Nikolaos TAKIS, PhD

Nikos13, Vironos Street
15231 Halandri Athens, Greece
Tel: +306945162993

Has studied psychology in the National University of Athens. He received a scholarship from the Greek state for his post-graduate studies in Clinical psychology. In his doctorate dissertation he studied the adaptation and resilience of immigrant adolescents in Greece.
He has many publications and presentations in congresses focusing mainly in drug treatment, adjustment of immigrants in Greece, group therapy and psychodrama. He runs in placement since 2000 in the detoxification unit for adolescent drug users in Athenian Psychiatric Hospital.

He is a full-time professor of Clinical Psychology in the American College of Greece (DEREE). He completed his training in Psychodrama in 2005, in the context of the Greek Psychodrama Society. He was further trained by “Psychodrama Forum Berlin” (directed by G. Stiegler).
He is certified as a trainer since 2010. He works in private practice since 2000 and runs psychodrama self-awareness and psychotherapeutic groups since 2003.

He founded the institute of Psychodrama “ENDOHORA” (means inner world), and runs training groups since 2010.

He is also trained in psychoanalysis of groups and he is a candidate psychoanalyst in the Greek Psychoanalytic Society. “Endohora” is a member of FEPTO since 2013



Featured Event

Research Committee meeting:
From Resilience to Wellbeing. Promoting Health through Psychodrama and Action Methods

28th of February to
3rd of March 2019
University of Padova, Italy

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FEPTO Conference

14th FEPTO Conference:
Mindful Action for Development
Learning of Individuals and Groups

17th to 19th of May, 2019
Tallinn, Estonia

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Annual Meeting

27th FEPTO AM:
From Creativity to Functionality. Prosperous members in a Flourishing Organization

19th to 23rd of May, 2019
Tallinn, Estonia

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