FEPTO Conference

Invitation for the FEPTO Conference

15th FEPTO Conference
Ohrid, North Macedonia, 22nd – 24th of May 2020
Topic to be decided.

Information will be provided soon.

14th FEPTO Conference
Tallinn, Estonia, 17th – 19th of May 2019
Mindful Action for Development –
Learning of Individuals and Groups

The conference will be organized by FEPTO with local partners: Tallinn Psychodrama Institute (Estonia), MTÜ Tartu Psühhodraama Instituut (Estonia) and Helsinki Psychodrama Institute (Finland) in Tallinn, Estonia


We humans are relational, action oriented beings. Our function is based on sensations, perceptions, and processing of data in neurosystems in relation to other human beings, animals, and nature. We need to learn and develop for surviving and succeeding in our lives. We learn totally new things and ways of thinking and action, or we can learn to relate in a bit new way to situations and relations we already are used to. Mindfulness and neuropsychology offer many methods and research outcomes, which are connected especially to learning and development of individuals. Psychodrama, sociodrama and sociometry are based on theories and creative action methodology, which can generate and support effective experiential learning in individuals and groups.

In this FEPTO Conference we will combine action, mindful, focused presence and development with perspectives based on mindfulness, neuropsychology, psychodrama, sociodrama and sociometry. Morenian theory and methodology is practiced in action for development and healing of individuals and groups.

There are 3 lectures, which offer views to action, presence and learning of individuals and groups based on neuropsychology, mindfulness, and learning by creative action methods of psychodrama. In practical and experiential workshops you can get familiar with concrete (co-)creative action methods and techniques, learn new perspectives on human relations, group leading and learning based on neuropsychology, psychodrama, sociodrama and sociometry, and share experiences with other professionals working in different fields of human action and development.

On behalf of the local organizing committee,
LOC chair: Reijo Kauppila


In this FEPTO Conference we will combine action for development and mindful, focused presence with perspectives based on neuropsychology, psychodrama, sociodrama, axiodrama and sociometry. Morenian theory and methodology is practiced in (inter-)action with individuals and groups. There are a lot of connections between the practice of psychodrama and sociometry and modern research on neuropsychology and approaches to mindfulness.

The key note speakers offer perspectives from neuropsychology and mindfulness onto action and presence in the context of learning in psychodrama. These are linked with core theories and practice of psychodrama and sociometry.

For the conference we are looking for experiential workshops that will concretise and explore these connections. The 2-hour workshops should:

  • Be in English (no translation)
  • Explore a specific topic relevant to the theme of the conference
  • Provide a theoretical frame and practical experience for a group of up to 20 people

The proposal should be sent in by the 31st of January, 2019:

  • The title
  • The workshop leader(s) + short description
  • Short abstract, incl.
    • topic and the approach
    • description of methods / process that will be used
  • Contact information

Submit your own proposal as soon as possible, latest on January the 31st, 2019, using the Google docs prepared by the LOC.

Submit a workshop > Google Docs.



FEPTO, an organization assisting European and Mediterranean countries, is a great international platform for exchange and support for member institutes and all persons who are interested in psychodrama and related methods. We try to make psychodrama practice/training more effective, recognizable and fruitful for society.

Our approach is capacious and flexible, we can apply it in many forms and contexts: individual, pairs, small and large groups, clinical/psychotherapy work, education, social work, health promotion, etc.

As a FEPTO council we would like to announce and invite you to present your work as a poster which will be shown at the forthcoming FEPTO Conference and AM in Tallinn, May 2019.

The goal of this project is to open an additional space for the participants to share the current activity in the field of psychodrama (including sociodrama and sociometry) and action methods with the audience of these FEPTO annual events.

We trust, that it will be interesting for all participants to see what kind of research you are actually undertaking or what kind of best practice/training you conduct. You are friendly invited to present your good practices or/final research findings in graphic form as a poster.

Posters can be prepared by the individual member or by the team of co-authors. After the poster session the best posters will be awarded! Encourage yourself and your colleagues – get your students involved!


  • What makes a good poster?
  • Important information is readable from about 3 meter away
  • The maximum size of the poster is A0 (841×1189 mm)
  • Title is short, clear connected to the content and draws interest
  • Text is clear and to the point, use between 300 to 800 words
  • Use of bullets, numbering and headings makes it easy to follow
  • You can also use graphics, colours, charts, photos, images
  • Choose consistent and clear layout
  • Think of what the most important/interesting finding in your research or other project is,and make it visible for the readers

Posters should be prepared in English, please check language.

What software can be used to make a poster?
The easiest way to prepare a poster is to outsource this to a professional graphics company, but you can also prepare it yourself using helpful software.

You can use licensed software like Power Point (a part of Microsoft Office package) as well as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or In Design. Another possibility is to use Open Source software like Open Office (impress is its Power Point alternative) Inkscape and Gimp (alternatives to Adobe products). For charts and diagrams, you can use e.g. Gliffy or Lovely Charts.
Please compare: https://guides.nyu.edu/posters

How to prepare and send your application?
Please inform us about author (co-authors) full name (s), affiliation and the title of the poster. Also send an abstract in English summarizing the content within 100 to 200 words. Include the information about the size of the printed version of your project.

The deadline for sending posters is 31 of March 2019. Confirmation of participation will be 15th March 2019. please, share your research and professional experience with others! Let your flower be visible! Make FEPTO a more flourishing organization!

Call for posters: until the 31st of March, 2019. Confirmation of participation will be 15th of April 2019. You can send your proposal using the Google Tables prepared by the LOC

Submit a poster > Google Docs

Please, share your research and professional experience with others! Let your flower be visible! Make FEPTO a more flourishing organization!

FEPTO Posters Committee

Krzysztof Ciepliński, Kerstin Jurdel and Judith Teszáry



Reijo Kauppila

I am the director and the main trainer in Helsinki Psychodrama Institute, Finland. I am a Psychodrama Trainer TEP, and M.Ed. in Adult Education. I am a certified supervisor and business coach, too. Extremely interested in adult learning and development. My two main interests in psychodrama training are 1) to research and develop the pedagogical and educational competences of trainers and training institutes, and 2) to concretize, what makes learning in and by psychodrama so special 3) to develop applications of psychodrama, sociodrama and sociometry for organisations and leadership. I give seminars in psychodrama, supervision and coaching in Finland and in other European countries, and I work in organizations in private and public sectors. International projects, like Inspirational Pedagogy and EBTS-Trainings, are ways for me to develop psychodrama in different fields of application. Chair of LOC.

Endel Hango

I am the foreign minister of Tartu Psychodrama Institute, Estonia, a trainer and a teacher of psychodrama and playback theatre. I also work in a professional setting with organisations and teams, helping them enhance their creativity and spontaneity.
My first education is in psychology and economy.
And I love to play with chaos and order, spontaneity and systemic thinking to enhance growth.

Aivar Simmermann

Founder of Moreno Centre and Tallinn Psychodrama Institute, Estonia. Doctor of theatre sciences, psychodrama supervisor and trainer, TEP: Member of Crisis Program for Children and Youth






Pille Isat

Founder of Moreno Centre and Tallinn Psychodrama Institute, Estonia.
Psychologist, psychodrama therapist, supervisor and trainer, TEP.
Member of Estonian Psychotherapy Association and Crisis Program for Children and Youth.


LOC coordinator: Reijo Kauppila
Tel: +358 44 599 3377

Secretary of the conference: Katrin Laansalu
Email: conference2019@fepto.com




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FEPTO Conference

15th FEPTO Conference:
Topic to be decided

22nd to 24th of May, 2020
Ohrid, North Macedonia

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Annual Meeting

28th FEPTO AM:
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24th to 28th of May, 2020
Ohrid, North Macedonia

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