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1. FEPTO Conference guidelines

The FEPTO Conference, further on FC, is a psychodrama meeting that is organized by a local organization in cooperation with FEPTO, preferably after a FEPTO Annual Meeting (until now FEPTO Post Meeting Conference – PMC).
One or more local psychodrama organization (LO) form a local organizing committee (LOC) to organize the FC in co-operation with the FEPTO council.
This or these organization/s is/are the body/bodies responsible for building the committee and its functioning.

The FC promotes the mutual learning of psychodrama and improves the network of different countries and cultures between trainees, practitioners, trainers and other interested professionals.

Advantages for the partners:
The local organizers can use the presence of foreign trainers to offer special workshops for trainees, graduated local psychodramatists and trainers.
FEPTO can use it as a platform for workshops, intervision/supervision group and networking groups for FEPTO representatives and other psychodramatists.

• Local organizers prepare the meeting (Title, topic, facilities, registration, budget)
• Local organizers prepare the programme (trainers invited to give a lecture or workshop, first and second call) together with the FEPTO Council which is represented by the chair of the annual meeting committee.
• FEPTO Council will approve the programme and the budget

FEPTO will take the responsibility for the loss as long as
• The local organizers are working properly according to the guidelines
• Do not accede the budget without agreement of the FEPTO Council

50 % of the profit is going to the local organization/s. How the money is used is up to them and depends on the contract between the local organizations and the members of the LOC.

The contract between FEPTO (represented by the council) and the local organisation/s should be based on the FC guidelines.
The regulation between the local organisation/s and the LOC is not part of this contract.

• The FC should carry itself financially
• Workshops with paid trainers are only carried out when the number of participants guaranties to cover the travel costs, accommodation and fee for these trainers and the room rent and extra expenses (e.g. Coffee for break)
• Workshops without paid trainers are only carried out when the number of participants guaranties to cover the costs of the room rent and extra expenses (e.g. Coffee for break)
• Workshops are cancelled when there are not enough participants at the certain time when any costs would have to be paid (room reservation, flight booking etc), at least one month before the FC is taking place
• Conference fees for trainers running workshops:
– If the trainer runs a half-day (or less) workshop, (s)he pays the full FC fee
– If the trainer runs a day long workshop, (s)he pays half the fee of the FC
– If the trainer runs an ongoing group for two days, (s)he does not pay the fee of the FC
• Processing: When a trainer uses Action Methods or Psychodrama, (s)he should provide time to process the session, since processing is an important part of the learning experience.

The budget for the FC has to include
• Expenses for trainers or lecturers (accommodation costs, fees)
• Rent for rooms
• Extra costs (e.g. Coffee for break)
• The calculated registration fee
• The expected income

Following expenses are not part of the budget and should be paid by the profit of the LO.
• Costs for PR (other advertising than through the FEPTO web-site)
• Expenses caused by the organization of the FC (e.g. travel costs and working time of the organizers)


2. Scholarship attribution guidelines

As you all know, each year FEPTO provides scholarships for the Annual Meeting (AM) and for the FEPTO Conference (FC). Sometimes people wonder what is the procedure. We have kept it simple and are presenting it here.

Who can apply?

For the Annual Meeting ,one scholarship per institute is available (i.e. scholarships are not granted to individuals, nor to founding members, only to institutes). May apply for that scholarship all institutes (members of FEPTO) from countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia*, Estonia*, FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Greece*, Hungary, Latvia*, Lithuania*, Poland, Portugal*, Romania, Russia, Serbia ant Turkey.
Since one scholarship only is granted per institute, if a second person were to need another scholarship in order to represent the same institute, both applicants would have to discuss it and to come together to an agreement. In case when some scholarships remain available 1 month before the AM, a second scholarship may be granted to an institute requiring so.
For the FEPTO Conference, one scholarship per person is available for participants coming from the above countries mentioned. No matter which institute from FEPTO they are coming from, nor how many people are coming from the same institute.

How much is a scholarship?

FEPTO policy is to offer scholarships not exceeding 10% of the total amount of participants (fees) registered. This is based on the (almost) monthly report of FEPTO Treasurer or the Local organizing Committee (LOC).
A full scholarship represents 2/3 of the early bird registration fee. This amount is covered by FEPTO. The applicant needs to pay the third left.
*Participants (for FC) coming from these countries get half a scholarship, which means that 1/3 of the early bird registration fee is paid by FEPTO and 2/3 by the applicant.
If the applicant, does not register within the early bird deadline, FEPTO still provide the scholarship based on the early bird fee; what is left of the regular fee then remains to be paid by the participant.

How to apply?

The Development Committee is in charge of the process of attribution of the scholarships. It is a four-step rather simple procedure, based on the following rule : first come, first served.
1. The applicant – whether (s)he be representing an institute (for AM) or coming as an individual (for FC) need to feel out the application form and send it to the Chair of Development Committee development@fepto.com, mentioning which institute (s)he is coming from and which country.
2. The Development Committee will respond by a first email
• either granting the tentative scholarship
• or putting the applicant on the waiting list (see further down)
3. In order to avoid that some scholarships be provided to people not showing up (which already happened in the past), we ask the applicant to confirm participation by sending, at the latest three weeks after scholarship has been tentatively granted, copies of :
• the airplane ticket confirmation
• the registration
If this is not done the scholarship will go to someone else.
4. Upon reception of these elements of confirmation, a mail is sent finalizing the granting of the scholarship.
As for the waiting list : as soon as other scholarships are available, provided a sufficient number of participants have newly registered, we inform the applicants, and, send the first emails of tentative confirmation.

Download > guidelines
Download > application form

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