally as a lecturer, workshop leader and trainer of Psychodrama, Sociodrama, Bibliodrama and Play-Back Theatre.
She is a university trained supervisor and teacher of psychotherapy specialist in Systemic Family Therapy. Eva is a founding member of FEPTO, served on the Board of FEPTO and is the creator of FEPTO theatre. She is also an international trainer of Restorative Justice and is a senior consultant to IIRP, International Institute for Restorative Practices.
In 2011 Eva was awarded “Life Time Achievement” by FEPTO.

Eva is presently the Chair of Trauma and Disaster Intervention Team, IAGP (International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes).



LOC secretary: Mariolina Werner Guarino
mailto: feptosigtuna2017@gmail.com
Tel: +46 76-206 67 71





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FEPTO Conference

13th FEPTO Conference:
The Tree of Life: Tradition and Renewal

11th to 13th of May, 2018
Pravetz, Bulgaria

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