The Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations (FEPTO) gathers organisations from 26 European and Mediterranean countries and wishes to support the development of psychodrama training, by promoting scientific and social exchanges between trainers and training institutes, establishing Minimal Training Standards (MTS), giving ethical guidelines and promoting research.


FEPTO is gathering psychodrama training institutes and accrediting organisation in Europe and the Mediterranean area. It has an educational and scientific aim.
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In the seventies and eighties a variety of organisations evolved offering international seminars for psychodrama, from the Louvain (Leuven) Seminar 1972 to the Cattolica meeting 1987 and Moreno Memorials in 1989 at Baden Austria with an opening for Eastern European countries. More: History

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Research Committee meeting:
Polish Psychodrama Institute and Jagiellonian University
Creativity in psychodrama and action methods

6th  to 9th of October 2016
Kraków, Poland

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FEPTO Conference

12th FEPTO Conference:
topic to be decided

16th to 18th of June, 2017
Sigtuna, Sweden

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Annual Meeting

25th FEPTO AM:  25th FEPTO Anniversary
topic to be decided

18th to 22nd of June, 2017
Sigtuna, Sweden

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FEPTO is a member of European Association for Psychotherapy as an EWAO (European Wide Accrediting Organization).

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FEPTO News 16.1 / March 2016

16.1 cover

Editorial 11th FEPTO Conference Last call; Final program; Presentation presentation of the LOC; presentation of the host associations Information about the venue;  Athens, host city; history of Marathon 24th FEPTO Annual Meeting Last call; final program; excursion to Acropolis; General Assembly agenda Auditors report Balance 2015 Bonn GA minutes Reports from the committees Research, Theory […]

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New Psychodrama books

Myths, fairy tales, legends, dreams. Bridge beyond the conflicts

Myths, fairy tales, legends, dreams

Edited by Wilma Scategni and Stefano Maria Cavalitto
The cadenced, repetitive and periodic rhythm that marks the holding of individual analysis and the group sessions evokes an image of the cyclical nature of ritual experience. Rituals often serve to relate the sacred mythical world of the Gods, of the origins, to the world of everyday experience. Rituals recreate short time – the connection between earth and heaven and between the Gods and the people, in other…