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Psychodrama with Trauma Survivor: Acting Out Our Pain

Peter Felix Kellermann, M.K. Hudgins (Eds.)
In a world where natural, social, and political disasters are a reality, the therapist is called upon to find rapid and effective methods of treating the survivors of trauma, including sexual abuse, torture, war-related trauma, addiction, depression, and bereavement. The contributors to this book provide evidence of how psychodrama can safely be used to create paths of change for even the most severe traumatization and they also discuss the possible transmission of trauma patterns across generations. Published by Jessica Kingsley. 


The Quintessential Zerka

Zerka T Moreno
Documents the origins and development of the theory and practice of psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy through the work and innovation of its co-creator, Zerka Toeman Moreno. This comprehensive handbook brings together history, philosophy, methodology and application. Toni Horvatin and Edward Schreiber have selected articles that span a career of some sixty years, from Zerka’s very first publication to recent, previously unpublished work. Published by Routledge.


The Handbook of Psychodrama

Marcia Karp, Paul Holmes, Kate Bradshaw Tauvon and Ken Sprague (Eds.)
Provides an introduction to the theory and practice of psychodrama for professional and trainee psychodramatists. Following an introduction to the history and philosophy of psychodrama, the theory is then brought to life by detailed first-hand accounts of psychodrama sessions. The structure of the book innovatively reflects that of the classic psychodrama session – Warm Up, Action, Sharing and the subsequent Processing. Published by Routledge.  


The Essential Moreno

Jacob Levy Moreno
This handy volume collects the best and most important writings of J.L. Moreno in one concise and accessible place. This collection explores Moreno’s thought in developing psychodrama and sociometry, with his strong emphasis on spontaneity and creativity. The book discusses both basic and advanced concepts and techniques of psychodramatic treatment. The reader will find extensive examples from Moreno’s own cases containing verbatim transcripts that illustrate the give and-take between Moreno, his patients, and the audience observers. Jonathan Fox introduces the book with a brief overview of Moreno’s life and ideas. Published by Springer 


Who Shall Survive?

J.L. Moreno
It is impossible to do justice to this interesting and challenging piece of work within the limits of a review. To get its full meaning, to see the tremendous importance, one needs not only to read it carefully and give it thoughtful study, but to actually apply some of his tests, as the reviewer did, and to watch their working out within a group. Then it becomes apparent that here really is a method of observation of group reactions, or rather the reactions of individuals within the group, which not only throws light upon the personalities composing the group, but can aid in the arranging of people in communities.


Psychodrama Since Moreno. Innovations in Theory and Practice

Paul Holmes, Marcia Karp, Mike Watson (Eds.), introduction by Zerka T. Moreno

Internationally recognized practitioners of the psychodramatic method, many trained by Moreno himself, discuss innovations in the theory and practice of psychodrama since Moreno’s death in 1974. This book explains the key concepts of this powerful method of group psychotherapy and shows how these ideas have developed and inspired their practice as therapists. Published by Routledge.


Focus on Psychodrama: The Therapeutic Aspects of Psychodrama

Peter Felix Kellermann
Ingenious and highly original work about conceptual basis for psychodrama therapy, developing a solid foundation about psychodrama techniques, the influence of charismatic leadership, the therapeutic value of catharsis and emotional abreaction, the significance of action insight, the various uses of the concept of acting-out and the importance of as-if in psychodrama. A processing checklist is added at the end of the book as a systematic aid in evaluating the professional skills of the psychodramatist.Published by Jessica Kingsley.

Psychodrama. Creative Therapies in Practice series

Paul Wilkins
This book introduces the rationale, theory and psychotherapeutic practice of psychodrama. It provides an insight into its origins, outlining its techniques and bringing to life the interrelationships that form the core of the practice. Following the theatrical process that lies at the heart of psychodrama, the book shows how the enactment of scenes from the past, present or future, real or imagined, can benefit the group of individuals involved, leading to unexpected insight and growth through creativity and spontaneity. Published by Sage Publications.
Sage Publications/psychodramacreativetherapies

Contemporary Psychodrama: New Approaches to Theory and Technique

José Fonseca
Presents the original concepts of a leading light of the Brazilian psychodrama movement. Previously unavailable in the English language, the book is divided into clear sections: new approaches to psychodrama theory; new approaches to psychodrama technique; psychodrama and sexuality; the past and future of psychodrama. Fonseca’s innovative ideas include the adaptation of techniques originally intended for groups to individual psychodramatic psychotherapy.Published by Brunner Routledge.

A Clinician’s Guide to Psychodrama

Eva Leveton
A guide for therapists at any level of experience, offering a step-by-step approach to therapeutic psychodrama, incorporating the works of Moreno, Erickson, Satir, and Perls. Includes new material on drama therapy and supervision in institutional settings, with case studies and examples. Published by Springer.


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