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Invitation for the Annual Meeting

28th FEPTO Annual Meeting
Ohrid, North Macedonia, 24th – 28th of May 2020
Topic to be decided.

Information will be provided soon.


27th FEPTO Annual Meeting
Tallinn, Estonia, 19th – 23rd of May 2019
From Creativity to Functionality.
Prosperous Members in a Flourishing Organization

Dear colleagues,

The topic and the structure of the forthcoming 27th Annual Meeting was the main theme of our recent council meeting in Dave, Belgium. Taking into account the feedback given by our community through the Voices questionnaire in Pravets, Bulgaria we decided to continue working in the same spirit as we did last year. In addition to that, we discussed how we can enhance as an organization, the well being, the “prosperity” according to the definition of Aristotle, of our member/ institutes. We wondered how the training institutes that constitute FEPTO can benefit and improve by the processes of our collectivity, enrich their function and provide an even higher quality of psychodrama training.   Therefore, we came up with the following title:

From Creativity to Functionality: Prosperous Members in a Flourishing Organization”

Last year in Pravets we created small groups based on the different functions of our Federation and we deepened on how we can improve our procedures. This year we plan to continue in the same line of thinking and additionally to have small group work on other topics that will be in the interest of our community members, in relation to the training and other needs of their institutes.

The small groups that we initially have planned were:

  • Group on constitution revision and changes
  • Group on Psychodrama research
  • Group on Psychodrama training
  • Group on Psychodrama ethics
  • Group on Psychodrama theory and interconnections with other approaches
Three more small groups will take place, after proposals of our community’s members:
  • Group on Sociodrama
  • Group on Psychodrama with children
  • Group on Sexuality related issues in Psychodrama.

We are at your disposal for questions and clarifications. Do not hesitate to contact us, in case you need any assistance.

Nikos Takis
FEPTO President


Reijo Kauppila

I am the director and the main trainer in Helsinki Psychodrama Institute, Finland. I am a Psychodrama Trainer TEP, and M.Ed. in Adult Education. I am a certified supervisor and business coach, too. Extremely interested in adult learning and development. My two main interests in psychodrama training are 1) to research and develop the pedagogical and educational competences of trainers and training institutes, and 2) to concretize, what makes learning in and by psychodrama so special 3) to develop applications of psychodrama, sociodrama and sociometry for organisations and leadership. I give seminars in psychodrama, supervision and coaching in Finland and in other European countries, and I work in organizations in private and public sectors. International projects, like Inspirational Pedagogy and EBTS-Trainings, are ways for me to develop psychodrama in different fields of application. Chair of LOC.

Endel Hango

I am the foreign minister of Tartu Psychodrama Institute, Estonia, a trainer and a teacher of psychodrama and playback theatre. I also work in a professional setting with organisations and teams, helping them enhance their creativity and spontaneity.
My first education is in psychology and economy.
And I love to play with chaos and order, spontaneity and systemic thinking to enhance growth.

Aivar Simmermann

Founder of Moreno Centre and Tallinn Psychodrama Institute, Estonia. Doctor of theatre sciences, psychodrama supervisor and trainer, TEP: Member of Crisis Program for Children and Youth






Pille Isat

Founder of Moreno Centre and Tallinn Psychodrama Institute, Estonia.
Psychologist, psychodrama therapist, supervisor and trainer, TEP.
Member of Estonian Psychotherapy Association and Crisis Program for Children and Youth.


LOC coordinator: Reijo Kauppila
Tel:+358 44 599 3377

Secretary of the Annual Meeting: Katrin Laansalu








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Research Committee meeting:
Beyond numbers and words. Measuring & understanding psychodrama

10th – 13th of October 2019
Sigmund Freud University
Vienna, Austria

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FEPTO Conference

15th FEPTO Conference:
The Healing Power of Psychodrama

22nd to 24th of May, 2020
Ohrid, North Macedonia

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Annual Meeting

28th FEPTO AM:
Topic to be decided

24th to 28th of May, 2020
Ohrid, North Macedonia

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