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The Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations (FEPTO), founded 1996 and recognised as an international non profit making association under 1919 Belgian Law.

FEPTO is gathering psychodrama training institutes and accrediting organisation in Europe and the Mediterranean area. It has an educational and scientific aim.

FEPTO is committed to:
• Support the wider recognition of psychodrama through the development of competence of those who practice it.
• Support the development of training in Psychodrama
• Establish minimal training standards
• Promote research and evaluation of the method.
• Uphold ethical standards
• Promote interchange between its members.

We offer:
• A place for encounter among trainers of psychodrama
• Exchange similarities and diversities as we develop identity,
• multi cultural encounter,
• Support the development of training and research
• Continuing professional development
• Ongoing promotion of the development of psychodrama training in clinical, organisational, educational and social settings

We do this through:
• Annual meetings each year in different countries
• Post meeting conferences open to trainees, trainers and practitioners
• Newsletter
• Creating professional networks
• Friendship experience and enjoyment of different cultures
• Cooperation with organisations such as IAGP & EAP

Featured Event

Research Committee meeting:
Beyond numbers and words. Measuring & understanding psychodrama

10th – 13th of October 2019
Sigmund Freud University
Vienna, Austria

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FEPTO Conference

14th FEPTO Conference:
Mindful Action for Development
Learning of Individuals and Groups

17th to 19th of May, 2019
Tallinn, Estonia

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Annual Meeting

27th FEPTO AM:
From Creativity to Functionality. Prosperous Members in a Flourishing Organization

19th to 23rd of May, 2019
Tallinn, Estonia

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